Place: Intermodellbau Dortmund Team: DMFV Enjoy this wonderful scale rc helicopter with a lot of details. 2. Place at German TV-Battle "Die Modellbauer". Pilot: Robin Adamschak Helicopter: Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinnok by Mario-Helicopter Thank you for Sub´s, comments and inter actives! Enjoy the Video and don't miss the upcoming Videos!!!

IBRA Ibragimov
0:55 зачем думаю он на лопасти залез)))
Super Trucker
It would’ve been so so cool if he had a rd Rc military buggy jump out the back while the chopper was tilted up with back hatch down!
Tom Tom
not just a awesome helicopter, he is an extremely good pilot too!
Mark Turnbull
Looks great sounds the part and flew it like a champ .
Mohamed Kaafarani
Good enough for the nazi germans to play with the miniature toys,
Chris Baker
Loved watching it. Great flying skill. I need this beast. From where to get it?
Iurii Zagariia
Класссссссс!!!!!Суппппперррр!!!!Красота!Молодцы что делают модели-очень и очень приятно смотреть!
Delta X
2:57 This is why I came for and I think you too.
Maninho Miniaturas 2
Modelismo é tudo de bom! Like 👍
Daniel Cardeal
A melhor pipa que já vi,kkkkkk👍
Maurice van den Driessche
Just take the afterburner mimic from the engines and it is perfect
Padma Naban
எங்கள் இந்திய ராணுவத்தின் மிக பெரிய பலமே இதுதான்.
Rob Marrin
Where's president Trump for the press conference 👍🤣❤️
Rob Marrin
I just think get some straps don't lift it with the rotors,,, but it's fantastic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍
Jstgfg.4876 Gfdhhh.876
That's bad-ass, love the lights and paint work
Mr Msl
I Live not far from a Chinook base & see theme in operation on a daily basis, your replica is absolutely spot on very well done to you .-)
ryan olson
I'm still wondering why inside? I mean even if it's winter it will add to the reslism. The lipos work fine in the cold.
Roger Goodwin
CH47B can make water landing, float on water. It can auto rotation land with engines shut down. Sling load 14000 LB.,, carry troops, internal cargo. You name it. 110 knots top speed.
The original can also be controlled by RC then.
B Austin
That's awesome, the blades even give off the unique wooka wooka sound
Evans Bett
Wow! Impressive! Won't mind this being a toy, at 40 😂 😂
Just build it how You want it, you enjoy it, screw everybody else!
Keith Clunk
Excellent model and flown like an absolute pro. Extremely impressive flying skills, total control. Great stuff!
ZAKIR hossain
বাংলাদেশের কিছু খানকির পোলাগো বলচি এই বিডিও টা দেখ খানকির পোলারা তোদের মতো তারা ঘরে বইশা ছবি লাগাইয়া বিডিও পোশট করে যেইটা শততী তা পোশট করে আর তোরা ঘরে বইশা কুততার মুখ দিয়া বলো এইটা করছে ঐটা করছে ঐশব খানকির পোলাগো বলি ভালো হইয়া যা বিডিও দেইখা
Victor Samel
Wonderful. Incredibly controlled. Which motors did you deploy?
lothar eckstein
Tolles Modell -Klasse Flug - Gutes Video !!...
Koh Wei Jian
Reminded me of deadly RC helicopters in GTA
Timothy Burns
The CH-47.... loved that bird
Instead of looking for stuff to complain about,how about just appreciating the hard work and beauty of this beast!!!
Yes great video , I seen similar with the gaycoptor Bell uh1 Huey , so this is the bi version I take it
Sujan Rai
There is logo of Gurkhas Khukuri in this RC😍😍
da azian boi
wow..great detail ... it would be great to see it fly out doors!
Beautiful ... just somes it up really. Thanks for posting man love it 👌😃
Pakiza Rawal
In iconoclastic GC scratching zucchini CH Univision quads clarify DJ tuch DJ tuch GB
Pretty cool, also I loved the bright lights on it
wow, that's an impressive RC, it fly perfectly, it had probably needed a lot of work, passion and.... money ;) i'm just curious to know the total weight, and the time it can fly
Yup ...magnificient model...great control and skill
Chris Piper
That looks like something out of the movie Team America
Krazee Camera
Love the Khukuri logo!! 🤘🤘🤘 Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gurkhali!!!
As a father I'd say it looks a bit dangerous to me especially with kids around
Louie M
Also the janitors did a great job dusting the exhibition floor!
ubbe R
Beautiful helicopter 🚁🚁🚁 👍👍👍⬅. Thanks for sharing. ✋
I'd like to see this fly over dry leaves. I wonder how much air it's moving.
Ramdani 53
Hi i'm From Indonesian 🇮🇩♥️♥️
Alan Johnson
Absolutely gorgeous, incredible workmanship.
That's awesome! How cool wouldn't it be to fly with FPV?
Ein wirklich geniales Modell. Gefällt mir sehr sehr gut. Hätte ich anfangs gar nicht gedacht, daß das Teil auch so gut fliegen kann. Nur schade daß der Nuschelhannes im Hintergrund die ganze Zeit ins Mikrofon stammelt während der Flugvorführung. Danke daß keine Musik hinzugefügt wurde.
Denis Loiko
Офигеть ну и вертолёт а чё у нас их не продают Наверно будит стоить 50 тыс
sounds good too just dim the engine exhaust light a bit, looks a bit to bright
LuLa 6669 RRkks
This Bicopter is awesome!! It moves/flies like the real thing. I would like to see a RC model of Marine One.
This is awesome. I always day dreamed about having an RC Chinook, it could fly in, land (or hover) and have a car drive out the back etc. So cool to see this :) It's very well made, at 1:03 you can see him move the rear rotor and the front one moves as well, to ensure they don't hit while spinning - pretty fundamental stuff i know, but it still adds complexity to the build. 10/10
Stacy P
Beautiful helicopter. Extremely nice build.
Aamir Siddiqui
I know this is expensive but Any idea about price,,,,,??
Raymond J
GREAT LOOKING CHOPPER sweet flying to !
La Schirlle
La Schirlle vais aussi vous proposedes manifestation dans son pays Pour plus d'information sur (Facebook La Schirlle)
Markotik G
Awesome build..... these are probably the most unforgiving RC models to fly. Even the build is a challenge with so much testing to get the balance right. I’ve flown helicopters since I was a kid and have almost 15 years experience, however - I can safely say that these a right bitch to fly !! Looks amazing 👍👍👍
That’s a spectacular model, and some amazing flying! Excellent.
milton deering
That was really neat, you could control it extremely well.
Rajendra Goyal
Inhe kharidna kese or kitne ka aayega
no nets ? Ai, must be russia or something. Edit * There are i'm just old and blind :(
Love the tail! I've always loved bright and vibrant color tails set against military green or grey. Great contrasts.
Cole Little
anyone see the huge A-10 in the back at 4:06
With those blue internal lights was expecting a load of Cindy doll lap dancers to appear from inside😂😂😂
Rod Mcdonough
Excellent! Loved how it stood on its hinds like a dog, and then took a bow!
No Short-Eyes on the Yard
This is what it looks like when all the boxes are checked. Great build, great capabilities, great flying. Done and over.
Laptop Dell Inspiron N4010
How much is it? Approximately 1000 or 2000 usd? I wish i will have 1 Chinook to fly everywhere
Absolutely amazing 👏👏👏
David M
Totally amazing craft and operator skills.
Ek Ghost
Nice cool and stable flight
ower anima
awesome :D very nice Chinook ..great work..respect guys
António Pereira
Amazing video I love helicopters
Pralka TV
Beautyful one. Im impressed!
Very Nice. I would love to see a real RC with real engines.
Tvar qwerty
Обожаю вертолет Чинук, самый шикарный
Jairo Vazquez
What an amazing Job I really appreciate your work and talent
Franky goes to Hobbywood
Ein echter Hingucker, der Heli..!
C_dubbz _
0:40 thats the same face my frog makes when I feed him
Kevin Jenkins
That was seriously impressive, what a great looking model & really nice maneuvering too, Its the attention to detail that makes it for me, at 55 secs I thought he was doing a Dynamo/David Blane hovering above the Rotor lol & who cares if the lights were a little bright, I don't ! that was an awesome display well done that man.
Johnston Steiner
At any moment i was expecting it to transform and say all kinds of transformer stuff lol
Now you're giving Amazon ideas to deliver your package.
Alexandre Silwa
Nada a ver essa NAVE com uma pintura de um pangaré branco, quando abre o compartimento, ficou parecido com um sapo abrindo a boca, francamente... [email protected] usasse a fase de uma águia, aí sim seria O BICHO !!!
Gabriel Alonso
...amazing !!! and the ability to fly it ...
DAN sniper
This is by far the best model chinook I have ever seen
Krishnendu Samanta
those Flashing Lights i personali like very much about this copter it feels original
Victor Greystoke II
These machines are terrifying. Wouldn't catch me anywhere near that limb remover. lol
Sea Skimmer
Damn that chopper was tricked out! amazing.
Joe Smith
I was so waiting for the toy army guys to parachute out the back when it lowered the rear ramp in flight.
Jerry Hubbard
I used to be an RC pilot but not of this scale. I can't imagine the money spent making this machine fly. Cool for sure.
charles c
I really dig these vids of these different R C's. How much would a helicopter like that cost ?
Martyn H
What a fantastic, well-detailed and expertly flown piece of machinery!!
My cats ywants to be military army after watching this..
Azad 4765 Ahmed
Oops!!! That's high enough. I am convinced. This boy worked hard.
frank jones
The detail is AMAZING. It could easily be used in movie making
I am time traveler
you can cithere after going in army
Amazing, this thing must be hard to fly.
José antonio Mantilla rincon
Super bacanisino!!! Algún latino viendo esta belleza de helicoptero 🚁
As always I am impressed by the Germans and their passion for the hobby
Made-by-communist of China or by vietcong?