Omar Hakim - Slo Funk (w/ Drum Solo) (HQ)

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Buddy Rich Memorial Concert Ritz Theater in New York City on April 8, 1991

only drummer I know who makes wearing a fanny pack look badass lol.
Daniel Fresco
Dat fanny pack though.....So good
Eric Sandoval
Drumming with a fanny pack lol epic
Carl Scripter
7:37 ... I need to take some blood pressure medication now.
Kastlemerock Talk
Omar! So fluid! So honest no pretence behind the kit. Just unapologetic musical expression! Love that guy! Neil Peart was on this show too their styles are on the opposite ends of the spectrum in drumming. It was so cool to watch!
Alfredo Santana
He is one of the best...
wait did anyone see that shit at 8:55? did he drop a stick or something and picked up another one?
Is this composition called the Funky Fanny Pack?
Amazing Omar Hakim
didier d'agostino
Marvellous drummer ! Mr.Omar Hakim , I LOVE IT ! Friendships Omar ! (Didier D'agostino French Drummer-teacher ).
Lorenz Müller
I own that particular side snare. My teacher bought it off him and gave it to me. Pearl Free Floating Brass.
Rick Deckard
You rock that fanny pack Omar!!!
One of the best Live Recordings of a big band I have heard. Ever, of course, ever.
Lauty Bend
Why does he have his fanny pack on. haha that is hilarious
" Omar Hakim, Drummer.. I Remember the old Band with Herbie Hancock, W. Shorter, and the BassPlayer Stanley Clarke !
Ernest Adams
Check Him OUT
Ernest Adams
Great from Morocco
ScruffyG Drums
awesome.......simply stated....loved it....
Drummer Grate
hey man this is divine great solo
Brad Allmand
yeah, he's the real deal.  Anyone who is hired by Joe Zawinul of Weather Report is absolutely world class.  Hakim is in the same camp as Alex Acuna and Peter Erskine. Every Weather Report musician was among the best in the world.    
Keith Ponder
Rest In Peace
Joey Scrima
Awesome drummer- incredible feel- he played on "Let's Dance" by Bowie - right? Drummer Joey Scrima's "STICKIN TO IT" Written by Andy Celley. HELLRIDER-BOSTON THUMBS UP.
Archie Cocke
Omar is the personification of joy on a drum kit.
Manoj Philip
That's sick how his stick ricocheted and he caught it, never missing a beat.
Colin Eksteen
This has to be the best drumming in the world!
J Hache
Steve Marcus?
One of the best matched grip ever
David Sicard
damn!!! eargasm, incredible drummer, I play and feels so hard his music, yeahhh
After seeing this, I went to the store bought me a fanny pack! Now I’m rockin my fanny pack everywhere I go an nobody can tell me nuthin!!
sick! sick! sick!! a buddy gave me a pair of omar hakim signature series sticks because he never used them and i liked them so much. this was well over a decade ago and i'm just now looking him up! wow! 
Jane Millerick
also played with Weather Report, Miles Davis, Sting, Anita Baker, Bryan Ferry, Kazumi Wantanabe, Mustafa Zadeh and on ..! tons of people..
I like that meaty bass.
Chris Russo
Am I the only person to hear Philly Joe Jones???????????????????
Gemini Rhythm Spirit
oh how i do wish he would use a cow bell now and then'
David Breese
Lead sounded like he was struggling
juan guillermo Vasquez
una maquina. omar hakim.... 
Philippe Attali
Un seul mot...Fabuleux!!!!
Saulo Silva
Toca pra carilha, PQP!!!
In place of a suitcase.
Why does he throw his stick away at the very end? They are probably totally new...
Dean B
one of my faves..
i can't even
angelo michetti
Are those Drums PEARL BLX Birch? or PEARL MLX Maple?
Murilo Morello
slo funk?
77 heiwajima77
tim sneyers
mike ferguson
I wonder if he puts lead in the fanny pack to help pull his back forward while drumminG? Buddy Rich had back problems...does this idea sound nuts?
David Bowie,  Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, Sting, Weather Report, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Miles Davis, Chic, Bryan Ferry, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, Everything but the Girl, Marcus Miller, Kazumi Watanabe, Lee Ritenour, Chieli Minucci, The Rippingtons, Bobby McFerrin, and...  Daft Punk...
sandy Zapata
le pone mucha crema a sus tacos este cabron
c c
Respectable musician and drummer but I hate the way his drum kit is tuned the heads on his drums sound really cheap
this guy played em all - a true legend in colour Hail to the king..Mr. Omar Hakim
fredrik bergström
Omar is a amazing player. I worked backstage on this gig. I was a student at the drummers collective in 1991, and they asked me if I wanted to help out backstage and see the gig from there. Incredible lineup : Omar, Steve Smith, Marvin " smitty " Smith ( teacher at dc ), Neil Peart and Will Calhoun + solo performance from Max Roach. But Omar sounded best on stage, actually the only time the rest of the band having big smiles on their faces. Nice memory.
Francisco Widmer
Nice stick drop-and-recover near the end there, Omar!  Had to look twice to believe it!
Chris Song
I saw him when he was with Weather Report and Victor Bailey was on bass. Dude blew my mind. Seriously.
You're listening to one of the greatest drummers alive, and you're concerned about what he's wearing? Really? ..... wow.
Lorenz Müller
Lorenz Müller
lol i saw that too he didnt actually drop it he caught it at the last second before he hit it. look reaaaallll close lol
Tony Mottaz
Does anyone else see the magic trick he does at 8:50?!?!?! Drops a stick, then a new one appears in his hand right before he plays that fatty snare shot. I swear I re-watched it like 30 times
The trombonist reaction at 8:14 says it all.
Did he break his stick at 0:50?
amber sneezeweed
Yeah, that's a straight soprano.
Arthur Name
Q: Why do you love to hear Omar Hakim play drums? A: (Plays this performance for the questioner.)
What a player. Good band too.
Paul D'Angelo
One of the first CDs I heard him on was "Still Warm" by John Scofield. His playing on that CD is truly inspiring. This video only helps me to see how amazing he can be. Wow.
Johan Brodd
To me it sounds more like a soprano sax, but I could be wrong.
Johan Brodd
None needed. This solo is awesome anyways! :D
that oboe solo and the way everything mixed and melted together literally made me start jumping around in my room
Pierce Gilmore
No words!!
His Styles Amazing ! Defiantly Inspiring
After hearing "Contact" by Daft Punk, I knew he was a good drummer, but after hearing this, my mind is blown!
After watching this i can understand how daft punk figured out some of their rhythms...
Herman King
Could it be the 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a joke stupid... And NO, I've never worn a fanny-pac. And yes, I've travelled. Keep your closet-gay sarcasm to yourself.
King Dre Rule
hes no 1
Dave Pearson
Who cares what someone wears when they play like this. Never worn a fanny-pac? Then I guess my friend you've never travelled.
Why is the great Omar Hakim wearing a fanny-pak? In most cases, "Black men" are stereo-typically cool. But a fanny-pak?
Angled, high toms and cymbals on giant boom stands situated significantly above eye level. I wonder what decade this is?
Ömer Uçak
not bad
Brutha can play!
The soprano sax drove this thing on, and you could tell that Omar was digging it!
Haaahh!...!..L O double L...That's.The Best funky drumer comment ever!!!!!
i notice all the old school drummers play up high all the new drummers play with they sets down low almost like in a marching band
xXMAGNUSXx lords mobile
8:14 wow
When one looks up fluidity it says....Omar Hakim.
Shaun McMillan
My drum professor in college always sported the fanny-pack?? Rande Sanderbeck at ETSU.
amber sneezeweed
Ahh the early 90's.
I first heard Omar on Sting's "The Dream of the Blue Turtles" album & I've loved his playing ever since. Sting released a live double cd from the tour for that first album called "Bring On The Night." It has Kenny Kirkland on keys, Daryl Jones on bass, Branford Marsalis on saxes, & of course Omar on drums. It came out in the mid-80's & it still knocks me out to this day. There's also a dvd with the same name. Be sure to check out Omar on a tune called, "I Burn For You." Different version on cd.
No kidding? I bet those were some good jams!
That's what the fanny-pack is for :P
Wooo something happened at 8:50 ,doin the rolls at the toms . . .
CheHusin CheDarus
What a special gift given to you Omar Hakim,... Unbelievable, Incredable...
Confines Of Time
Omar God, you are the MAN!
anyone else noticed that cymbal get stuck at 5:16 and how naturally he unstuck it? :)
Dylan Amadon
god damn it he's so good
Why does OH roll in wearing street scrubs??