Teach Freestyle in a fun way with 5yo Kids - SWIM to Fly ®

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Marina Van Woerkom
Excellent swim lesson. Like this video.
L'il gamer
Maguette DIOUF
Good I like this vidéo but i speak french
Shuhela Begum
So cool!
Sevara Kayumova
I go swimming and I now all of those things
wwe champion and reverser wwe champion and reverser
by seeing this I also learned perfect swimming
Sanjith Srinivasan
Cool guy
Samridhi Hoskote
Lina is very fast
Sevara Kayumova
I m 12
L'il gamer
why do you not make a video on how to do swimming
Alicia Garcia
Wynn Wynn
Swimming Swim pool swim
Leen Abdelnasser
2:30 You shoud cut this clip
RyRy Is The Best
Why were you touching them on their bottoms
Gerry McCarthy
Very good lesson ,this teacher knows how to keep Childrens attention ,swimming lessons for kids in the uk are no way near as good as this guys.