ED SHEERAN - Shape Of You | Kyle Hanagami Choreography

ED SHEERAN - Shape Of You | Dance Choreography by Kyle Hanagami SUBSCRIBE ▶ />INSTAGRAM ▶ /> ___________________________________ CHOREOGRAPHY | Kyle Hanagami INSTAGRAM: />TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: />WEBSITE: />___________________________________ DANCERS | GROUP 1: Haley Fitzgerald Stephanie Mincone Emma Hauser GROUP 2: Evan DeBenedetto Adam Vesperman Michael Dameski GROUP 3: Ryan Vettel Emma Hauser GROUP 4: Idaliz Cristian __________________ FILMED BY | Ryan Parma TWITTER: />INSTAGRAM: />WEBSITE: /> ___________________ SONG: Shape Of You ARTIST: Ed Sheeran I am obsessed with this song... in a non-creepy way. well, maybe a little creepy. Fuck, i love Ed Sheehan.

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Alstroemeria Bieber
it makes me wanna dance. then i remember what I look like when I dancing
Raj Mishra
Anybody still watching it in July 2019?
ella forker
this has been my favourite dance video for 2 years and counting
alisha thakur
Best ever songs still my ring tone from my 2016♥️ dance owsm
Jeon Jungkook
0:29 does anybody noticed she was about to fall but she did a step🤤 watching this after a year then I recognised 😅
Mohammad Shakeri
2 0 1 9 Anyone?
Wonderland by Zhien
Eloisa Marayag
This one was still the best for me.💕
Aniqa Chaudry
2nd group middle guy seems like LIQUID. 😂
Saarthak Chaturvedi
The girl in the middle at the beginning is amazing.
I like sh are of hoy ser música perfect
chekka rajarajeswari
Ammazing really I love this one super !!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Aria Kanzaki
Haley's movements is extremely hypnotizing 😍
Galifrayan Gryffindor
siri H
The video that made us all fall in love with Haley
Estrella Rai Chourashya
I am in love with her dance with black cap😍
bestmens hairstyles
the boys group middle one is best
Bo Prong Ka Duyên
Who is still watching in May 1st 2019❤
Cant stop looking at the first girl in the middle damn she's goood!
Mal Halewell
me, sitting in the dark on my bed eating uncooked ramen noodles out of the package: *_hot damn_*
Bibiana Castro
I love this choreography...excellent!!
anwesha Nath
Each and every dancer was fabulous
der einzig wahre max mustermann
Well.. You need to do that song freestyle though =/. But it's still a really dope choreography.
Shanuka Botheju
Am I the only one just came here every day to just see that girl in the middle in first group oh gosh she's perfect I'm a singer but she made me wanna dance seriously I'm addicted to this video 😫
Gangster Girl
I want to dance like them!!!!! wowww 😍😍😍 But I can't!!
Nripesh Arvind
Anyone watching it for Idaliz Christian? ❤️
Anamika Jalan
Who is still watching in April 2019 Hit like👇
Styx Zero
Never knew i liked watching dance. Its actually hypnotising.
Tuan Tran
How long does it take to dance this good? I just bought Just Dance 2017 and I'm ready to start my pro career.
abrar tasnim
watching now 2019 in this 3rd april.
Anukash Verma
It's look so cool but it needs very hard work , dedication and lots of practise . All dancers are too good and big 👍👍👌👌.
Nilay Kumar
Love that attitude, that swagger, that moves, HELL !!! I LOVE ALL OF IT 🥰🥰🥰
I tried to dance like them, but i remember that i broke my toe by falling on the stairs cuz of dancing 😂🤙🤙
Black Pink's Hoes
I had to favorites. in the first group it was the girl in the middle; she kilt it😂😂. and in the second group the guy in the middle; he hit every move
Mahendra Deshpande
I love this song so much and you like and comment
Ayush Kaushik
About the 1st girl group..everyone has their own uniqueness...the girl in the middle Harley is great with improvising and has nice attire...the girl on the left is super detailed with steps...the grey girl has a sexy appeal to the steps...all of them are great!!
Neneh Hawa
Anybody still watching july 2019
Latha latha latha
She is great dancer I think soo.. The black first one women... Perfect dance of her.... 😉
That moment when you unravel from your burritoness and stand up to try dancing this, but immediately transform back into a burrito cuz you realize being a burrito is the best you can do rn
Bhavani Guruswamy
I just love the girl with Ash Color top...in the first group...and comes again
Marilyn Thomas
I love watching this!!! So many talented dancers 💞💞🌹
Dalauan Sparrow
I always watch this
I really wanted Floris to be in this video . Great video . I love the dancing 💕🤩
Dai Do
Haley, first group, middle, is life. I can not stop watching her. Her moves are understated but say so much more.
goli swetha
Your amazing guys step at 1.45sec is amazing
My god they dance a lot. I'd like to dance like them. Greeting from Brazil to you.
Miriam Sitarova
Ihr seid die besten
Gauri pradep
കിടു song👌👌
Pusheenicorn Nguyen
half of those views are mine...who owns the other half, I wonder..?
Aurea VitalFit
WOW WOW WOW. I have just seen by chance and it's...breathtaking!!!
Cliem Stone Madiga Chatla
Super dance mind blowing The performance of ever one is nice I love the song
Woah all of them are perfect 😭😍😍
Fab Access with Marex
Oh wow, all three guys in the second group are amazing! I don't even know how many times I've watched their part to focus on one of them each time!
when you're 43 and wish you could be young again and be able to move like this
juwahirsamra tomas baraguir alkirat
Nice I like idaliz,haley,Emma and 2nd group in the middle very soft his body amazing
Smarajit Dhara
All the dances are Awesomeee!!!! & I like yhis video.
Romaniya Kumari
2 0 1 9???
Chabe Imad
The girl in the middle in the first group got a lot of presence. I keep staring at her. She is so good. The last girl was intense. Nice video.
Sathi Biswas
no words for this song unbelievable
William Nash Jay Rua
Last dancer beautiful, looks like cant we just talk Khaled
Chuck & Jessie Mcclanahan
I love this song💚❤❤💚💚❤❤❤❤😍😍
carla roberta
0:30 the girl's (the one in the middle) face was so cute, i don't know why but it was so adorable, she was so amused and happy and it really felt like she loved from the bottom of her heart to dance, which is probably exactly what it is I think i watched that part like 1000000 times Now excuse me I have to go to watch that part another 100000 times
rocky tamizha
I like last b😉before dance 👌 so much 💋😘😘😘😘😘
Karan Chaudhary
Last girl was just mind blowing 👌👌
Sarah Haddad
Isn't it interesting that almost one third of the views on this channel come from this video alone!!!! April 2019 btw!
Super dance. Also dance to the song attention
Good Vibes
I like how everybody have their fancy sneakers and over the years, Haley always appears and slays with her classic converse.
W: 88
البنت الرماديه لبستها وصخه 😂😂
Anukash Verma
I am still watching this video and I think I want to see this video over and over again This video is 👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍
Oğuzhan YAZAR
Şu tür dansları sevemedim bir türlü nedense cringe geliyor bana hep...
Sonica A. Jay
Oh how I wish to be the part of this group!!! Love from India guys.😍😍😍
The guy in the middle in second trio 🔥
ilyes 46
J'ai dit sur tic-tok et j'ai entendu cette musique😗😆
meenakshi chopra
Can you pls give tutorial of it 🤗🤗 l will love it😘😍
venu gopal
Black cap girl ear rings attracts me towards her and I love her 💐💐
rocky tamizha
I like last before dance so much I really very liked that what a dance
I lost my heterosexuality with the last girl She dance soo well
Little Bellzie
You and Matt stiefinia inspire me through a dancing injury
Supriya Barik
Fabulous dancers u all are so energetic dancer 😊👍👍👍👍👍👍
Suman Ahuja
OMG! No words to say. What moves, awesome! +the girl with the black cap is amazing. 😘😍I am also trying to do the same. From:Soumya-belong to India😊
Vaishnavi Jawale
I just love the way you dance💃... It's awesome
manish kumar
the middle girl catches all the attention....
I love this song from India
winway chiu
0:50~1:10, the best part of it, PERFECT!!
saragadam rajeswari
ED Sheeran fans like me
je la
Haley and Emma are DANCING QUEENS!!
Kim Fujoshi
The girl in the middle for that first group LOVE ITT her name is Haley ? EDIT: what ! why the likes ? xd xoxo
Divyanka Singh
I loved the first performance..never seen such a dance❤❤❤plz. U make more dance vedios by the first lady dancer
Валера Голубь
The man in the middle is AMAZING!!!
chekka rajarajeswari
Ammazing excellent
Qadro Abukar
Keep going 🤣🤣🤣
Ahamed Rizviya
Who is still watching this in MAY 2019? ANYBODY ELSE?
Adam Song MMA
I am SOOOO GLADDDd Bran Stark got use of his legs back at the 1:23 mark. He'll need them for season 8! ;)
Hiro Comedy
I always watched this everything when want to see a one
Kahaan Kumar
5:06 / 5:07 Look where the arrow is pointing😂😂
Elvanance TN
Girl in grey shirt, her hips make me quake :3
People are dancing, moving their bodies.. staying lit.. and I'm there sitting on my bed eating Pringles.. wondering what I would do with my life.. am I the only one?
Poonamb Panday