CRTV/BLAZE TV Betrays Gavin McInnes & Michelle Malkin! Here’s Why!

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Watch this video to learn the shocking reason why Gavin McInnes and Michelle Malkin are not employed by the new conservative TV network Blaze TV. #blazetv #crtv #gavinmcinnes Watch All Past Broadcast by Joining My Membership Site - />Just $5 a month. Support Through Patreon - />PayPal - />Subscribestar - />Like or Follow Me On My New Facebook Page - />Minds - /> I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to all my financial donors. Without you this video and others like in the past would not have been possible. Please know that I appreciate you so much. Due to youtube's new terms of service I don't qualify for monetization. So my videos are ad-free. However, if you would like to financially support my work please join my membership website located here - /> SOURCES: /> />

The TreeHouse News
If you know any fans or supporters of Gavin McInnes please share this video with them via facebook, twitter, etc. Let them know what happened and how he was betrayed by Blaze TV.
Black Pigeon Speaks
I really like your content Tree. Well done.
Jerry Housewright
I cancelled CRTV because Beck became part of it.
chris hoyle
Just cancelled my CRTV subscription! I was with Levin TV since day one. Love you Steven, Mark, Michelle, and Gavin. But I WILL NOT support Glenn Beck.
Harvey Windbag
Worst business move, since...Glenn Beck lost his mind, and ruined The Blaze.
Glad this video popped up in my feed. I was planning on buying a mugclub subscription in January because I enjoy Steven Crowder's content, but I cannot support Glenn Beck or anything associated with him. Also, what they did to Gavin (and probably Michelle, I doubt she left via her choice) is inexcusable.
Say bye to Blaze/CRTV. They just got compromised. They're about to LOSE audiences.
kung Few
I am subscribing to you for no other reason than your loyalty and bravery, and that's a damn good reason.🇺🇸
Michael Fielder
I was considering a crtv subscription. Not now. Gavin is the man. Glen is a shill. On the upside I subscribed to the Tree House News.
Joanna Sergent
I left Glenn Beck long ago, used to love him until he went cray cray liberal ray ray. It is sad to say goodbye to Mark Levin but bye Felicia! I am a very strong supporter of Malkin and McInnes. I love them both. I'm also a fan of Rush Limbaugh. He started the movement back in the 80s and has never wavered. Love him. Like you, I think most of these blue slip with a red dress over it people need to stop.
glenn Mitt still won't be president.
Gavin, Crowder, and Owen Benjamin should just start their own network. And maybe even throw Dave Smith, Michael Malice, and Tommy Robinson in there. Or Gavin and Crowder should just move over to Compound Media
I didn't listen to all of this. All I know is that there is no one better than Michelle Malkin. I will go where she goes.
I'm a black educated female for liberal, who supports the Proud Boys and Gavin. But, I don't buy the BS media for a decade now. I went independent. The Left left me. TDS is real.
Ryan O'Cerous
In every article I've read about Gavin and the Proud Boys, all I saw were long strings of lies, misinformation, cherry-picking, and taking things out of context. They were hit pieces designed to dishonestly discredit Gavin by trying to make him out to be things he's not, and the same goes with the Proud Boys. Essentially, they are nothing more or less than a men's advocates group that views masculinity as something that doesn't have to be entirely castigated, because it has good aspects to it, too, as well as acknowledges differences between the genders. That's all. Yet the media makes them out to be racist, sexist, misogynistic, phobic, and white supremacists, none of which is true. Then we get the shaming language that they're just a bunch of incel type man-children who can't get laid and live in their moms' basements, or that they're just gay (which is ironic, because according to the left being gay is preferable, so they apparently don't get their own hypocrisy). Clearly men aren't supposed to advocate for men or discuss men's issues.
Holly Baumgartner
I hate Glenn Beck. I will be cancelling my membership to crtv today. I love Gavin.
Ken McLeod
You can't believe the LEFT/DEMS. Just the fact they label someone like Gavin McInnes a racist, white supremacist,etc., EXPOSES THEM AS LIARS. DON'T BELIEVE THE LIES PEOPLE. THE LIBERALS ARE DANGEROUS, COWARDLY, LIARS. TreeHouse News. You've shown what type of person YOU really are. By STAYING true to your convictions and having Gavin's back shows GREAT CHARACTER. I, and so many others are proud of you for maintaining your morals, character and integrity. Well done. Keep up the fight.
Gavin is the furthest from being a white supremacist. We need to get you to interview him.
Joseph Van Zandt
I used to think Beck was smart. No longer. Getting rid of the two biggest draws on CRTV was as stupid as it gets. Beck's problem is that he has been preaching his version of Mormonism instead of being the cutting edge, sarcastic, funny guy he once was. He has gone in two decades from riveting to BORING and without McInnes and Malkin, CRTV will be boring as well.
First I liked Mark Styne show and next thing I know they got rid of him, then I liked Gavin Mcinnes show now they get rid of him, I still like Mark Levin but you see less and less of him on CRTV, once my annual subscription runs out I am done with it, I already walked away from Blaze TV a couple years ago, not going through that again.
Vilma Balogh
Andrew Breitbart quote: " Glenn Beck is a liar, thief, coward, false profit, snake, huckster."
Isiah 6:8
If Mark Levin is a Trump and staunch supporter of freedom and term; why did he sell knowing Beck would ruin CRTV, start of with firing hits like Gavin. What’s up with Mr Levin? Why? Curious right!!! Unfortunate to the good people at former CRTV, but the Blaze needs to go up in smoke. Cancel CRTV. Unsubscribe. Make Levin loose money that’s what hurts.
J.R. Warren
I don't know what to think. This merger is as stupid as they get. TV is dead. the new media is the internet crtv was crushing the Blaze with shows like Gavin McInnes and Crowder. WTF?
Paolo Avantino
f*** Mark Levin he started emulating Michael Savage's Style years ago.... he's a piker.... and Glenn Beck is a sniveling copycat he used to hate conspiracy theorist then he jumped on the crazy train using the conspiracy theorist group and ALT media screw him he's a turd and everybody should cancel and run from Blaze TV
Levin is a very smart man I am baffled by this business merger be interesting to see how it plays out unless behind the scenes of the VIN is using Glenn Beck's resources but remains with controlling power over content or something like that. No way that Mark Levin and Glenn Beck line up politically
Dapple Darling
I only watched Gavin and Steven Crowder ( who is off until the new year....or maybe he'll be cut too) I was waiting to renew when he got back and just binge watch Gavin, guess I'll keep my money.
I got charged $69 yesterday and i had no idea what was going on. My favorite show was GOML with Gavin. So i called blaze tv right away to cancel and I let them know why. Terrible move for them.
Sir Didymus
I just found your channel and Ive only watched 2 of your videos but I can already tell that I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you so much for spreading the TRUTH!!!! Thank you for being so informed!!!! Your videos were very easy to watch and very informative. You have a positive sound and you give all the important details without dragging it on amd making it some 1 hr thing. I just subscribed and I look forward to hearing more of what you have to report on. This is real journalism. You should have a job at a major publication but instead your "not qualified" for monetization on YouTube?! SMH. These libs should be so ashamed of themselves but, as they have proven many times, they have no shame. They will try their best to destroy our current president and completely ruin OUR American culture. Im a Republican. Im a Trump supporter. Im hispanic. I am not a racist. I love my country and all of my fellow law abiding decent Americans. I love what your doing!! We need more ppl like you to have their voices heard. The Dems wanna brainwash everyone into following them blindly. They have control of all the screens and they aim to silence all opposing views. WE CAN NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. I dont have much extra money but I will support you when I can. I believe that ppl like yourself are the new freedom fighters. The true patriots who are fighting to keep America and its ppl free from tyranny while spreading the truth so our citizens are not brainwashed by the elites into giving them the power to keep us under their heel. What you are doing is essential to perserving our country, America, the greatest country on Earth. Thanks again!!!
Jeremy Mo
Great job! Very pleased to see you calling these folks out! Thank you for your time, and your efforts.
Doug FA
I'm going to subscribe. I had planned on subscribing to CRTV and have been a subscriber to Blaze TV for a while. I am bummed about Gavin McInnes being released as I was really looking forward to seeing what he had to say. I saw a couple interviews Glenn did with him and really liked the guy. I was also interested in seeing Michelle Malkin's show as well. To be fair, Glenn admitted he had the Trump thing wrong. I have no problem with his criticisms of him. Trump deserves criticism sometimes. I will try to follow Malkin and McInnes where they go as well.
Trigger Warning
Hopefully Gavin puts his own show together and smashes these fools in the ratings
They lost me when this happened.
Gavin and Michelle and O'Reilly and Bongino, along with many other Patriots should join BlazeTV and all express their own unique CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS and NEWS. Time for TEAM BUILDING!
Sally Sheldon
I to use to Love Glenn Beck, and I used to tape his shows! Why Mark Levin? Glenn Beck is part of Deep State! Millions of Rebulicans ARE RINOS! DUH! Ain't it a SHAME! I suppose you think the same of Me? But I lived in a Black ghetto. Baby sat for my friends and attended their Black Church with them. So now I'm a racist cuz I like? No, I am not. No I'm not anti-semitic No I'm not homophobic I belong to the LORD JESUS CHRIST! Jesus says, "...many lead astray (if) possible, even the Chosen ones." The LORD is truly My Shepherd and His Holy Spirit resides in me. Thank you for your VIDEO.🇺🇸
First time I have read or listened to anything by you! I not only like and agree with what you have to say but understand your being an independent (wandering through the political landscape looking for a place to land but finding nothing that fits). We are a dying breed (politically speaking). While I am 72 and still speak out against the destabilization of our country by the far left, mainstream media, cultural progression, political correctness, and the failure of individuals to take responsibility for themselves--------The torch and the fight must be passed to the younger generation to try and recapture the minds of our youth who have been poisoned by the hippies, flower children and pseudo intellectuals of my generation (Who now sit atop the world of academia ). Good Luck and God's speed.
The Red Pill Dragon
Glenn Beck is a virus who destroys everything he touches
Samson Dean Loggerblood
My god that was the stupidest damn thing that Mark Levin could have ever done, tie his successful company to a sinking ship!! I can’t stand Glenn Beck!! What a two-Faced POS!!! Just when you think you know people! I thought Mark Levin was a stand up guy/strong conservative, but he seems more like all mouth & that’s about it!! I would’ve never believed the lunatics on the left could have castrated him & taken his backbone so easily! When Michelle Malkin quits you know that’s a big red flag that shit is all hosed up!! Thank you for the info!!
Betty Blakley
WTH is wrong with Levin? Maybe Levin is not The Great One, Sean Hannity!!!! What say you?
"Alleged anti-Semite". Yeah, because anti-Semites work for Jews for 4 years straight.
Gerry Berry
Gavin is worth a TRILLION times more than Glen “traitor” Beck and the rest of CRTV put together.
I highly respect Mark Levin but I believe this is a big mistake.
Nona Youbiznes
Levin and Beck can go fish. Never trusted either of them, never will.
I won't give Beck a dime or watch Beck TV after his collusion with the Regressive's Left. Beck is my enemy.
Gerry Berry
Gavin is well out of this sinking ship!! I could not believe it when Glen Beck was announced as the new owner of CRTV! And my first thought was “How long until Gavin McInnes dumps this mob”?
Lorenzo Torres
Preach it girl!!! love your commentary!
Badle 1711
WOW........ CRTV sells out and instantly gets rid of Gavin. They should be ashamed.
Vista C
The Blaze was a lefty channel anyhow !!!!!!!
RobXbox63 Native
hey i really like your channel and this video! I'm with ya. cancelled crtv. im with ya!!!!
Sam Howard
Levin made a huge mistake in this merger.
Axx Kxx
CRTV lost my buisness because of this merger.
Jaime Sillett
I think Gavin, Steven, Graham, and Michelle should start their own !!!!!! I'm not giving my money to BlazeTv way!!!!
LizAnn J
Wow, I certainly will NOT be renewing my subscription with them!
Phil C
I canceled my sub for a year two days ago.
Bob Daye
Bad move by Levin.
I've already canceled my subscription to CRTV...Glenn Beck ruins everything he touches.
Yeeeaahh- knew this wouldn't end well. Beck is a hack, and he'll be the downfall of CRTV..
Taylor Hertz
Can't believe Mark didn't know how much conservatives who watch alternative news hate Glenn Beck. Either way he is weak for letting all this happen or he's just as responsible.
Jim white
Beck is a putz's- what a sap he turned out to be- Levin I guess needed some cash and this hawker Beck handed it over - beck already killed one business off and apparently he going to do this one too - I have to question Levin sanity now -
Im not a huge fan of beck but you obviously dont listen to his shows. Someone isnt the devil because they sinned. He is not what you are making him out to be.
As much as I like Gavin I knew he was gonna be trouble when he complained about the merger on his own show just about as soon as it was announced. No way all the bosses would be okay with that. Speech is free but it can also get your fired if you trash both companies involved and that's who pays you. I feel Gavin fell on his own sword in a way.
Nicole Poliskey
Thank you for speaking on this! I have canceled my subscription and demanded a refund. You are such an amazing woman!
William King
I used to listen to Mark Levin but no more. He had a tendency to be unnecessarily rude and impatient with those who called his radio show. And now that he sold himself out by fraternizing with that lunatic Glenn Beck I won't be listening to him any longer. I believe his ego and arrogance caused him to shoot himself in the foot.
john hestich
The only reason I believe Levin would do this is out of financial necessity. Guessing mind you. I had to quit my crtv subscription because of a case of TDS in my house. I'm sure I'm the only one in that situation...... Bad move regardless. Gavin and Michelle are huge draws.
Thank you for making this video. As soon as I heard that Gloomy Beck was merging with CRTV I knew the end was near. Beck is no conservative and no Christian. He is a Mormon and they are NOT Christian.
paul netzel
how about you return the favor and have a chat with gavin mcguinness on your channel
Bill Klug
I was concerned when Inoticed that Bill O'Rielly was working with Glenn Beck. I stopped listening. I'm not the only one who thinks he is a fool. Can anyone take him seriously? Mark, I'd really enjoy hearing an explanation. You owe us all one. You'll probably need to give it on something other than CRTV, you've lost a big chunk of YOUR audience. And all these years you've been sharing about your high intellect. I think Obama just went up a notch.
Zachery Francis
Talking about shooting yourself in the foot!
kygmay 82
Glenn beck is a fake, a former drug user, a puss, a conartist...
Lindy Lou
I'm glad that I never subscribed to CRTV. I considered it but now, after this, nope. Thank you Tree! Once again, you are seeing right through the deception. I knew something was going on when Michelle Malkin posted that tweet.
Laura s
It all feels like a game. WTH???
Scott Wagner
I've listened to Levin for several years now and was suspect of this merger from the moment I heard about it. I'd much rather see Malkin and McInnes than that nutbag Beck. I was on the verge of subscribing to CRTV prior to the merger (I even tried once but my credit union blocked the purchase as somehow "suspicious") and now am glad I saved my money. I much prefer to find my news information from freer sources.
Don’t worry,you still have Tree house news,give crtv/blaze the middle finger!
Bernardo Sena
Glenn Beck is a snake and Breitbart exposed him long ago. I always thought Levin was more intelligent than that, but now he will suffer the consequences for his bad judgment. Alex Jones was right, they're going after each and every highly influential Conservative to deplatform them, that or infiltrate them. It won't be long now until this culture war becomes a full out war.
B Toth
I'm stunned by what Mark Levin did to CRTV. You have convinced me, Mz. Tree. If CRTV doesn't need Gavin & Michelle, they don't need me. Incidentally, I called to cancel my CRTV/now BlazeTV subscription, and was told no-can-do. I had automatically re-subscribed for one year on November 3, 2018 & was told that my subscription would run through November 3, 2019 because I didn't opt-out "within 15 days." When I told her that CRTV didn't become Blaze TV until December 3, 2018, and that I wasn't interested in Blaze TV, she said it didn't matter because CRTV & Blaze TV were the same. I said no, they're not -- no Gavin McInnes and no Michelle Malkin and they added Glen Beck, whom I'm not interested in watching. She gave me the standard company spiel, and said that it was McInnes who left CRTV of his own accord. All she did was remove the automatic renewal of my subscription once November 3rd rolls around. Whatever. In my opinion, Mark Levin has royally screwed CRTV subscribers. By the way, I told the CRTV/Blaze TV rep to give a message to Mark Levin: although I will be a subscriber (under duress) until November 3, 2019, I don't intend to ever watch another "Blaze TV" show again. I hope Blaze TV investors are aware that there are many disgruntled CRTV subscribers like me who won't be watching anymore.
David Koch
Wow, I was about to join CRTV, but that was for these two people who they booted! Sorry Mark, you will never see my money.
Kenton Barlow
I have listened to Rush Limbaugh since he appeared on radio and I was in the Army in the late 80s. I first heard Glenn Beck on Fox News in the early 2000s and liked what he had to say and then I also heard Mark Levin on radio and listened to him. Rush is still a great voice and always will be. Glenn and Mark became NEVERTRUMPERS and pissed me off. I have listened to Alex Jones since around 1999 and still subscribe to his show. I have dumped BlazeTV/Beck and now hear that Mark Levin is teaming up with Beck. I will stick with Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Gavin Mcinnes etc. and dumped BlazeTV. I am sick of NeoCons and NeverTrumpers. I do also like the TreeHouse and will support the true Conservative types.
Marc Padilla
They merged to purge.
joe beastyg
Mark Levin is no longer "The Great One". I don't care what Hannity says, either.
Laura s
I thought Beck was supportive of Trump. I’m very sad to hear this. I’ve listened to him. I have never heard Beck speak against Trump. I thought he was questioning authority like I thought we should have!!!!!! Omg. Beck is no good ???? Im so confused and sad.
Daniel S
I’m not a huge fan of Gavin McInnes, But I never thought he was a racist and seriously, how many times does he have to say that he’s pro Israel and pro Jewish before he is no longer an “anti-Semite”? Anyway, I cut my ties with CR TV as soon as I heard about the merger. I won’t give my money to a never Trumper.
Ronald Stringfellow
I love how they're willing to accuse Gavin of anti-semitism and white supremacy, while calling the "sometimes violent" Proud Boys a group of aspiring Thugs .... yet the *always* violent Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, get praised virtually as heroes by leftist media.
Thank you for this. Loved the episode on GOML with you
Willy G
Was going to get a CRTV subscription for Christmas. Not now!
Monk in Montana
There is a God and he is a righteous God. I was ready to pay for a year subscription when your video came across my YT feed. I think I broke my jaw when it hit the floor. 😖😫 Michelle and Gavin are gone? Oh hell no. I'm convinced M.L. drank the swill from G.B.'s water fountain and got the flu. WHAT.......THE.......🤬........IS ...........WRONG WITH PEOPLE! M.L. you just made a deal with the devil. Kiss your future and show goodbye 💋💋As for Michelle & Gavin, sell whatever you can to gather the funds and launch your own internet company subscription. Just like Levin did. ( That useless stroker) 2019 is going to be a "Shake & Bake" year.😋 Shaking up new talent ( M.M. & G.M.) and catapulting them to success while "Baking" the lame ducks (Beck and now Mark Levin) from the airwaves. 🤣🤣 Bad Bad move for M.L.. You signed onto a terminal cancer that will surely eat you alive. I truly hope Michelle & Gavin read this and act on it while the iron is still hot. Bring Dana L. along for the ride too. 🤙🤙🤞🤞✌✌👍
Great video! I couldn't agree more! I cancelled CRTV the moment i heard they merged with Glenn Becks Blaze TV....He's a slimy weasel and always will be...He showed his true colors bad mouthing president Donald Trump in the 2016 election. He still hasn't got over TRUMP/MAGA wiping the floor with his two favorite RINOS Romney and little Marco...Even before the 2016 election i've always felt Glenn Beck was a wolf in sheeps clothing and clearly he's just another globalist stooge in the media posing as an America first conservative, and the fact that he immediately cut ties with their most articulate, most popular, and informative hosts Michelle Malkin and Gavin McInnes and how well it was timed with Gavins YouTube ban shows us that this merger was a main stream media hit piece done to silence two of President trumps most staunch supporters in the conservative media, as well as destroy a very popular conservative channel which was briefly a strong voice for the conservative movement and had the potential to change the game as far as how we can continue to get our message out there despite the relentless social media censorship of the conservative/MAGA voice. I am very disappointed in Mark Levin for allowing this to happen...but then again he was never a big supporter of TRUMP/MAGA either so there seems to be a pattern here...But sadly just like the TEA PARTY movement we are allowing RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) infiltrate the current conservative movement and destroy us from within. I give the communist democrats some respect for not hiding there blatant hate for everything American. At least they tell you what they are all about and barely even try to hide there desire to turn America into communist country, Where as the RINOs are much more dangerous because they pretend to be die hard conservatives around election time only to transform back into democrats once they've secured/tricked the conservative voter. "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the the traitor appears not a traitor ; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear."
Evelyn Dunham
Beks in im out lol
MARK LEVIN...supported a NON-NATURAL BORN CITIZEN CANDIDATE for POTUS...someone born in Alberta, Canada... Sen. Ted Cruz. A NBC MUST BE BORN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...AND have 2 U.S Citizen parentS, yes, BOTH, at the time of their child's birth on U.S. soil.
I immediately pulled my subscription from BlazeTV
Rob Kearsy
I was thinking of subscribing too & I really didn't listen to a lot of Gavin but firing him was BS. Michelle Malkin I don't blame her for leaving cause let's say she said something that outraged far left moron's Glenn Beck would've sided with the media & fired her so I would've left too. That was a bad movie by Mark Levin. People are going to unsubscribe now.
Wish I had a subscription to cancel. Right when I was about to finally pull the trigger and buy a membership to CRTV, they announced Glenn Beck was getting involved. So I waited on purpose to see how things would shake out. Glad I did because I find it appalling they let Gavin and Michelle go. I really like Crowder and I know he offered Gavin a job and I think he should take it just to mess with them.
Theol Patriot
Great info, but I want to add a boatload of stunning information to your information as to why Mark would get in bed with Beck.  Here is what I found out CRTV fired and then sued Mark Steyn for 10 million. Steyn counter sued and won 4 million plus attorney fees. Then CRTV's real owner, Carl Katz, sued CRTV for 20 million. Some say that was an attempt get out of paying Steyn (see Steyn's website for the ruling). So CRTV (Katz and Levin) have 4 million reasons to join with Beck who is worth (they say) 250 million (and is trying to keep Blaze alive and has cut his staff by as much as 30% to do it).  Note that Beck tried to sell the Blaze to Ben Shapiro but failed so he is looking to get a bigger audience and has only been in the black for 12 months.  Katz is a billionaire and Levin is worth about 5 million.  But Levin's (CRTV’s) only investor (Katz) is suing him and CRTV owes a lot of money (Yes, Katz is suing himself since he actually owns CRTV).  It's nuts I know but it is true as far as I can tell and the stories all line up (look them up). So Levin got in bed with Beck to pay off the 4 million and now Gavin is gone (that sinks with Beck claiming not to have anything to do with it - but according to Newsweek, it happened AFTER the merger was announced).  So anyway, I hope Steyn gets paid. I only watch CRTV for Gavin and Crowder. When Crowder is gone, I am too. Oh and I watched Steyn as well. The legal ruling is good reading and is easy to follow unlike most of them. I used to idolize Levin until he lost interest in doing a real show and started to phone it in a few times a week. He looks over at his wife off camera half of the time in his short 30 minute shows. The kicker is, they fired Steyn claiming that he did not do enough shows and that they had to be 48 min long (like Gavin did)... The irony is thick and Levin is off of my list of people I look up to.  Beck fell off of it when he lost his mind and melted down on Fox and they got rid of him.  OK, I blew your mind – but look it up for yourself.  Don’t take my word – and read the Judge’s decision on Mark Steyn’s site.  P.S. I MISS GAVIN!
I was wondering about Michelle Malkin in the wake of CRTV merging with the Blaze and then dropping Gavin. I was just thinking of joining CRTV because of Michelle, and then found this all out, and now would not touch them with a ten foot pole. I have subscribed to Gavin, Miles, and as many people like them.
Jesse Aaron
I cancled my crtv sub immediately half way into this video.
Alex Longfield
We need an online network with Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Larry Elder, Lauren Southern, Gad Saad, Dennis Prager, Faith Goldy, Norm Macdonald, Owen Benjamin, Ezra Lavant, Michelle Malkin, Tomi Lahren, Phil Robertson, Stefan Molyneux, Candice Owens, P. J. Watson, Gavin McInnes (toned just a tad) for a good start. That would be "must see TV"
Gavin McInnes = Awesome. Glen Beck = Pro-life neoliberal.
Tony Gordon
Thank you for this. They're trying to keep this quiet
The Stuff of Legend Daniel Loera
That freaking sucks. I only considered subscribing because of Gavin, and Steven Crowder, and Mark Levin. Not necessarily in that order. But hes not a racist, he's just into what he calls "hate-facts" calling it like he see's it and not bowing to the identity politics people throw around today.
Shawn M
And a day after being kicked off CRTV, Gavin Mcinnes is also kicked off youtube. That's some questionable timing.
Richard Harris
Great video! Beck is a shady guy and conservatives should not trust him. There was a time when Glenn Beck was a good conservative and provided good information.....back when he was on Fox News. He had great shows exposing George Soros. But after he left Fox....he got all wishy washy on conservatism/American patriotism....and he absolutely ALIENATED many American patriots like myself when he went insane with his Anti-Trump hysterical rants when Trump ran for president. NO American patriot or conservative should trust Glenn Beck. And it's sad that a decent conservative like Mark Levin would team up with Beck. I predict Beck and Levin will have a falling out. Beck's Blaze "media empire" has been crashing and burning for the past several years because Beck has alienated millions of conservatives and American patriots with his weak conservatism and Trump-Bashing. Levin should not have saved Beck's Blaze "media empire" and should have let it crash and burn. Beck is a shady and unsavory person.