Mortal Kombat X - Endless Tower with Liu Kang (Dragon's Fire)

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Playing with Liu Kang! Requested by possessL and SSGSS Vegeta B-Man Follow me on Twitter: />Follow me on Twitch: />Follow me on Instagram:

Liu Kang
Show me what you can do
Liu Kang's Splitter fatality is so ridiculous and over the top and i love it.
Jesus Davila
and this is why Liu kang is my favorite character
Ian HM
That Liu Kang and Liu Kang fight was amazing and at the same time hilarious. Both Revenant, both Dragon's Fire, both the same guy, what more can you ask for?
Matteo Nucifora
I saw your live stream on twitch good game play :)
I know this is small, but I don't like how Kang is flat footed in this game. He doesn't bounce. That aspect always reminded me of Bruce Lee.
Mevlüt Üçbaş
Liu kang is always best character in mortal kombat.from the beginning to the end.. That's my opinion..
Edward Kenway
Double flawless and a fatality on Ravenous Mileena 100% Respect !!! 👏
finally Liu Kang has good Fatalites that don't suck.
Elijah Smith
YOUR SOOOO GOOOOD AT THIS GAME keep it up I enjoy blood everywhere XD
Sadistic Ways
Am I the only one who's waiting for the legs to fall down in liu kang's splitter fatality?
Amir Ab97
demolition sonya endless tower please
Ted Bear The Survivalist
You're really good at mortal kombat I'm really impressed!
Aaron Logan
Is this guy a master?😂
Muhamməd Abdullah
Hanzo Hasashi (skorpion) win
Josue Cabrera
Reptile with nimble variation would be great.
cool vídeo mslaracroftx I watch all vídeos of endless tomar 😃
I bet Liu Kang would be Daenerys's favorite
Mr Intelligence
I For Some Reason Knew Scorpion Would Kick You're Ass After That Combo Stunt lol
Read My Books
At least someone doesn’t keep using flame fist liu Kuang
Ded Mazay
I love you)))
Amazing Video Mslara Keep It Up.
Just curious.. But.. ¿No last boss in this level?.
When r u going to do the naginata ranked? Oh and could u commentary on ur next kitana ranked? Thanks
Dark Sun
how long have you been playing Mortal Kombat? I started playing with deadly alliance.
Sadistic Ways
Am I the only one who's waiting for the legs to fall down in liu kang's splitter fatality?
Palm Happy New year
Tekunin Megpoid
6:45 Talk about a Flame War...
Jonathan Arredondo
Next time try a stage fatalitiy with liu kang .middle of the arena close down, forward, back, x
Only watched 2 minutes, and I'm already liking this. :)
Waleed Khan
another great video losty waiting for pericing kahunm mlieena but i really love that you r using different character in each video :)
Will you do Jax revaunt endless tower plz lara
Hey and can u do inferno scorpion endless tower pls
Alejandro El
+MsLaraCroftx, have you tried Kitana's Rightfull Heir (I think that is the double kick combo's name) + Staff Grab combo? I think I invented it :b I think is funny, also, you can do Rightfull Heir+Uplift+Staff Grab. I haven't tried do it with Staff Smash. You are awesome Lara, when I saw your first MKX Kitana Ranked Matches I decided to be like you. Keep it up :3
Brandon Lloyd
do a endless with jax wrester
Richie Rose
HahahahahahhaahahahahahHahHahHaha love
RAGE chief muscle freak aka the RAGE
nice combos
Kwame Barber
wow ur really hooked to this game ur video are loooooooooong lol ur very good at mk ☺
Adrian OK
Great ladder Lara as usual :) planning on doing a Venomous D'Vorah Endless Tower anytime soon?
Jungkook needs some sleep
Kinda picking your nose hah (Dragon Breath Liu Kang)
Wolfger Lynel
She's not dead. thats just how Mileena looks with no teeth as an old woman XD
luka walle
seems like ure playing on easy .)
You are very good at MKX
best ever
great vid
Anthony thegammer
you good
Kyle Sear
Have you ever thought about doing this with Kung Jin? He has some pretty sick combos 👌🏾
Rodrigo Vinícius
Nice video!
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore
wow, you are palying very well
Antonio Wirt
Yo. Great video. I gotta ask: how did you get that costume?
billy balogun
How do u run cancel like that!
Apex Oni
Hey! Will you take place in the enhanced online beta?
I am an average guy Be cool and nice with me
never underestimate a lady skills in games,never suspected a lady to be this good at game 😃
Jungkook needs some sleep
Damn he lost in the end R.I.P Youtuber
Wolfger Lynel
Are u excited for Kombat pack 2?
Tell me please . Which days will be the invasion  tower ? Sorry for my bad english ) )
Dominus Molina
goro "i nearly bested u" *proceeds to get his ass beat with grand total of 5 hp damage done to liu kang*
سيرين منور Electron
احسنت العب
Subzero Subzero
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Kovács Rikárdó
my god...
Reneé Elaluf
Liu Kang forever
Mr. Jason Voorhees
ele ta pondo o ce pra deitar, to vendo tudo ele quer te comer cara, daqui a pouco ele deita do seu lado e te poem de coxinha para te foder
Nicolas Luz
Até que é legal
scorpion mortal kombat
Your favorite character is liu kang and kitana but mine is scorpion and sub-zero and your videos are great 👍
Ali Ghandour
Ur playing on easy mode.
Metehan Baykara
Türk olan yoruma like
Nähwichtel Nähen
you are so good, and his design is so hot, dammit
Sharice Mosley
They need deathstroke
Adham Holov
Abhishek k
The most epic use of LIU KANG'S power
Mr. Jason Voorhees
cara agora se ta levando a maior pancada do scorpion, mostra para o bichinha esquelética metida a ninja ai quem manda no recinto, da nele um quebra cocha de doer, bota pra foder
Fabian De La Rosa
That first fight got me like "Well, damn"
This is not on very hard lol
Mr. Jason Voorhees
morto pela cassie cage???!, e sacanagem cara, o que e isso?, tu ta dando mole ai.
taesniah tubby
Your good
Eric Shoff
The voice acting, grunts, screams, etc of the first three mortal kombats will never be matched.
Zain Um idk
She fights the agzact same as me with lui kang
Cassie Cage was showing you flames 😅😅😅
Mr. Jason Voorhees
eu te pergunto cara doeu ai levar uma surra no traseiro do scorpion, ele não teve pena, te espancou seu traseiro chines legal em, meus pêsames.
Super easy?
Standup For Jamaica
good fighting skills
Kashif Dar
Billy Wilsen
LC Clark
That outfit on Kitana tho 😍😘😉
Mr. Jason Voorhees
da um coro nessa mocinha metida ai o cara, ela precisa conhecer o criador, manda ela dobradinha e embrulhada para céu, em pacotes bem minusculos
Chris Bell
why Dragon's Fire? You seem like you'd play better with his Dualist class.
Lee McCullum
32:55 who was that on the faction kill
Nguyễn Trung
WOW! U are so pro
Mustafa Deveci
the strongest character in the game scorpion
Sebastien Napoleon
goro the ragdoll
It's so cool to see Smoke in the faction kills. Too damn bad he wasn't a playable character.
Lord Piggie
Thank you for not skipping the intro cutscenes! Liked and subbed!
Kotal Khan looks like His mother had an affair With Montezuma 😆😆😆😆
Sharice Mosley
I literally hate lit kang not to be rude but why can’t they put dewthstroke
oyuncular burada
Deemer Down
You are a sexy beast with the way you play