Place: Intermodellbau Dortmund Team: DMFV Enjoy this wonderful scale rc helicopter with a lot of details. 2. Place at German TV-Battle "Die Modellbauer". Pilot: Robin Adamschak Helicopter: Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinnok by Mario-Helicopter Thank you for Sub´s, comments and inter actives! Enjoy the Video and don't miss the upcoming Videos!!!

Zoes Dada
I love this kind of RC flying. Realism is everything. Not that spastic flying back and forth that stunt chopers do.
Louie M
Also the janitors did a great job dusting the exhibition floor!
Thommo Thomason
Fantastic model Man! I was in the US ARMY and worked on D models. I Love those Chinooks and yours is a total beauty!
frank jones
The detail is AMAZING. It could easily be used in movie making
Azad 4765 Ahmed
Oops!!! That's high enough. I am convinced. This boy worked hard.
Instead of looking for stuff to complain about,how about just appreciating the hard work and beauty of this beast!!!
Brian Cullum
Very well done. Model detail fantastic along with flight control.
Awesome work! I worked on C and D models in Germany in the US Army. one of the first groups to get certified for the D models. Those birds were something else.
Sucks to be after that performance/helicopter Just look at the puny helicopter that came after..
Just build it how You want it, you enjoy it, screw everybody else!
Bill Seidel
Beautifully done, thank you for sharing your incredible work.
Delta X
2:57 This is why I came for and I think you too.
Verano Dulce
video is very beautiful, well done guys👍🛰️✨🌍
John Cortex
Congrats on such a magnificent build and flight demo. Absolutely superb in all areas.
ubbe R
Beautiful helicopter 🚁🚁🚁 👍👍👍⬅. Thanks for sharing. ✋
Chris Oly
Brings memories from Afg, great machines
With those blue internal lights was expecting a load of Cindy doll lap dancers to appear from inside😂😂😂
sounds good too just dim the engine exhaust light a bit, looks a bit to bright
Aussie Sport Pilot TV
I'd love to know if they are scratch built mechanics or a kit? Absolutely beautiful work either way.
John ekundayo
Please, I'd like to meet you in person. i
milton deering
That was really neat, you could control it extremely well.
satan hell
superb model. whats it running inside 600 or 700 class bits?
D.r R rr
This is amazing well done!!
Yup ...magnificient model...great control and skill
Excellent scale flying, scale flying looks easy but it's VERY difficult to do so well.
Koh Wei Jian
Reminded me of deadly RC helicopters in GTA
Christian Scott
Awesome vid! Did you use a gimbal?
Covert Operations
Get to the safe zone ,ASAP !
Peter WOOD
My Saracen belonged to the Gurkha's in Hong Kong. 👍
Jerry Hubbard
I used to be an RC pilot but not of this scale. I can't imagine the money spent making this machine fly. Cool for sure.
Jeff Jankiewicz
That is sooooo damn cool. Detail is amazing! Pilot has awesome control. One word.....OUTFREAKINSTANDING!
Mr Msl
I Live not far from a Chinook base & see theme in operation on a daily basis, your replica is absolutely spot on very well done to you .-)
Very nice! Sounds good looks good. Great job!
Really nice job thanks for posting
Love the tail! I've always loved bright and vibrant color tails set against military green or grey. Great contrasts.
hands down the best sounding RC model ever
Bob P
Yep this is as good as you'll see with excellent piloting skills as well. Thanx for sharing. 👍👍
Jstgfg.4876 Gfdhhh.876
That's bad-ass, love the lights and paint work
ryan olson
I'm still wondering why inside? I mean even if it's winter it will add to the reslism. The lipos work fine in the cold.
Strat Cat
Man that's beautiful.. the ass end needs to be dirtier however.. especially near the engines :) Trust me on this one.
Sotiris Miaris
perfect great model
Timothy Burns
The CH-47.... loved that bird
King ViewFinder
beautiful RC Choppers. keep posting...
These machines are terrifying. Wouldn't catch me anywhere near that limb remover. lol
Amazing, this thing must be hard to fly.
Alan Johnson
Absolutely gorgeous, incredible workmanship.
Juho K
why this is considered 'super big'? beautiful craft though. subjective i'm an old school guy and an rc should deliver smoke & rumble :)
Bond 007
Amazing looking beautiful
Josh Escobar
what camera did you use to record this video?
White Man from Town
Pretty amazing, great job.
Bubba J - "He's makin a left turn!"
Samuel Mwangi
This helicopter is awesome and unique in its own way. The guy flying it is a genius.
Mike J F
Frickin awesome !
Pretty cool, also I loved the bright lights on it
Antonio Pereira
Bom piloto parabéns valeu
Pralka TV
Beautyful one. Im impressed!
Jonnes GamesPlayer
É do Brasil.
D.r R rr
This is by far the best model chinook I have ever seen
Paul S
very good. thank you for sharing this.
Yes great video , I seen similar with the gaycoptor Bell uh1 Huey , so this is the bi version I take it
As always I am impressed by the Germans and their passion for the hobby
Victor Samel
Wonderful. Incredibly controlled. Which motors did you deploy?
Its motion.. so realistic. 😱
I am time traveler
you can cithere after going in army
Where we droppin bois
Limitless Trading
Incredible piece of kit 👍
Amanda Watson
Not sold on the exhaust lights, but the rest of it is pretty damn cool.
Super Lazy
Quality build this is brilliant
udai kumarr
It will be fun if we fly these mini choppers in Pakistani sky 😂😂
Thomas Becker
That was awesome!
da azian boi
wow..great detail ... it would be great to see it fly out doors!
Sony Sony
เก่งมากครับ​ อยากได้​สักลำ
Frank From Upstate NY
Magnificent hobby. Dilly Dilly!
Makwana Neel
how to purchase???
Bush Ape
Nice sht hook!! Great flying.
Calvin Chan
100% real helicopter
Chris Mccleod
In awe of this Heli.. Great to see it in the air too
Robert Sramek
Certainly better than the old Testors models!!! ( how many remember those?) Absolutely fantastic in execution - many, many hours of work. Keep the shiny side up.....
Vasage X
Chinooks are actually fast as hell a lot of people don’t think they can move but those damn things can haul ass
La Schirlle
La Schirlle vais aussi vous proposedes manifestation dans son pays Pour plus d'information sur (Facebook La Schirlle)
Zac Holten
Even has APU sounds 😂 9/10, could be 10/10 if the ramp tongue pulled in
Two Dark Ravens
Bad ass my favorite flying Cadillac ever in the Army !! That’s way cool Brother and you really good as a joystick pilot too !!
Imagine flying it and then accidentally going to high and hitting the ceiling.
Hong Kong Phooey
I really enjoyed that Sir👍🏻
Beautiful or Sexy. Can't decide.
Love the bow at the end!
Michael Bryant
how do that man grow to be so big?
Jan de Jong
Absolute 100% control of the CHINOOK! PERFECT! Greetings from the Netherlands.
David M
Totally amazing craft and operator skills.
Robert Joseph
Very beautiful aircraft
Иван Иванович
Был бы у меня такой вертолёт, я бы может тогда и не женился бы
Der Otto
Great Hobby. Guess who never gets laid...
LuLa 6669 RRkks
This Bicopter is awesome!! It moves/flies like the real thing. I would like to see a RC model of Marine One.
Tor Bruheim
Very well done. Congratulations.
The Impaler
What the hell is a "Helibicopter"? I'm thinking it's one that swings both ways.
Smash Marxism
This is what it looks like when all the boxes are checked. Great build, great capabilities, great flying. Done and over.