Immersive Engineering: Getting Started Bit-by-Bit - The Basics! Minecraft 1.10.2/1.11.2

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Welcome to another modded Minecraft series showing you all about the mod Immersive Engineering (for Minecraft 1.10 but may also apply to other versions)! Vallen shows you the basics (and some of the changes) of getting into this Tesla era themed mod. This is the first of a three part getting started series showing you how to progress and the options you'll have, plus understanding how things function and some of their abilities. Get the mod here: /> You may also like some other Minecraft series: Witchery: />Roots: />Intangible: />Thaumcraft 4: />Thaumcraft 5: />Random Things: />Tinkers' Construct: />OpenBlocks: />Botania: /> Minecraft (1.10.2) mod Immersive Engineering (version 0.10-42) owned by BluSunrise and art by Damien Hazard. Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this video, COMMENT if you have a suggestion or just want to say something to us, SHARE with others you think may enjoy this, or SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more of the Mischief of Mice content! It all helps the channel and it's greatly appreciated! More Mischief of Mice: Patreon: />Discord chat invite: />YouTube: />Reddit forums: />Google+: />Facebook: />Twitter: /> Outro Song: "Alternate" from the YouTube Music Library

I appreciate this video in general, but way too much of it is taken up by going over crafting recipes. We don't need these, you can get them in game with NEI or via the book. Direwolf20's spotlights almost completely omit recipes but are still valuable videos. I just think that including recipes bogs the video down with too much unnecessary info and makes them longer than they need to be.
nikster days
Back at it again with the amazing voice!
Anna K
i felt nostalgic so i decided to get some mods and play this game again, im glad i found you! most other minecraft youtubers are so loud :/
Leonard Jackson
Hey, great concept. Much better than the rushed Mod spotlights others do. If I may, I'd like to suggest a mod to cover: Project Red: 2. There's so much there that people don't use, like the transportation system. Then because of that, there's not really any great tutorials covering the mod using real world examples. Hope it's something to consider anyways. Either way, you got yourself a new sub :)
Thomas Tardieux
what are the mod you use cause I install immersive engineer but I don't have the information bubbles you got :-(
I am glad u made a bit by bit on this because this Mod is awsome
Christopher Alvarez
Does somebody knows how can I use pipes to take the creosote from the oven to a tank or barrel without using buckets or putting it out manually?
Caden Sandusky
thanks this helped me decide if i was going to get it next time show some more things
fanfuckingtastic dude! Everything was super easy to follow and I appreciate how well laid out you had your setup before actually filming. I don't mind in mod spotlights when people are digging around in NEI/JEI or settings up things as they go along but it really shows how prepared you were that you had everything arranged beforehand.
I have question. What is mod what shows us how much RF we made, in left top corner?
Infernus Fenris
you should do an enderio and draconic evo series eveantually
Trickey Reynolds
how do i get a 1.11.2 ver ????????????????
You deserve way more subs man
What mod did you use to know coal coke burn time
The Red Gamer
How come you say Alu in Aluminum normally, but add a J to Alu in Aluminium?
Jonathan Hughes
It occurs to me now that the jump cushions would be handy for assembling a lightning rod without needing a mod that adds flight: just throw down some cushions around it so you don't go kersplat when you inevitably lose your footing.
Well, Americans pronounce Aluminium wrong anyway...
Matthew Titterington
Very good, unlike other mod showcases youtubers you are very calm and don’t sound like you just did a line of coke which I appreciate.
123gamer mlg
the furnace you built from coke bricks... how did you get it to give creasote? I have put in both buckets and coal blocks but all it does is change the grey fire icon to orange.
Faust Ordo
What did I get into with this one mod lol.
Ethan Johansen
Same as 1.12.2?
Man, those jump cushions would be glorious for Elytras.
21:19 So it's basically a Shulker Box - without the need to, well, complete the game.
How do you quickly click on an item to get the crafting recipes? You don't have to type the name into jei
Wassim Dandachi
pirsicola tortellini
My question for the modder " why does the copper ore not look anything like real copper?"
Just to give you an update - I'm playing FTB Infinity Lite for 1.10.2 and you can use glass bottles again in the Coke Oven.
Does anyone know if this compatible with things like Tinker's construct, Ancient Warfare, Forestry, and Botania?
Totally Not Max
very nice tutorial. Its really easy to understand and you have an actual outline, instead of going around randomly like other modshow cases. great job!
How do you get the different versions of treated planks/aluminium scaffolding? Hit it with the hammer?
Alvin Brinson
Nice, someone who actually knows how to explain things without getting off topic, like baiting or generally being annoying.
Happy Pineapple
hi vallen question. my server isn't working. well it is kinda I can join via my ip caus i port fowered but none of my frends can join ive tried evry thing help me plez thanks
Is this compatible with IC2 machines ?
Harvey Blundell
This video is awesome and really helps for most tech mod packs on curse. Keep up the good work!
Artimus Prime
Dory L.
Valen, exactly how do I put the buckets in? I've tried clicking on the blue slot, but the buckets won't go in (1.12.2 version, build 79).
PiNchu PaNda The Gamer
nice videos and tutorial.....
Top Dr.Pingu
thanks for the tutorial now i can start with immersive Engineering too ;)
Matt Jarrell
Always seem to have a crash when I try to use the book.. so your tutorials are the only reason I can use IE. For that I thank you.
Glad they've at least spelt aluminium correctly xD
Jesse Isbell
11:10: Lemme smash. You got me interested in some more mods. Thank you!
Its help me a lot
Darth Vadec
how do you get the mod pack?
Майнкрафт на отлично
Can I use something (not all) of your tutorial to make a complete tutorial in Russian?
Thankyou, this is so very helpful for us. Your calm voice alone got you another subscriber!
Naim Foul
What mod do i need to use to know the crafting recipe?
Nikita The Husky
Exactly how different are versions of the mod from 1.10 from 1.7.10
Mr Zorko
where can i download this mod for 1.10.2
hi vallen! just wondering, but how about me sending you bit by bit's for galacticraft?
Playing with this mod for the first time. All the forums posts and wiki pages have been overwhelming. Your video is informative, thorough - and you don't waste the viewers time with annoying antics that a lot of youtubers indulge in. Only halfway through the first video of this set I already knew so much more than I had stumbled upon in tinkering. I was going crazy trying to figure out reasonable creosote storage. I had no idea the barrels were a thing! I'll end my rambling here. Thank you for your guide. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
Great tutorial. I think this mod is awesome and i'm gonna dig it into all of his aspects. BTW that mod in upper left corner i think It's called "What i'm loooking at" but i want to know name of mod that show burning time. Can someone help?
great video, buy a damn pop filter
25:45 dog gammit ftw
Austin Wu
If your playing on sky factory just use alloy smelter it's much fsster
Paniel _HD
this mod really makes minecraft complex i love it and i started playing again cause of it
You said the toolbox was handy hand 🤚 Get it
Jaden Guillen
Alisson Quintanilha
This mod is really cool! If Mojang did anything useful they would have released scaffolding blocks to vanilla Minecraft already. Building in survival totally sucks.
Lightning Studio
Aww for me the mod crashed