Devon Larratt VS Denis Cyplenkov VENDETTA #50 ZLOTY TUR 2018 Biggest armfight in history Devon Larratt VA Denis Cyplenkov VENDETTA ARMFIGHT and Zloty Tur 2018 armwrestling championship Follow us on Facebook - /> ARMWRESTLING

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Am I the only one here seeing Denis as a gentle giant? He looks very humble and very friendly. No sign of vanity in his expression, no anger no foul mouth.. He is just a hunk of strength coated with heart of gold
LongDick BootyEater
Ok. Next lets see cyplenkov vs hydraulic press
Somewhere out there Thanos is sweating, hopping Denis doesn't find him.
Samuel Jump
Cyplenkov doesnt do pushups, he does earth downs.
Dr Gonzo & Raul Duke
The respect in the end!
CM Derp
Denis has a bear rug in his kitchen.....and it's still alive! It's too scared to move.
He clearly let Devon win the last round. What a sportsman 👍👍
Holy shit. Ive never seen anyone toy Devon Larratt like this. Dennis is a Monster.
Randal Wung
Jesus, I didn't think ANYBODY could do Devon like that. This is like Creed vs Drago. Larratt needs to go to Russia and start training in the snow and running up mountains.
Devon is very strong human, Denis is not human
Christian Perez
Did anyone notice how Devon had the Canadian flag in his pocket 4:48 and gave it to Denis? I never seen this before, it's almost like he knew he was gonna lose to a real life hulk
This ref is serieusly good, way better then that guy on WAL
Conjure Corpse
Devon: If you don’t pin me within 3 seconds, you’re basically screwed Denis: Hold my vodka
El Shaggy Blanco
If you have 5 dollars and Dennis has 5 dollars,Dennis has more money than you!
Gen Luna
That guy can play Hellboy. They don't even need prosthetics. They just paint him red.
3:05 Devon just cannot believe how strong Denis is
I don't like watching Devon loosing 😟
Denis is a good human. he just lost at the end because he didn't want to humiliate Devon.
Beep Beep
Denis cyplenkov is best.... He has no arrogance like others. God bless him
Vladimir Arctic
Денис красавчик. Даже решил отдать одну победу сопернику.
Anish Galaty
Dennis is playing with devon😂
Vincent Friggingmarcus
2:23 Jesus Christ look at Denis's forearm vein. It is thicker than my finger...
Shrivastav Ji
4:07 Devon's facial expressions shows how strong Dennis is
carl gerome amurao
Imagine if Denis join the slap contest
Prabhakar Singh
Devon acts like a girl in front of Dennis.
Ashil John
When Hollywood makes a movie on Larratt, eventually, I hope they don't portray his arch nemesis - Cyplenkov as a brute and evil Russian. Cyplenkov is a gentle giant! What an amazing human being.
David Simpson
This guy would beat the arm wrestling machine at the arcade!!!
Sports become all the more good when u have two competing men respect each other.
faceman FU
Бля, как же он красиво он дал ему выйграть себя. Не просто так отдал руку, а что бы противник выложился на полную. Респект Денису. Такого человека в спорте мало встретишь. Максимальное уважение. Он не забыл что ему такую же услугу оказали 9 лет назад. Тогда денис был на месте девона. Так же тужился но даже не мог с место сдвинуть руку оппонента.
Chokky Leurov
Dennis is like a video game cheat code lol💪
zehrilla shishu
Wth! I'm fan of devon. Now I'm fam of denis cyplenkov too💪💪 He is humble,,and anyone can tell ,he let devon win the last round✌️👌👍
Дён, не человек, он машина!
John Do
If you scroll at the very bottom you will find Michael todd
yaco faco
Nice to see someone with class winning rather than Devon "Look at me" Larratt or Todd "Under the Table"
Nash Redison
Denis let Devon win in the last round that what we call RESPECT💪💪💪
Cyplenkov won fair and square. Much better than Michael under the table Todd
Ken D Santos
Like watching your dad getting beat up. So sad
Tom Gua
Omg how much power this dude got... Just look at his face,for him it's like a long friendly handshake...
Alonso RT
Que bien me cae Denis, tiene mucha sencillez y sobriedad para competir, se ve que es un caballero. Respeta mucho a su contrinctante. Es mas que obvio que en el ultimo match lo dejo ganar para no dejarlo en cero al figuretti disforzado de Larrat.
Ionut Nebiliac
It was a beautiful match !!! I like attitude of Denis...simple...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Denis can swim through land
Алексей Бояркин
Девон классный тип уважение к нему! Денис без слов!
Dusty Scrolls
Denis looks so chill, like he could be eating noodles with chopsticks with the other hand.
richard bello
Devon Larrett met his match Dennis is at a whole new level
Nicky Cruz
I seriously think denis could wrestle a bear and i wouldn't doubt if he already had. 😂😂😂
Abam Long
If they combine together..they will be gogeta super saiyan ultra instinct
after the match devon said that he saw videos of denis pulling way over 80 kg and that he himself loses shape even before 60kg... in fact, it's very admirable that devon even dared to have this match
El Rulitos
Supreme technique vs Pure power, A titans battle
Артем Харитонов
Как он только не старался, но Цыпленков чемп
Devon lose because the God of arm wrestling didn't like his hair
Ahmed Ayub
The only fight Devon wasn't prepared for
Does anyone else tense up involuntarily while watching these videos?
di vk
That was very classy of Devon👍🏼
gas taber
Next match: Cyplenkov vs Hydraulic PRESS
Frank Ly
Denis did not even stop smiling through the entire contest. He was happiest when he let his competitor win the last round out of courtesy and proved his own gentle nature. A true champion and a fine human being.
Attila Camdeviren
Larratt is a true machine but Cyplenkov is just not from this world ...
Can we just appreciate what a glorious HAIRCUT Devon had? it's so cool
The Irish Hammer
Dude in the yellow is so juiced up he’ll have problems soon
Nikolay Ivanov
Devon "That's my limit" Larratt! :D
Tamim Khan
Is it bird? Is it man '? No its freakin Hulk 😂
Steven Amollo
Never have I seen 👀 larratt struggle this hard at a arm wrestling fight 😨. Dennis is simply out of reach 👏💪.
calvin mathews
Devon "This is my limit" Larratt
Body Dropping FN
How tf this mah fuckah so big?
Himawan Prakoso
I see THANOS playing around with larrat.
Jaclyn Lopez
Dennis was so relaxed in destroying larrat which was fkn quite amazing.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Legends say Denis was actually able to make Shaggy use 5% of his true power while only using his pinky to armwrestle.
If Dennis had been on the Titanic he would have pushed the iceberg out of the way.
Công Nguyễn Tiến
Devon "This is my limit" Larratt There are 5 levels of difficulty: 1. Easy 2. Medium 3. Hard 4. God mode 5.Denis cyplenkov
Taylor Allison
It's hard to see Devon lose, this match should of happened 6-7 years ago when Devon was in his prime. I think we would of seen a good fight! Love ya Devon! You're still one of the greats in my book!
first time I saw devon screaming.
adji TM
Finally Denis beat Devon larrantt , i like Denis because he so humble and cool
Ifk 1899
That haircut should be illegal.
Michael Torres
mf has wreck it ralph sized hands!
Mick Donnell
Man.....was that even a match??? Looks like he LET Devon win to save grace.
Matt O'Reilly
Incredible that somebody can dominate Devon like this
Alice Cullotto
The respect at the end was incredible
Ekansh Jadon
Devon looks skinny in front of him :/
JLP Lightning
Regardless that Denis isnt natural. This was the passing of the torch. Now hopefully Denis travels around to American events and embarrasses Michael under the table Todd. Love and loved watching Devon but hes getting old 43-44 years old. Denis is in his prime. I'll be a big supporter of Denis if he gets around more to WAL matches.
Дмитрий Outpost
I love the atmosphere of friendship mostly.
Little bit of everything
Devon gave him a shirt at the end, that was so nice of him!
4:07 Devon: *uses all his strength* Denis: .....
Adis Hadzo
Maybe Devon is not in his prime anymore but lets face it, even if he was he would have a hard time beating Denis. This guy is a beast on stage and seems to be a nice and humble guy. Deserves to be the champ.
Jonathan Wilson
If an asteroid was to hit the planet ill be hiding behind this big guy
Martin Lichanec
Cyplenkov is Best!
Mathias Hoppman
say what you want about Devon.He is such a humble guy in his heart and dont mind losses. He Pulls for the fun of it <3
Devon’s hair is glorious! 💇🏻‍♂️
nikola poyukov
I love devon but him trying to beat denis is like trying to lift a boulder with a toothpick.
simone pellegrini
A true gentleman... He beated Larrat and made it look like it was as simple as taking a shit 😂 and did it with great respect and education. A true man of the East. Zero bullshit, 100% victory ✌️
Toying with Larratt is not even human caliber.
DC moves some really heavy steel with his arms. Strength actually does matter. And there's some carry-over to arm wrestling.
Brodha Sattva
Hard to watch as a big Devon fan. But sometimes pure horsepower strength beats all the technique in the world Silver lining: Love Denis. Great guy. If anyone is going to beat Devon, Im happy it was Denis. Guy is pure class. (And stays above the table TODD)
james bronze
I thort he was gona snapp Larratts arm
joshua gracia
What if Yujiro hanma joins Arm Wrestling 😋💪
Jarek B
Larratt knows how to handle both a victory and a defeat. He is ebullient when he wins but celebrates victories with respect, and when he (rarely) loses, he takes it well, too. That what makes him a great sportsman.
Imagine he has matt mask’s intensity LOL
Monkey Style
Guess the hair didn't help.
Jck Dnls
Devon , business in the front, party in the back
Robert Suhrer
Devon totally respects Denis.
Now we want Denis vs Silverback gorilla