Blackmore's Night:All Because Of You

blackmores night music vid

Rabid Guinea Pig
I love listening to music that nobody has heard of. and well this band just proves it. amazing song amazing band. cant say much more there epic. thumbs up if you agree!
Carole Geier
One of the firsts you played for me. Miss all of it.
Kiki Katz
Kleve Smith
We are doing the same in September!
Worker PB Goofy Stance
Great... This is beautiful song... very nice... I love this one :-)
Gabriel Fenili
This song makes me wanna have a girlfriend =)
@goldenaxeband Richie just got better with age! All because of her!!!
José Andrés Sanz
Not the type of solo you would expect from mr. Blackmore, but an awesome one.
This was a song I had playing at my wedding. I just love it.
every time i listen to this song a smile lights my face up
Yes, it stuck in my head too and I am loving it!
this is my favorite song by BN i cant get it out of my head most days 8D <3
Thank you!
This is my first kiss song. Such a pure time. I miss it.