Elite PRO Bikini Fitness World Championship 2018

📌 Historical images ... 👉 First Elite PRO bikini fitness Word championship 👉 🥇🏆 Melina Keltaniemi (Finland) 👉 🥈 Yana Kuznetsova (Russia) 👉 🥉 Kristina Narbutaityté (Lithuania) 👉 4 Ksenia Romanova (Russia) 👉 5 Renata Nowak (Poland) 👉 6 Paula Mocior (Poland) 👉 7 Marina Mocanu (Czech Republic) 👉 8 Matilde Biagini (Italy) 👉 9 Olga Korchaka (Russia) 👉 10 Karina Gavrikova (Hungary) 👉 11 Jo Mingi (Korea) 👉 12 Malgorzata Flis (Poland)

chris miller
ed low
I find myself checking out their faces since they all have electrifying bods.
Tranny fest. All trannies at the top level.
T-shirt Tube
I like this a lot! but at certain points, they look so perfect, like actually barbie robots which is a bit frightening!!! Still I like it! The movements and poses are so unnatural, yet very attractive looking, but again robotically mesmerizing!
Richard Diss
5th place Renata Nowak is gorgeous
chris miller
Warmonger HM
Shelah Keil
Omg these girls are so perfect 👌
chris miller
never forget: 30/27
chris miller
26:32 YES!
Marizol Castillo Porto
No se merece yana esta mejor
Ralph Reinhardt
Number 29...................oh wow!!!👍👍
Lucius Bossio
Lucius Bossio
So unattractive it ain't even funny, how's a baby supposed to fit through those hips? These are teenage boys with tits. Not women. Gross.