CRTV/BLAZE TV Betrays Gavin McInnes & Michelle Malkin! Here’s Why!

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The TreeHouse News
If you know any fans or supporters of Gavin McInnes please share this video with them via facebook, twitter, etc. Let them know what happened and how he was betrayed by Blaze TV.
Jerry Housewright
I cancelled CRTV because Beck became part of it.
chris hoyle
Just cancelled my CRTV subscription! I was with Levin TV since day one. Love you Steven, Mark, Michelle, and Gavin. But I WILL NOT support Glenn Beck.
Michael Fielder
I was considering a crtv subscription. Not now. Gavin is the man. Glen is a shill. On the upside I subscribed to the Tree House News.
Glad this video popped up in my feed. I was planning on buying a mugclub subscription in January because I enjoy Steven Crowder's content, but I cannot support Glenn Beck or anything associated with him. Also, what they did to Gavin (and probably Michelle, I doubt she left via her choice) is inexcusable.
Black Pigeon Speaks
I really like your content Tree. Well done.
Harvey Windbag
Worst business move, since...Glenn Beck lost his mind, and ruined The Blaze.
I didn't listen to all of this. All I know is that there is no one better than Michelle Malkin. I will go where she goes.
Gavin, Crowder, and Owen Benjamin should just start their own network. And maybe even throw Dave Smith, Michael Malice, and Tommy Robinson in there. Or Gavin and Crowder should just move over to Compound Media
glenn Mitt still won't be president.
Yeeeaahh- knew this wouldn't end well. Beck is a hack, and he'll be the downfall of CRTV..
J.R. Warren
I don't know what to think. This merger is as stupid as they get. TV is dead. the new media is the internet crtv was crushing the Blaze with shows like Gavin McInnes and Crowder. WTF?
Joanna Sergent
I left Glenn Beck long ago, used to love him until he went cray cray liberal ray ray. It is sad to say goodbye to Mark Levin but bye Felicia! I am a very strong supporter of Malkin and McInnes. I love them both. I'm also a fan of Rush Limbaugh. He started the movement back in the 80s and has never wavered. Love him. Like you, I think most of these blue slip with a red dress over it people need to stop.
Ryan O'Cerous
In every article I've read about Gavin and the Proud Boys, all I saw were long strings of lies, misinformation, cherry-picking, and taking things out of context. They were hit pieces designed to dishonestly discredit Gavin by trying to make him out to be things he's not, and the same goes with the Proud Boys. Essentially, they are nothing more or less than a men's advocates group that views masculinity as something that doesn't have to be entirely castigated, because it has good aspects to it, too, as well as acknowledges differences between the genders. That's all. Yet the media makes them out to be racist, sexist, misogynistic, phobic, and white supremacists, none of which is true. Then we get the shaming language that they're just a bunch of incel type man-children who can't get laid and live in their moms' basements, or that they're just gay (which is ironic, because according to the left being gay is preferable, so they apparently don't get their own hypocrisy). Clearly men aren't supposed to advocate for men or discuss men's issues.
Axx Kxx
CRTV lost my buisness because of this merger.
hollyberry inn
I hate Glenn Beck. I will be cancelling my membership to crtv today. I love Gavin.
Joseph Van Zandt
I used to think Beck was smart. No longer. Getting rid of the two biggest draws on CRTV was as stupid as it gets. Beck's problem is that he has been preaching his version of Mormonism instead of being the cutting edge, sarcastic, funny guy he once was. He has gone in two decades from riveting to BORING and without McInnes and Malkin, CRTV will be boring as well.
Samson Dean Loggerblood
My god that was the stupidest damn thing that Mark Levin could have ever done, tie his successful company to a sinking ship!! I can’t stand Glenn Beck!! What a two-Faced POS!!! Just when you think you know people! I thought Mark Levin was a stand up guy/strong conservative, but he seems more like all mouth & that’s about it!! I would’ve never believed the lunatics on the left could have castrated him & taken his backbone so easily! When Michelle Malkin quits you know that’s a big red flag that shit is all hosed up!! Thank you for the info!!
Bob Daye
Bad move by Levin.
Billy Costa
I WAS a supporter,but my hatred for Beck is more than my love levin..I only subscribed because of Levin/Crowder/Gavin... RIP CRTV..!
Trigger Warning
Hopefully Gavin puts his own show together and smashes these fools in the ratings
Jeremy Mo
Great job! Very pleased to see you calling these folks out! Thank you for your time, and your efforts.
First I liked Mark Styne show and next thing I know they got rid of him, then I liked Gavin Mcinnes show now they get rid of him, I still like Mark Levin but you see less and less of him on CRTV, once my annual subscription runs out I am done with it, I already walked away from Blaze TV a couple years ago, not going through that again.
CRTV was great, I left. What a bunch of dopes.
I won't give Beck a dime or watch Beck TV after his collusion with the Regressive's Left. Beck is my enemy.
Vilma Balogh
Andrew Breitbart quote: " Glenn Beck is a liar, thief, coward, false profit, snake, huckster."
"Alleged anti-Semite". Yeah, because anti-Semites work for Jews for 4 years straight.
Betty Blakley
WTH is wrong with Levin? Maybe Levin is not The Great One, Sean Hannity!!!! What say you?
Gerry Berry
Gavin is well out of this sinking ship!! I could not believe it when Glen Beck was announced as the new owner of CRTV! And my first thought was “How long until Gavin McInnes dumps this mob”?
Lorenzo Torres
Preach it girl!!! love your commentary!
Badle 1711
WOW........ CRTV sells out and instantly gets rid of Gavin. They should be ashamed.
LizAnn J
Wow, I certainly will NOT be renewing my subscription with them!
Sir Didymus
I just found your channel and Ive only watched 2 of your videos but I can already tell that I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you so much for spreading the TRUTH!!!! Thank you for being so informed!!!! Your videos were very easy to watch and very informative. You have a positive sound and you give all the important details without dragging it on amd making it some 1 hr thing. I just subscribed and I look forward to hearing more of what you have to report on. This is real journalism. You should have a job at a major publication but instead your "not qualified" for monetization on YouTube?! SMH. These libs should be so ashamed of themselves but, as they have proven many times, they have no shame. They will try their best to destroy our current president and completely ruin OUR American culture. Im a Republican. Im a Trump supporter. Im hispanic. I am not a racist. I love my country and all of my fellow law abiding decent Americans. I love what your doing!! We need more ppl like you to have their voices heard. The Dems wanna brainwash everyone into following them blindly. They have control of all the screens and they aim to silence all opposing views. WE CAN NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. I dont have much extra money but I will support you when I can. I believe that ppl like yourself are the new freedom fighters. The true patriots who are fighting to keep America and its ppl free from tyranny while spreading the truth so our citizens are not brainwashed by the elites into giving them the power to keep us under their heel. What you are doing is essential to perserving our country, America, the greatest country on Earth. Thanks again!!!
Gavin and Michelle and O'Reilly and Bongino, along with many other Patriots should join BlazeTV and all express their own unique CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS and NEWS. Time for TEAM BUILDING!
Skip Lee
NO to Glen Beck.....No to this merger........ended you Gavin Mcinnes... Mark levin this was a stupid stupid move you Mz Tree....
Dapple Darling
I only watched Gavin and Steven Crowder ( who is off until the new year....or maybe he'll be cut too) I was waiting to renew when he got back and just binge watch Gavin, guess I'll keep my money.
Gavin McInnes = Awesome. Glen Beck = Pro-life neoliberal.
Thank you for updating us and all of this you're the best love you show keep up the good work God bless you change my feeling tremendously towards Mark Levine
Sarah Riffi
Girl! Great videos! Why am I just finding you now!
Homer Simpleton
Wow. I wondered all this myself when I noticed Glenn Beck as part of CRTV. What a shipwreck. Thanks for the info.
Jaime Sillett
I think Gavin, Steven, Graham, and Michelle should start their own !!!!!! I'm not giving my money to BlazeTv way!!!!
Nona Youbiznes
Levin and Beck can go fish. Never trusted either of them, never will.
KS Zenzel
FBI position changed as per 03/2019, later hater.
AcanSkywalker 56
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I almost signed up for CRTV, saw the merger, searched for Gavin and found your video! Since I always go for the long term to save cash, you just saved me three years & $120!
I was wondering why Blaze was being brought up when Gavin got canned. I won't be renewing my sub to CRTV
Frank's Hideaway
Levin what a major disappointment. I dumped my subscription to the Blaze when Beck kept saying terrible things about Donald Trump.
Dr. Medic
)-; I miss you Gavin! )-;
Danielle Davis
I'm pissed that he's not on there! That's why I FOLLOW Blaze/CRTV
Precisely why I listen to Savage. 🇺🇸🇺🇸Savage Nation Proud. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
paul netzel
how about you return the favor and have a chat with gavin mcguinness on your channel
They all soldout to the Neo cons! Good bye CRTV you had a good run.... MAGA2020
Dan Groeneveld
The second I found out about Gavin and Michelle, I got on THE PHONE! Waited their 20-25 min stall time. Done! no more sub
Lol, I was thinking of joining this Christmas especially for Crowder but also for Gavin and I wanted to check out some other ppl as well; I guess I'm just going to sign up to Lowder with Crowder directly? if that's possible. Thank you for the informative video clarifying a bit of what is happening.
Sam Howard
Levin made a huge mistake in this merger.
Say bye to Blaze/CRTV. They just got compromised. They're about to LOSE audiences.
Ivy Crawford
I just found your channel and I'm so happy that I did!! Your content rocks!
Taxin 24/7
Damn I'm pissed. Thank you. I just unsubed from CRTV. Why is the only guy i have ever called my hero being demonized and run off of every right or non left platform?
When I heard of this, I was about to email Blaze TV and tell them, that I'm not renewing my subscription when it's up. ... For the record, I'm not. It's a shame too... Levin was starting to sound good. There's no soul to a view that says that they stand up and represent something true, and fart out hot air when they have to back this up and represent something to their people.
Ronald Tharappel
I am ending my blaze subscription immediately. Thank you for this information!
Finding the truth
I cancelled my subscription
Fisrt Name Last Name
Love me some TreeHouse!! Gavin is a real man, thanks for giving him props and highlighting his big heart!
Great video! Very informative! And 100% correct about Gavin Mcgines
dang, I've been looking for someone with the info on why this whole thing went down. good job with getting the truth. Canceled crtv and subbed to you. keep rocking.
Lori Gustin
Literally just cancelled my crtv subscription 10 minutes ago.
david Kells
What a fool, to throw away His gold! It's over! Turn it off permanently! Job done.
Gre Gory
Gavin and Michelle made crtv. Goodbye crblaze. Oops, never did subscribe. Cant stand Beck. Great channel btw. Just found you.
The Big Lubarski
I lost ALL respect for Mark Levin! Glen Beck is, and always has been a clown...long before Trump even came into the picture. Gavin McGuiness is an "Antisemite?!" Since when?
Bad Boya
Gavin and Crowder were the reasons I subscribed to CRTV. With the former gone and the latter on break until next year, I don't see any reason to renew my subscription. At least I have Crowder's awesome mug, haha.
Jesse Aaron
I cancled my crtv sub immediately half way into this video.
Heather Bernat
I just found you and I think I love ❤️ you!!! We strong and outspoken women need to stick together and support each other 👍🏻 I love Gavin and was so shock! I’ll share and no more CRTV for this girl
😂 @8:39!! "Chhuucckkuhh" ! Lol that is the perfect description for them!! You tell em Tree!! #canceltheblaze
Hmmm I think it time as consumer of these Social media app to de-platform THEM NOW!
John Galt
RIP CRTV I almost subscribed especially for Crowders mug but Levine is fun as well or at least I thought he was before he traded in Gavin for Glenn. Don't know Michelle once but she seemed cool.
Shawn M
And a day after being kicked off CRTV, Gavin Mcinnes is also kicked off youtube. That's some questionable timing.
barbara emanuel
Thanks for the real story GOD BLESS after while crocodile
James Jones
Gavin is the man!!! Dare I even say a role model. Great video!
Mike Forester
Well, you didn't listen to Mike ... with _juice_ you lose. Now they have to learn it the hard way. You forgot to mention ONE decisive fact about CRTV ownership. Another of these _very special guys,_ a shady poker gambler Cary Katz, was involved in frivolous law suits against Mark Steyn he fired in 2017 from CRTV and crubed all the content.
L Ariza
Thank you so much for sharing this info. God Bless.
I immediately pulled my subscription from BlazeTV
Susan Cadwell
McInnes isn’t a racist- that sucks! I also like Michelle..🥵🤬🤬🤬I suspect the next to go will be Lowder With Crowder.🤬 I’m Independent- enjoy your YouTube podcasts!
Just found you, you are WONDERFUL! Subbed, notfications...
Glad I never bought the CRTV subscription.
Thomas Loyd
I notionally thought this was happened and quit listening to Mark Levin on Sirius 125 Patriot. Keep up the awesome reporting!
Liberty Cat
I’m canceling my account and letting them know why!
Terry Silliman
So glad I stopped paying the CRTV subscription 2 months ago...lmao , when i saw when Beck started to talk about the merger publicly.
Austin Katz
Fuckem, anybody who likes Gavin should boycott TheBlaze for this disloyalty. I love Gavin, he's entertaining and super reasonable.
Tomas Ruiz
Anyone who has a CRTV subscription should cancel immediately, I never subscribed for this exact reason. I could see the sellout coming a mile away.
Leroy Gallagher
Man i love this! New Subscriber here!! Keep shouting it out sister soldier 👊
I canceled my subscription yesterday!
John Moe
Yeah... to me it was a stupid move on Levins part to hook his wagon to Glen Beck...
The Stuff of Legend Daniel Loera
I just subscribed And turned on notifications. I'll be checking in regularly. Thank you
C.M. Butler
I finally subscribed to CRTV on the Friday after the Blaze/CRTV merger. I spent all weekend watching back episodes of Gavin's GOML. By the end of the weekend Gavin was fired, the show was stripped off CRTV service. Hours later i canceled. I am pissed. A lot of poeple are pissed.
Alphonso Frett
Ouch! This is very shameful! I enjoy the work of Gavin Mcginnis!
Darrin McGann
Becks magik panties won't protect him forever! You're awesome Ms. Tree! New subscriber!
This is perfect. Thank you for posting!
Angel Sosa
I totally agree with you. I was never a Beck fan, and I will never watch the Blaze TV. Traitors!!!!
Great video, great knowledge! I'm subscribing. Tree of knowledge 2024!
Trey Gowdy
I unsubscribed from CRTV because of this.