Joe Bonamassa - "Burning Hell" - Tour De Force - The Borderline

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Joe Shawfield
Joe. I simply have no words for what joy this brings to my life. The variety of the musical incarnations you are sharing with us these days is amazing. From Nerdville to jam tracks, cruises to seemingly endless jam sessions, concerts, specials and otherwise, I am simply in awe of your effort to give as much as you do to us. How you seem to master your craft and your business while constantly bringing MORE variety and content than anyone can imagine is just cool as hell. We are getting it...Thanks, Your nerd friend, Joe Shawfield.
Kathleen Willems
Joe is a master! And he has a beautiful voice! Love him! Great song!
Saw him in Glasgow,Scotland last July on his salute to the British blues explosion,absolutely incredible 👍
You know something special's coming guitar-wise when Joe has almost completely abandoned consonants in his singing.
Spearhead Studios
there isn't much that Jo Bo puts out that I don't immediately love - specially these live jams captured are incredible!!!!
Say goodbye to that prototype one of guitar. Joe sold it. But it was tried for a while with interesting results.
2:00 shift down and step on it... no music i should listen to while driving :D great piece, thanks for sharing :)
Eddy Peynsaert
That's what we call music with "BALLS"
Lambert Saldi
Awesome Joe thank you and God Bless 👍🤙🇺🇸 The Vermonter
Vlad Prisacariu
You can find that guitar at Norm's Rare Guitars now if you are interested ;)
Joe B
Joe , I love it brother, your the man dude the absolute king of music my man, you could record an album of you taking a dump and I'd buy it
JB just had this guitar in a video w Norm not too long ago i believe...sounds great
Ed Davis
Hell yea Mick and the boys, always loved that song. And being from wc , funny as hell.
Claudia Garcia
Joe amazing, brilliant, perfect!!
Blue Vincent
Joe Bonamassa is a great guitar player
Bryan Prather
Freaking hot!!!! This bass player loving this one!
Bill Howard
STFU, don't miss a moment, get on your dancin shoes, praise the Lord, here comes Jo Bo... (shared to Facebook)
Elijah Tiner
Awesome as always. Thanks Joe. Also a fan of Michael Rhodes. I became a fan when he played with Brent Mason. Glad to see him with another great guitarist
Ian Anderson
I wish I was as bad a slide player as Joe 😉
Awesome! I'd love to see you in Argentina, I'm a big fan. :)
Laurent Mercier
i want to see you, plaing in France, A Great Contry !!!!!!
Dariusz Kłos
So much ZZ Top vibe in this song!
Great song! I like the way he is singing!
Now that is what you call a Power Trio!
Pyramide Musique
Obviously this guy knows Bill Gibbons...
Totally Hypnotic!!!! This song rocks!!!!!
jean louis perfendie
Ça c'est de la musique !!!!! Super joe , bravo 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
Antonio Perez Lupion
Impresionante es poco !! Maravilloso !!! Joe for President !!!
R.L Lynch
check out tom jones version its pretty frickin sweet too.
Mariela Boulan
Joe when you come to Argentina ?? We are waiting for you eagerly !!!!
Joe sounds great as usual, but the rhythm section is fantastic too!! Now thats one hell of a trio, know doubt about it!!
Alina S
Wonderful Joe!!❤
Marie Lyman
Awesomeness 😁 I could stare at you for hours guitar Man 😘
R.L Lynch
Open E for all you guitarist
prado gomez
He's making burning hell making love to his guitar.
Shelley Wallace
The Master... no one comes close.
Sharon Carroll
Different for you ? But I like it ? Love
agustin vaca
suena estupendo!!! un total maravilla.
I love Bonamassa`s playing ...I really do!!! One of the best player out there but hes voice ...Mmmh I dont know. Not extremely bad but not enough soul and kind of too 0815 for Blues ...maybe too white;) I wish there are just Instrumental Versions of hes Records or more stuff together with some great characteristic Blues/Blues-Rock singer. Its just my taste ...but I like this dude!
1USA Drone
kathy meyer
first song I ever heard of Joes, been a fan ever since !
Gary Reed
Rick, just because Joe is your Idol, CHRIST Jesus is my God and my hero, but this would be a perfect time for you to repent Good Friday what happened to the Lord 2000 years ago, and death burial Resurrection, if you can refute the resurrection of Christ continue to live in your Whimsical ways of calling people names because they're rebuking one of your idols
Anthony Park
i thought this guitar made its way to Normans???
As always cool
Daniel Schaeffer
I've got the original here, by John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat. It's really dark, creepy and angry. This is just kinda fun. Hooker wins. Moral? Don't go messin' with the Hook.
Blues Rain
Thales Paiva
Gary Boardwalk Norris
what guitar is that?
Time will tell
michael hammar
Göktuğ Duran
♪♫♥ ;)
Gary Reed
here's a message for one of your lovely little snowflake clients JOE, superjet 113 all you tell me and all the negative people that keeps coming to me because I made a simple comment about knowing Jesus is that Joe have some pretty interesting clients probably people that hate Donald Trump and wanted Hillary to get in and loved Obama the worst president in US history thank God that brother is gone but that's just the type of people that are following you Joe and so one day you sir mr. guitar player that's overrated will give an account to the one that created you and gave you those fingers and you will have to give an account that all the people that loves you so much and thought the world of you and thought that you were John Lee Hooker in the flesh of another color of another mother you will give an account that you didn't teach people to love their enemies and to harass people in their spam email box and by the way all you snowflakes that's exactly where you're ending up once in awhile I have very important business people that somehow end up there and I grazed by, but then I see people like mr. jet 113 that just have nothing but evil Wicked spew coming out of his mouth may all of Joe Bonamassa client customers following people that are in love with his playing turn to the one that gave us life turn to the one that created music do you realize the Earth is suspended on absolutely nothing??? but the word of Christ Jesus the son of God, the one who will serve, one day day and night we will serve our God and yes this is the weekend 2000 years ago that He would have been butchered for everyone of you people and then on the first day of the week which would be Sunday the Lord breaks every barrier in every religion on the planet because all religions are trying to work their way to get to God and earn some type of favor I think about it every religion out there especially the ones we're having problems with the people that want to kill you in the name of God thinking that they're doing a service to you which is a prophecy by the Lord Jesus in the first century that there will come a time when people will kill you and think that they're doing it in justice for God" there's coming a time when the lion will lie down with the lamb a little child would put his hands in the cobras nest nothing will happen there will be a river whose streams make glad the city of God" it's all coming folks and everybody that's a hater that wants to blast me because I made a true statement I didn't know it was a John Lee Hooker song doesn't matter when God gives his creation Fame and Fortune that should be a platform for us to bring people to Christ and you can do it in a secular society as well but when people walk away and idolized this man and think that he's a little god himself to the point where they want to harass and badger someone that brings the word of God and Truth I can tell brother that your offspring a bunch of haters probably the children of the tribulation that's coming on the face of the Earth quicker than quick do you guys know it has anybody out of your little fanciful world you live in of concerts partying and having fun does anybody know that we are very close inches away from World War 3??? some say that's the red horse in The Book of Revelation one of the seals has been open only God knows His timing of when the Lord will come back but how about that old spiritual song that Rod Stewart, sanged with iconic guitar player Jeff Beck people get ready there's a train a Comin you don't have to have a ticket you just need your FAITH folks the train is coming and we better either wake up or we will have the sobering irreversible effect of waking up in hell if we don't repent and look at the Times we're living in
Florian Späth
What tuning is he using?
Jurgen Baeteman
Though he sings about hell i always think he's gonna rise to heaven
Gary Reed
well first of all Joe that's creative that you have to go to the Bible to get your lyrics but let me tell you illogically where your song just completely wrong!!! you said in your lyrics that you don't know where you're going to go when you die the Gospel of John says that they wrote that gospel so that you may know that you have eternal life and the life that is in Christ Jesus all I have to tell you if my young brother on the guitar that I've been asking you for years to let me open up for you because we have two different styles we would complement each other I'm an investment banker bro I deal with IPOs and I don't really need Fame and Fortune from the music industry I just have fun because God gave me a gift just like God gave you a gift alright get that straight back to your lyrics you going to get on your knees and you going to talk to Deacon Jones I think you need to be talking to Christ Jesus bro because He's the one that died on the cross, was buried in on the third day Rose from the dead, thereby with confidence full Glory the son of GOD do a study and arduous study on the resurrection of Christ and you walk away a change person for life there's a movie coming about it should already be out it's all apart of that God is Not Dead series Lee Strobel this guy was an atheist this guy was an atheist a journalist he set out to prove there's no God there's no Resurrection well long story short he's a born again Christian alright bro so I know it sounds clever with your slide guitar and it sounds cool but there's going to be a lot of people screaming weeping and gnashing at their teeth because they songs like yours and with the platform God has giving you you're not sharing Christ with anybody but it goes on to say that you are narcissists because you won't share the stage with unsung heroes you have gone to SoundCloud you know I can play, all I can say my friend may the Lord be with you and I hope and pray one day you repent