340 Engine Build - Part 4 " Head Installation "

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Barracuda Buzz shows how to Install Cylinder Heads on a Chrysler 340 Engine

Nice work buzz.
Luis Malo
I've been waiting for this vid for 3000 years now...lol... but thanx champ your the best bro...
I haven't built an engine in awhile but always used engine oil to lubricate the bolts. Torque values are typically based on oiled threads and fasteners. The torque spec listed for 340 is 95 foot pounds did you torque to 90 because you used anti seize compound? TFS good video.
N/A Ron
Mopar is the best!!!
Erik Luyten
340 heads
Erik Luyten
i coud not get 349 heads so i put 318 heads gave me higher compreshion
chris anza
In the "old days 1970's" we used lubraplate white lube on the bolts VERY lightly as in a blind hole it would compress ,a trick I found in Malvern Pa. We used the old MS2714P main sets , they worked VERY well.With 327 +.040 fit the stock 340 pistons.
Joe H
Hi, buzz like your you tube channel and your 340 build. I have a question you. 0 decked block and 30 thousands off the heads? Did you have to mill the intake? Thank you for your time making videos.