Nodame Cantabile- First night together& proposal

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i really love this couple, i hope there will be another season about them after married

Linn Edits
Nobody's gonna point out the fact that he was a huge jerk for sleeping with her, leaving her and only coming back to her when she became incredibly famous?
God I miss Nodame. But I don't think it's their first time having sex together. It's been heavily hinted before that they're sexually active as a couple
Destiny F*cker
Saber proposed to gilgamesh
Keisuke Akimi
haha, the manga is over, so, no more season :/
Rhea Mae Dajotoy
Nataya Riz
So they had sex or wat... Im airhead so please tell me
Supa Saiyajin Prydo
It should need another season tho.. Imiss this
Nour Latrach
On which episode is this?