TOP 16 of Hardest CRASHES Nürburgring Nordschleife FAIL Compilation M3 CSL Audi R8 Spa Francorchamps

Top 16 and Top 10 of the hardest crashes filmed by top nürburgring videos. best of how not to drive a car at the nurburgring nordschleife or Spa 2013 - 2018. BMW M3 CSL, BMW M235i, Porsche Cayman, Porsche 911, Audi TTRS, Audi R8, Renault Clio RS Touristenfahrten VLN subscribe for more. All videos in this upload were filmed by TOP NÜRBURGRING VIDEOS / by myself. COPYRIGHT. BMW Crashes, Audi Crashes, Renault Clio Rs, Opel Corsa, BMW M3 CSL E46, BMW M235i, Porsche Cayman GT4 CS, Porsche Cayman GT4, Audi TTRS, Audi R8 LMS GT3, VW Golf4 Variant, Fiat Punto, BMW E90 325i, Mini Cooper JCW, BMW Z3, BMW Z3M ► BMW CRASH Compilation 2014 /> ► NÜRBURGRING CRASH & FAIL COMPILATION 2017 /> ► Nürburgring crash compilation 2016 /> ► Nordschleife CRASH & FAIL Compilation 2015 /> ► Facebook /> carfreitag 2018 crash nordschleife, carfriday 2018 crash unfall tags: BMW E36 M3 M4 M6 M2 Nordschleife Nürburgring Spa Francorchamps, crash fail win compilation motorsport. top 13 of the hardest bmw crashes ultimate idiot mega from hell strange fail win compilation top 5 top 10 top10 racing motorsport vln karfreitag walkenhorst z4 gt3 bmw m3 cs bmw m3 csl rollover roll-over unfall best of nordschleife greatest moments nürburgring showing off idiot driver extreme crash compilation 2018 koenigsegg one:1

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deenice flynice
Airbus A380 crash in midair. Driver were ok.
Ok is such a bad driver.
I must go there some time. Never seen a BMW with its indicators flashing before.
Bill Ashe
"The Driver was OK" (At the moment of crash) "The Driver was NOT OK" (At the moment of paying the damages)
anthony defabees
2 things here. 1, give us time to read the fucking description. 2. Those safety rail do a great job.
This video was ok
Turd Ferguson
What's the speed limit on this road? These ppl drive like old women.
danke an alle BMW fahrer für die unterhaltung. ohne euch wären die videos nicht so spannend
"Hardest crashes" and the first one is literally just a spin into a light tap on the wall...
The driver was ok The driver was ok The driver was ok The driver was ok The driver was ok The driver was ok The driver was ok The driver was ok
Custom Tuning
8:42 erst glaubt man dass der Typ Anteil am Unfall nimmt, stattdessen beschwert er sich über sein Handy. Oh man
Alex Youngberg
*None of these drivers were ok. Id say they were all terrible..* 😂😂
Thomas Willhoite many of these rollover crashes the drivers could be seriously hurt, and the self-absorbed f*KS just drive on by.
These 'race' drivers need to learn to handle a drift. Although they're doing their best not to lose traction, a bit of experience with drifting a corner would help them to not spin out and continue the race
Raymond Watts
I note that despite crashing, the Beemers still had working indicators, something the drivers don't use on the road here in the UK.
Micha Kohnert
Booooi 60% of these "hardest crashes" are just some small scratches 😂😂😂
Ralf Mueller
ich find das lustig, so viele IDIOTEN...
So many morons getting out of their car and just milling around on a hot track.
Nurburgrings Fastest
Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you.”
BMW Z3 = Ford Mustang of Europe
4:32 First time I ever saw a Corrado in these video clips from the ring, and he's the only one that stop and check on the driver, im in tears! ... 8:30 rip Corrado :(
Derek Heuring
Welcome to the "I have more money than brains or driving skills Day" at the track.
Macht Schnell!
Pontiac Sunfire donut blowout results in spin into wall. Driver had been dropped his meth pipe. Driver had been transported to Gaston, SC to buy more ice from Jeff Saxby.
michael scurr
The guy in the BMW Z3 couldn't drive his finger up his arse.
Dag Sabot
Mom: "This wouldn't have happened if they went driving so fast!"
Andrew Hunton
Normal crashes click bait dislike
and the lesson is..... obey yellow flags
gavin Hh
Bmw's always crash then stop very tidy on the side. fair play
Squidyy 1852
note that they are almost all bmw
Alex Youngberg
*Anyone else waiting for it to say "Driver was not ok"?*
Squidyy 1852
7:28 oooo look! birdie!
BMWS, easy to drive, hard to master
tanishq sagar
The golf driver at 3:24 is a grade A wanker. Turning in too early and hitting a car and then running across the track with cars still driving to top it off
Cabib Tanggomay Jr.
Well atleast, thanks for the barrier THE DRIVER WAS OK.
Eden Hores
Literally no one BMW Drivers : Kick on throttle gas Wall Barrier : Yes.
Nismo Seiki
BMW : Bavarian Meeting Walls
BMW Z driving experience... LOL.. and there is not even a corner..
BMW driver logic: I'm losing control! better floor it
1963 Stratocaster
The driver: Was ok. The car: Not so much.
Cabib Tanggomay Jr.
Now i know how to drive, brought a Car then go in this track... 1week later *THE DRIVER WAS OK*
"drivers were ok" - physically maybe, but emotionally definitely not
Pip Pipster
Audi TTRS: Why would the driver not be okay??
Tom Beattie
I think we learned two very important lessons here today folks 1. Don't bring a BMW to the Ring 2. Don't go to the Ring on a wet day
Jean marie montigny
Top Junk Cars # 1- BMW as always #2 ???....
Hard car crash:The driver was ok. Man gets ball in the face:Death
BMW the mustang of the Nurburgring 😂
Tfg E
the driver was okay....his wife not...
Da Nerf
Que the Brz/Frs/86 in the back, the root of all evil.
Milan Dupal
Lots of same idiotic (and BMW) drivers I do meet daily in traffic on our streets. :-(
Frank Quitely
Drivers are required to wear helmets so that first responders can quickly find their heads.
Those 5 millisecond texts in between are p*ss*ng me of.
Josh Miller
Guard rails work really well,not alot of damage and a life saved.
Alf Noakes
"The driver was OK ... until they got home and told the missus what they had done with the family car"
D Mor
3 - BMW E46 at Spa - The Driver went back in time
Timme Phrenesie
Hardest Crashes,... na ja
Alaric Visigoth
It is a track day, not a race. It's also obvious they have no clue of car control at speed. This is the reason I refused to instruct. Some of the instructors I've been on the track with, should have never been asked to instruct. Working corners is enlightening. How someone can show up with a newly build track car and put it in the fence on the first lap? Balls are bigger than the brain.
Mike Kijak
Explain that to the insurance company.
Talonia Ainolat
7:05 Was Ist Mit Dem Typen Passiert?/What Is With The Guy
Wondering how do track maintenance crew feel about fixing the guardrail everyday.......
5:60 100 grand Porsche,3 seconds later,5 grand Porsche hahahaha.
Dan Friedman
Looks like a lot of drivers misjudge going through that sharp left turn.
H Gamerboy815
8:23 I agree it's a good crash but, this is nothing. Well, I'm not being mean but y'all should watch NASCAR pile ups lol
Tony Valdez
Still better crash on race course than in real life to tree or building:) 7:59 No brakes?? Most crashed cars are BMW...seems legit.
Disturbed Asylum
"the driver was ok" you don't say. I had worse accidents on my bike when i was a kid
Im asking myself if the mans with the yellow flags (that i dont know how to call) have some problem or they only dont wanna work
Olivier Pineau
Everyone's look but no one stop to see if the driver is ok Anger me a lot
Ich glaube der Corsa sollte auf Platz 10 oder so aber trotzdem weiter so
Peter Charles
That track must have claimed hundreds of cars over the years 😳
Mattias Filander
Top 16 Crashes at Nordschleife... #3 BMW crashes at Spa, Belgium. 😂🙈
4,5mm Luftdruck Keller
Schöne kalte Verformung XDD
What were those flashy orange things on that bmw? Must be a after market thing
Whats the purpose of having a supercar with 0 skill to drive 🤔
Ring Bimmer
The Ring gives, the Ring takes. It's a breathing organism.
Steph MacCormick
These are the HARDEST crashes?! 😢 😭 😦 😧
gerald springs
Watching the cash fly out of these folks pockets
Manuel Munoz
2:21 kudos to vw golf driver. Like how his immediate reaction was to stop and help a fellow driver👍
Francisco Franco
And the lesson is: Never buy a BMW to race...
Peter Harris
I find watching this somehow.. so relaxing.. 10.02
Dale olson
If I am ever unemployed I know that a fence worker here has work.
Conclusion? Money can't buy you a skill ... so try with a cheap car first ;p
The drivers were ok. Their pride and insurance premiums were not.
Co-part: still runs and drives
John K Lindgren
0:52 *AUDI TT The spoiler is still intact! Bangkok Johnny*
Glynne Williams
Cocky twats who can't drive making twats of themselves - wonderful
The German guard rails repeatedly hit by German drivers hold up well.
Mengyao Yang
Car crashed, caught on fire and exploded. Driver was OK.
Jeffery Smith
That track has a lot of negative camber corners, and sometimes wet pavement, even experienced drivers have problems.
Daniel Watkins
bmw at spa: 15/10 camera work
Brian J Malmsteen
How to increase car sales? Open up a sponsored high speed race track right outside the city.
7:50 ... 2 Sekunden um 3 Sätze zu lesen, sehr optimistisch :D Vielleicht nächstes mal die doppelte Zeit nehmen, dann muss man sich nicht so abhetzen beim lesen :)
BMW should come with driving lessons
Devil's Offspring
Those guardrails are pretty impressive, I'm surprised they can put up with that.
Too much Gran Turismo not enough skill.
7:27 Does the person recording also have hobby recording plane's taking off?????
Bernhard Herrmann
Well, don't get on a race track if unable how to drive ! O:-)
The Balding Sparrow
The uploaded lied, The drivers were not OK.
BMW = Beware Maniac at the Wheel