Top 10 Nuclear Bomb Scenes in Movies

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Damn indiana jones was in a private match in nuketown
Zenno Dash_0810
You forgot about Spongebob atomic pie bomb
The Sovereign
How to survive these? Be the CAMERAMAN!!!
yeah, but the Godzilla one used actual footage of a nuclear test in the pacific.
Dan Epmyer
I have a nuclear bomb scene in my bathroom Sunday morning after a night of drinking and b dubs wings
Miles Varca
the fridge was made by NOKIA
Number nine Indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull More like fallout 4 kid in the fridge
Paul Knuff
The scene from Dr. Strangelove with Maj. Kong riding that bomb like a bronco never gets old.
Adam Darren
The Day After better than Threads?! No way! Threads makes TDA look like a trip to Pontins Holiday Park in Prestatyn in comparison. It's the grimmest and most accurate film about a nuclear attack on the population, not just the day after or the following weeks, but it continues the story decades into the nuclear winter and the breakdown of civilisation, education and civilisation. *A must-see.* Make sure you have ample supplies of cartoons to watch afterwards though to bring you back out of the bleak hole.
Martin kovski
1:54 poor dog :'( 1like= one hour more for dogs R.I.P.
Jayu L
Thank you for choosing Vault-Tec
My favourite is shock and awe in call of duty 4 modern warfare
Chango Chilemba
*Terminator 2* will always be the most disturbing... *Wolverine* would be #2 imo...
My favorite scene was Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)
Cute Krishna
*Fridge* the most powerful machine in the World. Even Nuke cant destroy it.
Remember guys, if the mushroom cloud is smaller than the size of your thumb, you're safe!
Dino din Ron
*Ahh that's hot!*
They should have at least added one of the animated bomb scenes like: Barefoot Gen When The Wind Blows
Split Screen Gaming League - SSGL's Games and Vlogs
I remember there being a nuclear detonation in The Peacemaker.
Jason Lambek
Nevada test site, not Nebraska. I'm sure it's been commented already but I'm not scrolling to find.
John Smith
Threads! Still the scariest film ever, thanks mostly to a brilliantly believable script. "Jesus Christ, they've done it..."
In a film:makes it out alive In real life: ded
Desidedo Mohabal Jr.
" Nuclear launch detected! " " Ghost detected. "
Mighty Penguin2324
The drones from Skyline nuking the mothership
Eww It's Him
the Indiana Jones neighborhood looked like fallout 4
Patrick Doyle
My favorite one is the dream scene from Watchman.
Threads is the undisputed gold medal champion of depressing films, I can't think of a single other film that even comes close to the misery of it.
Radolf Gaming
Wanna know how this nuke scenes where uploaded Bcuz of the camera man THEY ARE IMMUNED
AJ Zekanoski
The Iron Giant! “You stay, I go. No following.” *begin weeping*
This is the Man's World
Where's Kung-fu Panda skadoosh??
How about the end of Terminator 3 when skynet launches against all targets !
Randy R
Only way to win a nuclear war is to make damn sure that it never starts!!!
U forgot "Fat Man and Little Boy" (1989).
Booter Scooch
Threads follows the 15 years after and actually is a better representation of what a nuclear would be and is arguably better than the day after
The wolverine one made me go "this isn't how this works.. This isn't how any of this works"
Ronald Donnei Diana
My nuclear movie is:Dr.strangelove
Enjoin Good Forbid Evil
Nothing beats the 1991 apocalypse judgement day scene from the Terminator 2 film.
The Day After shows the aftermath as well... Umm... but so did Threads? The Day After was good, but it was like Disney compared to Threads
Comrade Dyatlov
Huh. My explosion is better. You're delusional comrades!
Poonam Gupta
You Forget to add Resident Evil 3 Nuclear bomb scene.....💀💀💀💣💣💣
Dr Great
Guys, you forgot the underwater nuclear explosion scene in AMERICAN ASSASSIN! I saw the entire movie bcoz of that one scene.
Gaming pro 5b-26
Just have the world leaders fist fight.
By Dawn's Early Light is a good one too.
Watching this video almost makes you wished for a Nuclear Winter. (If you get this reference.)
Wasn't the nuclear test site in 'Indiana Jones' based upon a real town test site in Nevada, not Nebraska?
tony boss302
Do you want to say a nuclear explosion check out Jeff stang fire P4 while
Hudson Ball
No Gypsy Danger going Nuclear? Disappointing. Though props for having Godzilla 2014 in this. Also this list needs to be updated as of 2019. Godzilla KotM where Godzilla himself goes boom 3 times should be here now.
Roberto Cruz II
you forgot. "HBO's "By Dawn's Early Light". Allot of actors.
My favorite quote comes from the man that helped invent these weapons. Albert Einstein "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." It scares the living daylights out of me to this day.
alfie comments
Almost heaven West Virginia Blue ridge mountains Shenandoah river Life is old there Older than the trees Younger than a mountain Blowing like a breeze Country roads Take me home To the place I belong West Virginia Mountain mama Take me home Country roads
Raven Lynx
Terminator II: Judgement Day had the best of all
Bill O'Connor
My brother and I are arguing which is the best... But Day After v. Threads is tough to pick.
Threads WAS FAR better than The Day After. Threads you see the aftermath of War, burning flesh etc it's really brutal and brilliantly done. The day after just used basic computer programs to flash them out in a red glow. No where near as affective.
Lone Wolf
I dont want to set the world on fire...
What the hell did Morgan Freeman say to Ben Affleck? lol
The honourable mentions were better than most in your top 10
Layton Parker
You should do a top list of video game bomb scenes(make fallout franchise number1!!!!!)
Tom Cousino
You forgot By Dawn's Early Light.
All gather your Nuka cola Stimpaks And RadAways.
Armani Appow
So we just gonna forget about Terminator: Rise of the Machines like that? Such disrespect 😭💯
Loren Lanpher
One that I think unfortunately nobody will appreciate as being one of the greats was Jericho.
XenoTronus PrimeZilla#21068
This video was the *bomb.* Disclaimer: If someone already made a comment saying that, I swear upon my life that I did not copy it.
Jacob I
I know this isnt a movie scene but fallout 4 nuke was amazing
The Nostromo auto destruct in 1979's "Alien" will always be my favorite.
Wax Juggler
yall forgot " SPECIAL BULLETIN" - seemed so real too!
If you go full "top 10 nuclear bomb scenes (Everywhere) you go straight for Aldnoah zero - episode 1
Whew, glad I got into this lead lined fridge. Now to just exit into this totally safe and non-irradiated environment.
Dark Angel
My favourite nuclear bomb movie is from 1945 named "Hiroshima" That movie is si realty believe me
SomeoneElze 17
Phew. Good thing thw camera man survived?
0:42 How isn't he blind after looking at a nuclear bomb explosion?
Alexander Meyer
The explosion of terminator 2 is the best of all
Biplove Guru
american assassin is the best bomb seen... And u miss it.. 😀😊😁😂😂😂 🙏🇮🇳
Martin Henderson
The Green Mile is still sadder than a nuclear armageddon 😢😂
Luis Bobadilla
MY most favorite nuclear bomb movie is "The Day After"
They forgot about the spongebob nuke
The Day After and Terminator 2, I feel are the most realistic. Let’s hope I never get the chance to confirm that.
Mark Williams
Like most cities in the north of England, a bomb or two would actually be a positive step
I SAY CRIER- wait, wrong fandom.
Threads was the greatest nuclear war movie ever made. One of the scariest scenes is when the bomb explodes right over Sheffield (where the film is set). We see the explosion and its effect with no sound whatsoever for about a minute and a half. Then a massive BOOM! and the sound of breaking glass. An incredible effect. And there is NO way in hell The Day After is better than that. Yeah, I'm biased - I LOATHED The Day After - but my respect for Threads is justified.
Tim G
The ones from Godzilla are actually real denotations.
the best nucke explosion was in resident evil 2 for sure
Jose GMD
Godzilla King of the Monsters
World of Hunter
Thank u 4 adding Godzilla 2014 to the honorable mentions
Lucy's life in the baby alive world
6:47-6:51, I'm really starting to regret having so much to drink😷
Joel Andersson
Iron Giant?
Logan Evans
Anyone remember Atomic Train with the nuke in Denver?
Ralph Hamilton
The Day After, was a waste of money. Liberal scare tactics when Reagan was elected
Marijan Kodelja
The besst movie nuclear eksplosion - "American Assassin" 2017
I don´t know if you have anime restrictions. But the Hadashi no Gen nuclear blast is the most graphic and educative scene involving nuclear weapons.
@1:40 Nevada Test Site, not Nebraska...
0:22 I wonder what happens if I press this button 🤔
Are you drunk? or high on weeds? You should've put Godzilla 2014 Nuke scene in No-1.
Abser Plays Plays
so, how do you want your explosions to be michael bay: YES!
Darth Vader
I've never seen a nuclear explosion that slow before, the shock wave itself moves at 300 miles an hour so three seconds later you're dead.
war. War never changes
bakul boro
I think wolverine would be number 1 and more realistic.
Barefoot Gen... That movie holds nothing back Nothing is more accurate
ED 209
Terminator 3 beats all of these.
"Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb".. nice reference.. nice :)