Kaitlyn Maher - 5yo - Daddy I Love You -- 12/31/09

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Kaitlyn Maher co-wrote this song ("Daddy I Love You") for her CD "You Were Meant to Be." This video is from Kaitlyn singing on New Year's Eve (12/31/09) at the SERocks.com concert at only 5 years old. For more information on Kaitlyn Maher, or her debut CD "You Were Meant to Be," please visit: *** www.KaitlynMaher.com *** Also, please feel free to also check out some of her other links, including: * Facebook: />* Twitter: www.twitter.com/KaitlynMaher * MySpace: www.myspace.com/KaitlynMaher

Zanib Rocks
She is my age but she looked really cute when she was a little girl. She is such a good girl in the song she said dear lord please bless daddy.
Tanya Sumner
gotta love the Internet .... just watched this little girl grow up from a 4 year old on a talent show... to a 5 yr old singing this ... There was a 6 yr old video... then her singing at her grandads funeral at 7... then an 8 and 9 year old video! By my calculations she should be 10 now... haven't seen a video for that yet BUT still looking hahaha! She is adorable... can't wait to hear her vocals as she gets older, I hope she's getting professional lessons :) ♡♡ From Australia xx
Sandra Castro
this little angel reminds me of my own little angles i have 6 very special grandaughters,they are diamonds among the stars!!!!.i also have 5 little kings!!!..i believe every child born is a gift from heaven,gods way of reminding us that life is precious,and we all have a purpose!!!!.god bless them!!!...and meaghan,burdick,the person who responded and said your dad is afraid,they are so right,sometimes grown-ups dont know how to handle situations so they run from them,i believe that someday your strength will teach him alot of new things!!!!..god bless you,and for the record 'I LOVE YOU'....grandma in N.Y.
I don't know why but the lyrics and the song makes me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I like this song and I like her singing voice God never change kaitlyn she good the way she is she's a very good kid 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shillpa S Chabria
Love you papa
Reza Ali
love you kaithlyn maher..i am muslim and i love your voice and make me cry...you are the cutest little angel in this world..God bless you
David Boone
My daughter tagged me on facebook with this for my birthday......I teared up
judith grantham
Kaitlyn ur such a little doll. I bought ur very 1st CD. I Luv it!!! & I can't wait to hear a new CD.
Gertrude Leung
She is beautiful. I lover her song!
Bailey Nolen
so cute
Im crying at hos much i love her and how awesome this song is
I'd love to see her daddy's reaction to her singing this song!
Brehanna Disbrow
did you make the santa paws movie you were the little girl qreen
Debie Lloyd
better have tissues ready . you go little one !!
McDowell Blessings
What am amazing young girl who is now a young lady. God is doing amazing things in your life. Keep living for Him!
Softie Joe
Wonderful with emotions, heart and feelings Much luck to Kaitlyn and her parents! Thanks for postings of Kaitlyn´s songs!
Reza Ali
love you kaithlyn maher..i am muslim and i love your voice and make me cry...you are the cutest little angel in this world..God bless you
Kevin Suzen
I have never seen like a best kid like her... the best true vocals
Kayley King
you are doing a lot of singing in the morning and the night you are not mean you are nice! you help us out! Aubrey looks for all your hard work songs!
Mary Debbarma
You are so cute and adorable with sweet voice! You have composed such a beautiful song! I love it. God bless you. Love from India.
dinkke Swag
jesus listen this music your heart :) and you are so good :) and this music is so sad but so good music :)
Tom Lynn Francon
During her teens, I hope she finds a nice boy (equally yolked) that she can be paired with. After all, Annette had Frankie.
Nuriati Lubis
Kaitlyn Maher. I LOVE YOU.
Arash Gilardi
adorable i watched every one of your videos i thought that u were just 4 last week but i saw your frozen video AMAZING!!!! i am 10 in october 11
Koreana Strickland
she is so cute and she has a amazing voice
mark dunshee
Wow this girl got talent 😃 Your so amazing Kaitlyn
thaddeus nobles
Valerie Knight
I love your songs I watched almost all of your videos
Lps Pawtastic Productions
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why are you so adorable
the people who disliked this video are zombies what do Zombies always say " NEED BRAINS" enough said. Her Parents have to be so proud of her.
Artemis YT
April Baird
rezha grandberry
itis verry good
👍aww so adorable
Ryenne Kelly
So cute and adorable
A.J. Cariaga
Siyanda Mkhwanazi
she sings very well, I love her
Sinead Sands
Kaitlyn because I love I so much I have a challenge for myself To watch all ur music vid
Sara Von.M
So beautiful. :-) <3 <3 <3
Madie Gellings
this girl is a little angel!! so beautiful!!!
A. Davis
This song seriously made me cry a bit, She's so sweet, and has such a beautiful voice.  I started tonight watching pentatonix videos, then somehow found myself watching (insert country)'s got talent, and for like the last half hour I've been watching videos of this little girl sing. It's beautiful.
Ell Juliet Smoll
so cute
I don`t know how you feel but I can hear it in your voice that you miss your dad. I`m sorry for your lost.Remember god loves you and he will take good care of your dad. <3
Juan Benitez
That's so nice of you
aldyn langiras
i super like this.. :-)
Elisa Rogers
I love that song
Veronica Owen
Mike Ivey
Naw Lydia
me too i love you daddy.
kalsoom saleem
this made me cry
Brehanna Disbrow
this made me cry
Kathy Smith
Love you
Nadia Korff
I love u Dad
Miranda Filmz
It made my mom cry and reminded me of my daddy too Kaitlyn
Gabriel Archer
Gorgeous , such a beautiful song. Keep up the singing. You got talent :)
Ella Morgan
Tyler L.
My heart just melted.
Marlin Ann Saysip
I miss my daddy
kyra smith
so cute. love her
She said she wrote it herself.  I doubt it.  She might have contributed toward the words but.. asides from that it was a beautiful song and beautifully rendered by this lovely child.
shu yen
she wrote this song???wow incredible child..and very cute.
elfen lied
Juan Silva
She is probly 1 or 2 yr older than me beautiful girl
Naomi Lynn Gilbert
i need to sing this to my dad
Debra J.M. Smith
Too sweet! :o)
Awww this makes me miss my dad, he passed away march 2014! :(
Savannah Milch
omg so cute
I Hope that she is my dauthter.
Bianca Rios
👸✨👍💏💑dad love 👗💖💕💓💍💎💌💘💞💋💗❤💜💙🎊🎉💝🎁🎄. Zayra. Lenda
Grace Rindfleisch
She is such a sweet little girl. And religious too!
Elvin Lim
No matter what the critics say, She is only 5 years old and co-writing this beautiful song is amazing. Able to sincerely deliver the song with true feeling from her heart to her daddy is most heartfelt. Beside being cute & adorablely beautiful, she is the world youngest talented singer & song writer. She has a bright future ahead.
Sammi Maietta
She is beautiful singing she beautiful hair you are beautiful girl
You were, and probably still are a good song writer. May God continue to Bless you.
Elizannias Sanntos
You'll be blessed
Julio Leyva
I find this interestin, Kaitlyn...but I am exactly 20 days younger than you! Believe it? I don't.
Nadia Korff
Anthony Moreno
she sure got the love of Jesus
Arianty Ly
love u so much ketlyn😚😚😚😚
peppa the pig
Her grandpa pass away
Gianna Patrignani
Ann Salman
what the heck
Dianah Hsnsham
blessings my dear child from God
Albertico Vasquez
Juan Gabriel
Albertico Vasquez
Juan Gabriel
KAITLYN MAHER! (I put her on as my profile picture lol) I love her!
Bethanie Belyea
she is so adorable, i remember when i was her age i used to wear all these cute girly clothes, now all i wear is still girly but not like when i was little... anyways this girl has a very very good talent just like me, i also wonder how old she is because she is really awesome at singing
airplane nerd
What is wrong with 129 people?
betty payne
Elizabeth G.
Naomi Richardson
she is so annoying and stupid
AllDisneyToys/Kelly Chow
Kailthy mather is just 1 year younger than me.
lynn mcdonnell
this has broken my heart, sad to people in a nice way but well done girl miss my kids after hearing this im shartered
lynn mcdonnell
honestly this has broken me so lovly i never seen my kids in a while as we broke up with partner and my children sang fix you by cold play like this girl it brought me to tears ,,why is the world got so much hurt in it ,,or why do we have a heart to get distroyed im just done,this was a nice song from this wee girl and her dad must be so proud of her as my daughter will be the same ...miss you all
brittanie sidebottom
That's so precious!! You can tell that her and her daddy have a special bond through the words and how she sings it!!
David Va'a
I didn't like you Kaitlin the reason was why should people like you they should love u Kaitlin good luck in the future you are not just good but you're amazing :)
rashonda Franklin
you have a wonderful voice and i love your song u made
Top Hittas 3
Angel Limato
The only thing I would change would be to boost her mike so she is not overpowered by the music. She has such a sweet voice. Great song and singing.