Krampus - The Dance of Lies |2012|

Band: Krampus Album: Survival Of The Fittest ( CD- 2012 ) Genre: Modern Melodic / Folk / Death / Metal Country: Italy Year: 2012 Label : NoiseArt Records /> Order CD here: * /> * /> Websites: * />* />* />* />* />* /> Tracklist : 1. Arise (The Day of Reckoning) 2. Beast Within 3. Unspoken 4. Rebirth 5. Aftermath 6. The Bride 7. Redemption 8. The Dance of Lies 9. Kronos' Heritage 10. Shadows of Our Time 11. Tears of Stone Bonustrack : 12. The Season of Revenge This is for promotional purposes only. DISCLAIMER: All music and images belong to the their rightful owners. The credit is theirs alone. I do not own any of the music.Absolutely no copyright infringement intended.

Blackie Chan
@Alexander Robinson Furor Gallico is also a excellent italian band
Fenrir Yggdrasil
Zajebiste! \m/
Una meraviglia. Mi piace questa canzone moltissimo !
Cristian Gonzalez
gran cancion esta genial..... :)
Dacia Hiperboreana
Noaltris sino Furlans... and WE KICK ASSES!
Dacia Hiperboreana
Matthew Ford Studios
Ahaha ce la caviamo con il metal in italia, ma specialmente con il folk, ultimamente...
Alexander Robinson
Finally, a great italian band! I heard a song by chance the other day and now I love the friggin' band. Avanti cosi ragazzi, siete fortissimi!!!
Very nice!!!
Aim Woot
Holy Mother of Odin... :o (Y)