2006 World Cup Final Italy vs France Full Match Highlight

Azmera Fikadu
Where is this geniune performance of Italy. Come on Italy I missed the old days of your perfect match with big teams like France, Germany, Spain, Uruguay, Belgjium, Brazil, Portugal and Aregentina.I will wait you for the next world cup in 2022.
Bala krishna Nannapaneni
France won world cup 2018.
Marie Levi
In 2018 twelve years after i stile watching this 😐😂
Loz Just Coz
France should of taken the L earlier
Claudia mariani
Grandiosi italiani this was the real Italy national team !!! Buffon aka BUFFOON ruined it for us this year will never forgive him
독일월드컵결승전(이탈리아VS프랑스)베를린 올림픽 스타디움
Eduardo Eo
GC Ymous
I am still relatively new to world football . I watched the whole match live in 2006 I am italian-american but was rooting for France . imho they should get rid of red card penalty kicks and penalty shootouts after the two overtimes . I mean its 90% the kicker will score . A national team works hard for years and it all ends win all or lose all in 5 or so minutes ?! a kicker misses a shot or the goalkeeper is very lucky . Why not just have 2 world cup champions . Or play a third overtime that is "sudden death" as is called in the US , first team to score wins in that last overtime . But maybe there may be real sudden deaths of players like heart attacks ?! And yes I did not like the fact that the great Zinedine Zidane scored France's only goal with a penalty kick early in the match . I still think France would have scored and maybe have won in regular or extra time if it wasn't for Henri's injury and Zidane being ejected for a non injurious head butt to the Italian' chest .
Claudia mariani
Grande Pirlo ❤️❤️❤️
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