[OBSELETE] [ENG] 1.11 Carrot/Potato farm - 36 stacks/hour - Fully automatic and AFK - "Modular"

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OPEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I MADE A BETTER VERSION OF THIS FARM THAT I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU BUILDING INSTEAD OF THIS, CHECK IT OUT: /> I made this farm really really quickly, because EDDxample ( inspired me with his awesome ideas. It gives you around 36-38 stacks of carrots or potatos per hour. With some tweaks, it would also work as a wheat farm; that would be more complex to build, too. World download: />You can consider the farm I show as one module and build tons of those to increase the production. That's why I say it's "modular". Correct me if I'm wrong. And if you really really really want a tutorial for this, I guess I'll make a wheat version and make a tutorial for both. ==================OTHER MEDIA================== Twitter: />Twitch:

Jendrik Weise
quite nice and decently efficent. is the plant rate limited or could you make this faster using a faster shifter? i guess the main bottleneck is the fact that you need the bonemeal, so i d always prefer a proper farm, but still nice for starting out or sth similar i guess
Awesome <3 Just keep all redstone visible so nobody struggles to understand or explain [in your case].