Incredible drumsolo Omar Hakim with Nile Rodgers, Chic, Paradiso 2005 Amsterdam

The great Omar Hakim on drums with Nile Rodgers Richard Hilton, Fonzi Thornton and Barry Johnson Chic in Paradiso Amsterdam 2005 with Nile Rodgers, Barry Johnson, Jessica Wagner, Richard Hilton, Sylver Logan Sharp, Fonzi Thornton, Bill Holloman, Omar Hakim, Gerardo Velez, Curt Ramn, Sweet Cherie Mitchell, Dan Moretti. All rights are in hands of Orchid records

Omar is still playing at the highest Actually he had a few years between (the public world) fame of Steve Gadd and the rise of Dave Weckl where he was the drummer everybody talked about. He played with Weather report, Sanborn, Sting, David Bowie, Brian Ferry......
Ken David
Remember chic at 8 years old,my aunt would dance and win trophies at competitions, she'd play all the disco greats
federico calabria
the most underrated drummer in history, he's the king of groove
elmo omle
Mr. Hakim manifests not only great technical chops but that magical thing called 'feel'. Great drummer!
Damn world class musicians!!
Omar inspired me as a kid. Monster drummer
Great drummer!!
B6 schilke
How is a drum solo like a pregnant lady? You know it’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it.
He plays with joy ! This is the difference.
Topher Todd
Omar Akim is a brilliant mutherfucer I love this man
Chris Mann
That's a groove that lasts for DAYS!!!
Funkmaster Blaster
This guy has the sickest goodness..
javier antonio garcia daume
loooVE THAT FUNKY bass soo groove
Randy Porter
Omar is a true percussionist. His technical skill and accuracy is incredible.
darren knight
Omar has floating wrists, taught me heaps,
The burn for you solo IS THE GREATEST DRUM SOLO EVAH!.
Marvin Pullom
His style is just so ... fluid. It's like flowing water
robert verma
WOW...Omar Hakim..
Now that is smokin! Omar is a beast!
Jasper Jenkins
Zildjian cymbals but uses a pAisTe 2oo2 china!! Nice
One of Omar's best moments in pop is Fortress Around My Heart - Sting . He nails it.
Omar and weather report..amazing...played everything with passion
The ABC Jug Band
Saw Omar at a drum clinic in Sydney. Someone asked him if he could not play a solo but an actual song. So he loaded up “Let’s dance” by Bowie and played along. It was amazing watching him play this pop tune. So whilst chops, dexterity and virtuosity have a place, it’s great sometimes to hear these greats in the context of a four minute pop song.
mirror talk
Super cool!!! black brothers thing always awsome especially when it comes to grooves and funk.😉😉
amatrice band
man this is a super fun concert. I wish i were there.
massimo iandolo
i love you OMAR
Venu Vinod Damaraju
Omar Hakim is arguably one the greatest drummers of all time!
Steve Fortuna
When my idol Kate Bush returned to the stage after more than 30 years of not performing, she chose Omar for her series of shows at the Hammersmith Odeon. Truly a perfect and inspired choice.
the bass player looks like a super-fat Victor Wooten!
Ray Quigley
Wrote a paper on Omar Hakim's solo from a Sting performance 25 years ago. Think he got better since.
Ibrahim Dikko
1985 Sting's Dream of the Blue Turtles tour, Munich...I still remember Omar Hakim's drum solo like it was yesterday. Simply the best!
Eric Wedin
He is playing drums, not banging them😊👍
7:17 the bass is fat !!!
Topher Todd
OMar akim is suprised that he's a good drummer - he's feing!!!! He's a brilliant actor!
J. Richie
He played with the Greatest of All PINO DANIELE !!!!
Gary Johnson
This makes my soul smile!
Alexander Orban
off zhe hooooooooook
Like any instrument, it's creating a melody a song and my favourite drummers are the "singers" 😎
Derrick Brennan
Omar! The Funk Was There that night you are the best bro! Rick Brennan from Change North Philly Love Peace
Jazz Haze
Literally 20 seconds into his solo I was using the F word already.... This is just so deep and scary.... Dang!
And is currently with Journey until the end of the year.  Then Steve Smith is back.
galant cadence
Ohhh bro the bass player looks like Victor wooten 20 years older. Haaaa haaaa haaaaaaa
russell carter
Smokin! Great drummer! So much soul and groove.
ram 72
Ziljian-Paiste artist?:-)
stan burdick
I see some tony Williams influence
2 drummers for the price of 1
I love every second of this video
Whoa, Omar has a similar setup to me. Probably why he's so good. Ha.
Dre Batista
Dude, what did feed Victor Wooten with?
THE great HOMAR !!!
Michael Maringer
Barry am Bass.....einfach großartig
John Galt Dough
7:15 Taft High baby!! #luther #soup4one
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall
Ahhhhhhh yesssssss!!!! Taint nothing better than da FUNK FUNKY FUNK WOOOOOO!!!
Claude Artephius Pairoux
the fabulous tactical drummer
Fulvio Borrelli
Omar... is Omar!! Simply fantastatic as usual!!!!
Karl Hungus
One of my first instructors told me, when I asked what a great solo should sound like, told me: “It should sound like someone threw a drum kit down a huge flight of stairs.” Omar did just that. And for this, I am grateful.
Willie Alston
Still prefer Bernard and Tony on Chic combo
Great, but not incredible. Why is the wonderful bass player not listed, too?
amatrice band
boy that bassist has got a very dirty sick sound. Omar is solid on time and phrasing
he played with Madonna, Healey and many more : such a talent
Jana Nabais Ganito
vive le funk !!!
Pepa Garcia Seron
me da un infarto
Chris Mann
Give the bassman some. Lovin' it LOW!
Ricc Sheridan
Still one of my Major Heroes,Love you Omar, You have been a Huge inspiration to me since i was a you so much, be well keep rocking.................
truth be damned
Dude's got mad chops...
Todd Mitchell
The bass solo was jamming but where was the drum solo
michael henry
Hands of the best solo's from Omar!!
Lou Contino
Omar, one of the finest drummers, producers, musicians out there. Love it!
Alex Bern
marcelo jimenez
Omar Alto Maestro Baterista Virtuoso como los bateristas que me gustan Baterista técnicos! !!!!! Y lo comento como Baterista que soy! !!!!!
Funkmaster Blaster
Nile...rhythm master..
I have his paragraph
Michael Rosario
So what! Let him dual with Billy Cobham then will we see...
Weird thing to mention, but I always noticed that he has the best posture of any drummer I've seen, and I've always thought it's part of his sound. He plays with incredible authority!
Jerónimo Rodríguez
Playing with famous artists is only a way to make money. Take a look for a fun playing Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Stanley Clarke and Omar Hakim. Am I the only one that feels in this performance that Omar feels free, gives its best and even overlaps Herbie's solo? In fact the rythmic of 13 minutes with a young Stanley and Omar is unbeatable. Enjoy:
Simply amazing artists...thanks Rene Smit!!
James Franklin
Amazing drummer
jorge luis purizaga mojovich
maravillosos estilos
Oui il joue vraiment bien mais il aussi Damien Schmitt
Lucas Vigor
One of the best ever
TK Imagine Studio
Clearly an alien using a couple more arms when noone's looking.
Génial ! ça fait du bien.
Dario Damico
Samuel Heldilaof
That fill in "Neighbourhood Threat" is pretty Sweeeeet!
Bob Abooey
Ill BET he played with Madonna
Juan Castro
Ponganlo a tocar ,MUSICA o con una s infonica,; a ver de q' esta hecho
Lorenzo Catalano
Woooooooahhh....go man gooooo!
Robert Miller
Well well amazing!
Jake Reber
That bassist is like Blastoise Vic Wooten
Something for the drummers, but far more importantly, a theme running through the solo for concert-goers and Chic fans who DON'T play the drums!
Yea yea yea
Félix Hamel
what's his china cymbal???
Why are the best bass players Big fat guys ?
Martin G
Poor guy had to play with Madonna and Bowie. Oh well, a buck is a buck.
Jeffrey Campbell
Nice. There's a progression to the solo, unlike some of the "newer" ones that are more noise than music.
Werner Hildebrand
Sir William Cummings
Great players but...... Omar Hakim? Really? We don think so... He is a bully and took another drummers wife and gig so no,he's no legend nor is he a decent person.. He broke up a marriage and took the drummers gig ..His current wife was the wife of another really cool drummer (minus the ego) and hakim even lives in there old house so no.. Drummers have to work but to shit on another up and coming drummer like that and smile about it? I saw his wives trio many,many times years ago with her former drummer and partner and they where amazing and he was a great dude and drummer so you tell me what kind of drummer does that? This one... That says more about him as a musician,drummer and a person and I don't care who he platys with.. Screw over a fellow drummer and there isn't anything else to say.. He can piss off..