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Devon Larratt VS Denis Cyplenkov VENDETTA #50 ZLOTY TUR 2018 Biggest armfight in history Devon Larratt VA Denis Cyplenkov VENDETTA ARMFIGHT and Zloty Tur 2018 armwrestling championship Follow us on Facebook - /> Armwrestling isn't a sport. It's life. Global Armwrestling bringing you best armwrestling from world. Footage and short matches from European Armwrestling Championship and World Championship. Arm Wrestling 2018 ARMWRESTLING 2018

Global Armwrestling
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gas taber
Next match: Cyplenkov vs Hydraulic PRESS
Devon is very strong human, Denis is not human
Ekansh Jadon
Devon looks skinny in front of him :/
If Dennis had been on the Titanic he would have pushed the iceberg out of the way.
Дмитрий Семашко
There are 4 levels of difficulty: 1. Easy 2. Medium 3. Hard 4. Russian
Gen Luna
That guy can play Hellboy. They don't even need prosthetics. They just paint him red.
Samuel Jump
Cyplenkov doesnt do pushups, he does earth downs.
Was Denis born in the Chernobyl power plant? ⚛
Manish Bhasker
Forget the hand size and the biceps. This guy can recruit an INSANE amount of power from his back. He looks like a refrigerator for God's sake.
carl gerome amurao
Imagine if Denis join the slap contest
Matthew Carl
We should ask the lab and see if they can make another one. Denis vs Denis would be sick.
Somewhere out there Thanos is sweating, hopping Denis doesn't find him.
calvin mathews
Devon "This is my limit" Larratt
Randal Wung
Jesus, I didn't think ANYBODY could do Devon like that. This is like Creed vs Drago. Larratt needs to go to Russia and start training in the snow and running up mountains.
Am I the only one here seeing Denis as a gentle giant? He looks very humble and very friendly. No sign of vanity in his expression, no anger no foul mouth.. He is just a hunk of strength coated with heart of gold
Jerry Dalrymple
Very honorable of Denis to let Devon win that last round, a true comrade. 💪
Dr Gonzo & Raul Duke
The respect in the end!
Christian Perez
Did anyone notice how Devon had the Canadian flag in his pocket 4:48 and gave it to Denis? I never seen this before, it's almost like he knew he was gonna lose to a real life hulk
Autism Apocalypse
When a man makes Devon arms look small... damn..
Himawan Prakoso
I see THANOS playing around with larrat.
iamroy 108
Denis is a good human. he just lost at the end because he didn't want to humiliate Devon.
Jorge Barros
This IS armwrestking, two nice guys, even respect, sportivity, best round ever.
Слава Н
Приятно смотреть, когда спортсмены ведут себя как Люди с большой буквы относясь к своим соперникам с уважением, без оскорблений и всяких мерзко-подлых выходок. Браво!
Ali Çelik
Next match denis cyplecov vs hydraulic press
Smoochy Poochy
This was painful to watch
Denis is a special android created by Dr Gerro. Wouldn’t doubt he could blast energy waves from his hands.
Holy shit. Ive never seen anyone toy Devon Larratt like this. Dennis is a Monster.
Ifk 1899
That haircut should be illegal.
El Shaggy Blanco
If you have 5 dollars and Dennis has 5 dollars,Dennis has more money than you!
I don't like watching Devon loosing 😟
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Legends say Denis was actually able to make Shaggy use 5% of his true power while only using his pinky to armwrestle.
brent clarke
Why is this guy not green?
Devon’s hair is glorious! 💇🏻‍♂️
Santo Paok4
Hulk Vs Rambo
Humraz Malik
All respects for Dennis.....humble even in victory.
Adis Hadzo
Maybe Devon is not in his prime anymore but lets face it, even if he was he would have a hard time beating Denis. This guy is a beast on stage and seems to be a nice and humble guy. Deserves to be the champ.
Его пальцами дыру в Титанике заткнуть можно
Cyplenkov won fair and square. Much better than Michael under the table Todd
this guy can almost bench 700lb and his arm is huge af. he's like a arm wrestling machine
Gala Rae
Is that hair for real? I guess when you da man, you can rock a mullet...
John Do
If you scroll at the very bottom you will find Michael todd
after the match devon said that he saw videos of denis pulling way over 80 kg and that he himself loses shape even before 60kg... in fact, it's very admirable that devon even dared to have this match
Nick holiday
OMG I never seen larratt losing like that. Denis is a monster. Just compare a standard car to a monster truck...OMG. No smile this time for larratt lol.
Abam Long
If they combine together..they will be gogeta super saiyan ultra instinct
Denis has already lost size since being admitted to hospital, did too many orals to beat Devon lol.
Brodha Sattva
Hard to watch as a big Devon fan. But sometimes pure horsepower strength beats all the technique in the world Silver lining: Love Denis. Great guy. If anyone is going to beat Devon, Im happy it was Denis. Guy is pure class. (And stays above the table TODD)
Тимур Сергеев
Наконкюецто..... произошла эта встреча. Я очен рад за Дениса, просто слов нехватает. Денис показал что он может. Ато говарили мол он пропал, соревнованиях не участвует. Так держать Ден пусть знают наших.
UgLy_bOi Herrera
I thought devon is righthanded? Denis is right handed too? Or lefthanded?
Jose Ambris
Goku vs Broly
Nice. Steroid user against a natty. Seems fair...
Jaqen H'ghar
I used work on fishing boats in Alaska and the first time I helped a big drunk Russian off his boat and his baseball glove hand grabbed mine I thought to myself never piss this guy off🤣
Vincent Friggingmarcus
2:23 Jesus Christ look at Denis's forearm vein. It is thicker than my finger...
James Boccabello
Denis Cpylenkov is strength with technique and that’s everything.
Alex Sandros
next...saginashvili vs denis
Monkey Style
Guess the hair didn't help.
Jee Cee
New Nickname for dennis: *Humble Giant*
If Denis & a Silverback Goriila had a fist fight, I would not bet against Denis.
Tamim Khan
Is it bird? Is it man '? No its freakin Hulk 😂
Just A dude
Imagine he has matt mask’s intensity LOL
Lazzarini E.
Devon "This is my limit" Larratt
Some people don't get why Devon has fans this is a great example. He clearly appreciates the competition even when it's not going in his favor.
Denis kicked Devon's ass Every Match.....No Contest on who's the BEST. The last match, left arm, Denis graciously gave him a FREE ONE. Devon think it's time to R.
No match for the 'roids.
Daniel Hardman
Denis is the man. Sign of respect lettin him win one. That was awesome
Lol was that Devon's real hair or extensions?
Attila Camdeviren
Larratt is a true machine but Cyplenkov is just not from this world ...
Great sports!!
Josh Vinasco
Next time Devon better win!
Sisanurah Gaming
Cyplenkov is a humble man I like him
Jason Kilian
Letting devon win the last one was devon knows he can only win if he lets him win...its like a parent letting a kid win once...
Eddie L
H U L K vs Captain Canada
Prateek Samadhiya
D for Devon + D for Denis = D for Demons !!
avtandil aitsuradze
I'm sory larat :) it is caucasian power :)
Its like watching a pro taking on an amateur 🤦🏻‍♂️
Does anyone else tense up involuntarily while watching these videos?
Oiler Fan
What a gentleman Denis is. He let Devon save face by giving him the last pin. True class.
joshua gracia
What if Yujiro hanma joins Arm Wrestling 😋💪
hasan yürekli
Denis cyplenkov : "IM GOING TO F$%KING JUST SMASH YOU"
The respect was great
John Dough
Denis looks so humble and nice that I am not even mad Devon lost (i am devon fan). Even if Denis takes drugs ,it was a lot more fair then the Michael Todd fight...
Truth Reigns Forever
Denis “The Cyclops” Cyplenkov. Is he mythical? Or real? 🤔
Uno más.
Dennis foreva iloviu <3
Giannis Tsoukatos
Cyplenkov extremely explosive here!!! He usually lets the others hit him and he tries to counterattack.When he decides to go to full offense immediately, forger about it.
manel aleixo
Denis beast 💪💪💪
Denis was just born for that, looooooook at his huge hands.
J. Huff Humble
That shows you how strong John Brzenk is - he owned Dennis in his prime at a body weight of around 200 lbs 2008-9
Dan the Man
Devon clearly wasn’t in tip top shape. I want a rematch with Devon at full strength.
El Shaggy Blanco
Travis bagent this is what you have challenged! Say goodbye to those arms.
David Febles
Lefty dominance, pull right with devon and let's see.
Sun TexUs
Dennis is an absolute beast...”hands down”...!!!!! 💪🏻
jared johnson
Ikki Itsuki
Honor by Devon, respect and professional in giving value to a true adversary. Respect honor and integrity.
Raichu C-Y
Devon wasn't trying guys
I keep coming back and watching this. It's so weird to see Devon try so hard and be so out-gunned. Hearing him say afterwards he feels he needs to be about 20-30% stronger to be on a par with Denis, it's insane.
Denis looks like he hasn't fully evolved or like he's some Dr. Moreau gorilla cross breed.
Fuzzy Was
It's good to see this GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP!
Alpha M936
Even at Super Saiyan 3 Devon was no match for Denis...😂
Rick Manzuk
I think arm wrestling should have obvious steroid tests
chad jaeckel
Both are true champions. Devon in respectful defeat and Denis in humble victory. So good to see true sportsmanship on both sides of a world class match. The true opposite of the last Conor title match.