Dance fails - Latin America (Bailando por un Sueño)

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Fails compilation from Latin TV Show - Bailando por un Sueño (Dancing with the stars) Dancers: Cinthia Fernandez, Belén Estevez, Rocío Guirao Díaz, Beto César, Vanina Escudero, Delly Madrid, Juana Viale, Luli Love.

They must vigorously got pain...
Fred Herrera
This is more painful to watch than WWE
Cocina con Master Choof
Jajajajaja se nota que es un baile muy peligroso! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Rajendra Prashanth
Anyone in 2019...???
Samrat Sengupta
The amount of time and attention spend in showing female nudity should have been spent choreographing and practicing the dance routines.
Leviathan 02
0:06 👉👌
Gadis Avisa Anindira
Smack down
Se La
1:58 street fighter II move
Is this dance or soft porn ?
Divyanshu Raj
0:50 Rey Mysterio WWE!!! 😁
The Golden Greek
That floor banged more ass than Ron Jeremy!
Danana J
Kids, this is what physics is about. Obey the laws or get hurt.
Smarty The Pants
No boobies were deflated during the filming of this video.
Gustavo Segovia
0:52 finish her
Naulo Sanchar
Off course this is fail video, but some guys here in YouTube are happy to see the part like 0:23
Rubmeet Off
0:57 she just fell like a ken doll😂😂
raúl masís
No entiendo porqué la necesidad de hacer que estas personas novatas en el baile realicen movimientos de baile en extremo avanzados que requieren años de perfeccionamiento en unos pocos meses. Es por eso que pasan estos ridículos que tanto nos entretienen. 😜👍
Cyba IT
Live in a country where everything is oversexualised and then wonder why std's and aids is so rife
jeevan biswas
More Entertaining than WWE 🤣🤣
jesus lasso
no one was killed in the making of these videos probably...
Gaurav Negi
1:20 Kick 😂
Jorge García
Que mega putazos!!!
Jacks Jaka
smack down
More like wrestling. Especially that last one. A Vertebreaker, if I ever saw one. 😬
NIGHT shadow
How's The last girl even alive??!!😱
Hydden N. Plainsyght
Honestly, as degenerate as all of this dancing is, they deserve all the bumps-and-bruises and concussion they get.
*Top 10 Smacks in WWE history*
Singhal Louis
Oooh that must hurt real bad.. ouch
nihal gupta
They dont have clothes to wear..... 😭😭😭😭😭😭
I'm dying with tears in my eyes ROFLMFAO my ribs won't stop hurting from this laughter XDDD
Raiat Gupta
Came here again after 3 yrs to wish all of you a Happy New Year.
David Perez
Min 0:49 -Amor chupamela -Ok pero solo la puntita Jajaja
Okay but even if they pulled it off, the dance would be garbage. It doesn't have any charm to it. Its like borderline clumsy porn... Edit: at least the first two. Just watched the third and it looks like it might have been interesting
el abheet Guerrero
Don't know about the dance but they surely focused a lot on nudity..
Ninja Moose
at first i was like WTF...but its better/ cleaner than any porn I've seen. THIS is something I can approve of! :)
la caga esa musica de mierda , pongan el audio original.
Xerxes 450
It's very simple, when you don't know how to dance, you don't dance.
taseu na di motas :v okno no significa nada XD
D D Kua
Как называется музон кто-то может скажет 👍👍💣💣💣💗💗💗
12 females died in the making of these videos.
Angelique Lee
thats what they get for showing off to much
Still better than PornHub
Ник Мер
1:30 нихуя он как изящно лифчик снял, пошел на жене тренироваться
Павел Вахрушев
По ходу они вообще не знают законов физики, рас так нелепо падают.
Xel An
Why are these women over-sexualized? Everything is exposed, they might as well be naked. It seems like wearing a thong is more important than doing acrobatics.
Cristian Cabrera Ramos
Uchiha Hikaku
So basically Latino's are clumsy hahah
Idk what 0:26
thing is ther all professional Dancer, even they fail still after all of them trying make part of the show, even some of them looks like really painfull
danny dan dan
Not sure y this is on my watch list. But strangely glad i watched it 😂😂
níghtshαdє 15
Why I found all of this was satisfying 😂😂
Sahil Negi
who is the singer ?
Meghnath S
Good body slams. They should join WWE.
K g
Yes that was bad 😩
Jorge Medrano
En minuto 1:41 se le me esa chichota jugosa , Rico mammi!!
Михаил Петров
Alp Deliç
Song name in 00.30 ?
1:30 Mario lost his touch.
Yohana Davila
Jajajajajajaja. Hay marica. Jajajaja
Добрый Бодрый
Aman Aitakyn
fast one was like wwe fight combo
kazuya mishima
Jon Sinaaaaa
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ماكو واحد يسوي مساج مثله😍
Lennin Cisneros
0:26 uff que rico😂
I alway do the finish arm in the air pose when I fall down the stairs
shigeyuki nakamura
Auto geger otak tuh
Zuяuɢ _i
Ricardo Camara
Os cara ficar tenso imagina vc olhando o pacote tem que ter muito controle pra não ficar com o pau duro o cara tem que ser gay. kkkkk
Si drey
estúpidos latinos.
Dancing is cruelty against women...
Adam Salazar
Them messing up was not what i noticed.
Miguel Sadrac Cerritos Ramirez
Que clase de SMACKDOWN ES ESTO...??😆😆😆
Asif Yasin
Mostly... girls are the victims here 💃🏃🏽‍♂️💨
Reisangela Lemos
Wtf did I just watch.?????
Rolando Trebol
Are all contestants from Argentina why they play Dominican music?
Ahmad Taha
Naveen Almisky
This video makes me laugh.. Lol..
Jovian Janitra
Neil Kadu
we can can rewind the video if we want to see multiple times.... putting every clip two times only is a waste of band width.
Are they alive?
Obed Martinez
This is better then wrestling lol!!!
Azhar Shaikh
Female being targeted ... Continue in 21 century 😀 talibani lolz
Ayub Rai
I love it😂 Especially the music😂😂
Saori Rock
Moraleja:los hombres latinos no tienen fuerza,no dejes q te cargen XDXD !.
Is last one alive after that 😶
John kens
Matt Dimes
New title "hot latinas getting ooowwwwwwned!"
Randi Kholillurohman
Romy Dominguez
😂😂😂 i can't watch it anymore it's so painful 😂😂😂 bwahahahaha... I meant my stomach😂😂😂
MR. 9
I believe GOD☝🏼see’s NO delight in theses PERVERTED dances🕺💃🏻
killer blade
This must be movws from wwe
Big Guy
The most painful one is my stomach cause I laugh too much 😆🤣
Mael Godlove
😂😂😂😂😂 WWWE oh damnnn
This needs to be re-edited with pro wrestling play by plays and crowd reactions... 🤣