Folk Metal Bellydance ~ Krampus ~ {Kronos' Heritage}

MY MAIN CHANNEL (Solavlor) - /> I love to make not only just dance video but the piece of art and my imagination. I fall in love with original song's clip and decided to create dance video in the same style and atmosphere. This is fusion folk metal bellydance video of me improvising to the song "Kronos' Heritage" by italian folk metal band - Krampus. From the album - "Survival of the Fittest". Now you can watch in HD Idea, Performance, Video Direction, Redaction by ~ Draconette />Costume ~ /> Band ~ Krampus Song ~ "Kronos' Heritage" Album ~ "Survival of the Fittest" (2012) Label ~ NoiseArt Records For contact and more information you can find me here: Instagram: />Facebook: />Shop: />VK: />Personal FB:

Folk death metal with bellydancing. That's awesome!
Tainted Lord87
Finally a new video and it's totally flawless. Simply Amazing.
Petri Järvinen
Krampus is a great band and your dance is a part of the illustration and I mean the that it is a state of art!!!
Irish Wolf O'Brien
Hypnotic Beauty
Alessandra Silva
i love a music 😻😻😻
Tito Viera
<3 Yeahhh!!!! beautiful!!!
Absolutely fantastic and artistically inspiring.:) Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!