Cheapy - Ashtray ( OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO )

Cheapy - Ashtray ( Beat prod by Rafle ) New Single OUT NOW. link below /> /> />

Sophia Walheim
"I'm moody today, gloomy and grey, guaranteed that I will ruin your day, everything that I've been doing is strange, had it all on a plate and I threw it away" LOVE IT dude omfg fukk
Just Another White Man
Bruz keep it up Man, me and my mates blast your tunes bro, please keep it up man, we all come from bad backgrounds and you send us away man
Allan Andersen
You save my life brother
caleb ryan
Thank you for the music brother sooths the soul
brandon murray
Love this shit dude keeps me going, relates like you wouldn't believe
Sophia Walheim
LOVEEE IT bro! Omg feeling this hard right now x
need another banger like friday night forever
Cheap sober , Cheapy your still the best rapper 😎🔥 This is crazy 💪👌
Billy Banks
Thank you for showing me im not alone
supreme killa
Lots of love bro, keep it flowin :) 🔥🔥
Master of his Art.
Stank eye 0
Bro everyone of your songs are dope I’ve listened to you for years now and won’t stop Don’t stop what ur doing mate VB Time🍻
That is fire. Much respect bro
Killed it once again bro!! 🤙💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Never stop lad
Nothing but love n respect for you n your music bro. Keep up the fuckin good work!
Jaykub Wright
Fk yeah! Such a good song bruz keep the good work up
fuckin dope as shit cheap mad song . Does anyone know a instrumental like this
Toby Hollis
Your a legend cheapy
Max Thorn
This rapper needs way more attention. He's amazing.
Elton Vazquez
I bang cheap sober day in and day out. *Maine
George Ghee
Cheapy don't stop with the new tracks you been propper since day one
Jenaya Scheidler
Heard this on triple j the other week. Been pumping it ever since haha. 👌
lucas vernon
Flow 🔥
Depart 3350
Real talk bro, dope
Nathan Clarke
had it all on a plate, and i threw it away. :\
Depart 3350
So dope 💯👑👑
Come back cheapy boy
This is mad can’t wait for more👌
Bryce Dorito
Sounds good homie 👌🏻 hit me up with a inbox! Need to chat. Please.
James Franco
Thomas Barbour
T Sauces
yea the cheap!
jarod miller
what's that beat its beast u flow like a monster
Tremaine Melbourne
Fuck yea cheeeapy!!
Doser_ Official
Mother fkn ashtray
Mark Taleporos
Fuck yea cheapy
Elliot Ridley
The beat is just fire.
Tomas Fawcett
shits powerful bruv!
churr churr
Emily Hope
Who makes a song n doesn’t get the lyrics posted 🤣
Stefan Grunwald
true real rapper,not like these days people just copy others lyrics,this guy is real as a bad day
Yeah Cheapy
Ply Tiffany
Love this. Money sucks. And he is 100. Come to the usa!!!
Cassandra Lovely
Only 2 chicks,me n Sophia commenting!whats wrong with girls these days!
Jake Andrew Tuckey