2017 Spanish Grand Prix: Race Highlights

After a rare absence from the podium in Russia, could Lewis Hamilton fight back in Barcelona? Stay tuned to find out... and to see a heart-melting Kimi Raikkonen moment. For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram:

Sebastian Vettel
That moment when you realize that the real driver of the day was Kimi for making the dream come true for that kid. Things like that are the ones that make me love more and more this sport
I don't know how to feel knowing that alonso finished the race
João Carlos
Race Summary: Alonso did great on saturday, even better today since he actually finished the race. Stroll and Palmer are just pathetic Massa is not Vettel's biggest fan Epic Vettel's overtake on Bottas Epic Hamilton-Vettel battle, if you see it right, when they touch each other, Hamilton loses his right rear tire paint, awesome. Wehrlein is just getting better DRS sucks Action of the Day: Ferrari taking that kid to meet Raikkonen.
What an experience for the kid. Thank you Liberty for that. It was amazing.
George Mattock
The Kimi situation with that kid was heartwarming. Race was one of the best too!!
4:46 Thank you Liberty Media for providing us with the "Celebration Wolff table fist bang".
Harry Verolme
Overtake of the year: Vettel on Bottas. Driver of the day: Wehrlein
When Kimi was out and we all saw the crying kid, the german reporter said "If I could find this boy, I would give him a signed Kimi cap". Later you saw the kid cheering when Sebastian got in front of Hamilton after the pitstop. And then nearly at the end you saw a replay of the start again, (first I didn't know why), then you saw the kid crying and after that him in Kimis arms with a cap. It was a very heartwarming moment to see this gesture of Kimi and Ferrari. These are the moments why I like F1. Kimi driver of the day!
Summary of the race: - Bottas lacks that killer instinct to fight for position with Hamilton. - Perez deserves a better car - Ferrari screwed up big time in strategy with Vettel today - Alonso has another sad weekend - Stroll and Palmer are slowly waving themselves goodbye from F1 after this season if they keep under performing. - Best moment of the race: Kimi with the kid!
I've never seen Toto as happy as he was when Hamilton made that overtake
Kimi is the most awesome guy, hands down!!!
Pier 1668
4:45 toto so close to destroy the iPhone😂
Driver of the day: Kimi Räikkönen.
Marco Alagna
Hamilton on thursday about Ferrari backing Vettel up over Raikkonen in the WDC: "That's how Ferrari are, they focus always on one driver". What a clown.
Garon Moore
"BAN BOTTAS!!!" -Crying Ferrari Kid 2017
Sgt Shredder579
This was F1 at its best. Epic moments on and off the track. Hope everyone enjoyed it as well! :)
how the hell do you lose 7 seconds in one lap? ferrari is not very bright! doesnt matter that SC or VSC screwed them once again
Joy 101
best race of the season so far
Driver of the day: The Cry Kid.
Wait... Lewis got the lead on lap 44... He's just overblessed i guess.
VIttorio B.
Has anybody saw Palmer today? How can you get lapped by your teammate?? The worst driver of the last 20 years.
Peaceful world
Villain of the race-- Bottas-- took both Kimi, Max out and blocked Vettel.
Radames Vaz
Hamilton should thank Bottas for the win.
Michal Málek
Can anyone take me to the Grand Prix? I'm 21 but I'll cry on request.
Finkel - Funk
3:08 This was by far one of the best overtakes this season so far. Such a great maneuver, pure racing skill from Vettel.
Wehrlein was robbed of driver of the day!
Why so Serious??
This kid made my day, seriously! Felt very happy for him at the end!
dhee a
Force India, made the most out of the race today again :)
Luciano Cabrera
force india are low-key doing great this season honestly
Tall Man
Them getting that kid from the stands and letting him meet his hero is one of the best things I've seen in F1 in a long time
Didier Prinzen
Highlights: the crying kid
Bottas is just a mercedes weapon, that helps Hamilton to win.
Ashish Kumar
best grand Prix so far
Engineer: "Give us more details!" K-mag calmly explains what happend Engineer: "YES WE UNDERSTAND CALM DOWN!"
Lars B
I think Hamilton drove faster than allowed while the virtual safety car especially the lap before he pitted.
Rilab Rodo
What a race !!! also please upload Vettel's overtake on bottas
Justin M.
I wonder how Ben Edwards and David Coulthard reacted to this race lol
karan bains
if Hamilton wins the world championship it's because of bottas
Robert Raduts
Ferrari should have boxed under the VSC
Злобный Эльф
Hamilton is the king!!! M.F )))
Andrea Roll
i'm already loving the new approach to medias the new formula1 owners are having, it was about time for Bernie to move out.
f1rc C-F 1-R
when i saw it live the little Ferrari fan crying it made me feel sad well good race an all good for Lewis!
Christopher Michael
5:21 The moment when you finally finished the race with a car that lasts shorter than a GT-R LM NISMO...
Thanks Liberty for the non-lagging Highlight video!!
Pirelli just,please open the Tyre choose next season.
R. Ryan Adi Wicaksana
i think it should be more than 7 mins, including Kimi Reactions, and Alonso pass the Williams
Vettel's overtake on Bottas was an absolute masterclass
I hope Ferrari get their act together. They are slipping behind in the constructor's race. Mercedes is ruthless with strategy.
tim ulusoy
I think that Kvyat and Wehrlein were amazing today. I mean without a penalty wehrlein finished 7th with a Sauber whilst Kvyat started 19th and finished 9th. Good Job
Hello Jello
3:11 That double juke dive bomb with 2 wheels on the grass.. what a move.
Some Privileged White Male
dirty play from merc
Мамикон Бадалян
Hamilton best )))
EliteTrance Champions
HERE WE GO... HERE WE GO... Vettel v Hamilton... So excited...... OH.... DRS and passed. Ok then :(
Lucky Luke
Merc #2 driver did a great job for the team..
James Yoo
Is it just me or is Crofty's voice actually kinda groggy today?
overtaking bottas while driving on goddamn grass, what a king he is
that kid is getting more attention then some of the drivers
Lance Stroll meeting his hero was so cute, thank you Kimi and Liberty Media!
Jaime jesse
My respect for hamilton is slowly starting to creep back ever since he left mclaren for mercedez even though im a sebastian vettel fan absolutely enjoying this season and rivarly between hamilton and vettel
The MalWare
FFS Massa -.-
Antonio Padrón
Sauber has 4 points LOL
I still dont know whats with Alonso´s, Hulkenberg´s and Massa´s team mates, wtf are they doing in F1???
Except Hamilton and Vettel, any other battle..
Was verstappen Driver of the day?
juanka gv
Felipe... Fernando is faster than you... is faster than you
Besides the Thomas affair with Kimi,,(very cool),,The other HUGE standout is that Alonso made a race,,finally. One of the biggies of the weekend. Mclaren can take a breath finally.
Seeing that little boy crying just broke my heart especially when you saw that he had actually met Kimi before the race.
don't forget vettel has more points than hamilton
Abhimanyu Kohli
Someone give Crofty a Strepsil! :)
Fan of the day: Thomas
I was so happy for the kid
The thumbnail was me watching the Russian Grand Prix
Schumacher was better.
Didier Prinzen
Vandoorne would have won
Driver of the day Max Verstapen
Alex Crom 94
Race has the Seal of Approval from Maldonado, UNICEF, liberty media, toto wolf's earphones and Petrov
Giuliano Di Lorenzo
Bottas should be sanctioned for his moves during the race hitting Kimmi and blocking Vettle.
Perpetual Student
Damn you bottas. Took at both of my favorite drivers. A curse upon you and your house!
Sachin Patare
GOD Hamilton..bow down ..
Adam Young
They should get rid of driver of the day, or at least let professionals choose it, instead of Vettel/Verstappen every race. Give some credit to mid/lower field for people like Wehleirn, Perez, Sainz etc
f1rc C-F 1-R
good for Pascal!
Stefano Costa
Is it me or there's never much enthusiasm with these commentators? They almost stayed quiet when Seb overtook Bottas... the Sky Italy ones went much more crazier! :D
I just noticed crofty pronounces Vettel a name "fettel"
So what do Alonso fans think of Massa?
Driver of the day was Vettel... yeah right are we gonna ignore Wehrlein?
So Massa now (accidently) ruined Alonso's race too.....
Armchair Racer
Perfect thumbnail lol
Guys don't forget Hülkenberg also did a great job today!
Drank Bak
Driver of the Day should have been Max Verstappen though.
Arnab Roy
Tsk tsk tsk. What a wrong tactic by Ferrari, using harder compound tyre while Hamilton used soft. Should have used hard compound on Vettel's first pit stop.
Henry V
Love the move by vettel on bottas.
josh steni
the real winner of the race is Bottas..... took down one Ferrari and held up the other....
Ben Mcghie
That's way more efficient than watching the whole race. Get all 8 overtakes in 5 minutes! I'll keep watching the full length MotoGP though. Now that's a race series!
Kevin Foster
How did Hamilton make 30 odd laps with the soft
Metumo ForLife
I can't stand Ferrari but that kid made my heart melt 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 that's so 11 year old me whenever Lewis had a puncture! Then again I'm so happy Lewis won!!!! Can't wait for Sunday
Toto is a monster. #Tablelivesmatter
paultje 1900
driver of the day "Max Verstappen"
Rick te Kronnie
Lets be honest here, if Bernie was still running the show, this kid wouldn't have had the day of is life. Go Liberty!
Wait? Alonso finshed a race in a McLaren?