U2 - With or Without you - lyrics

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When someone says "I love you." Tell them "I love U2."
My daughter passed away three months ago. The last time we talked together she played The Joshua Tree by U2. Every time I listen to it it breaks my heart. I miss her so much.
E Diaz
Who is here listening in 2019👋
Tae Hee Kim
Who's here after watching Friends? 2018
Katie Sunder
99% comments: Friends 1% comments: The Faces of Scranton from The Office
subscribe to die instantly
99% comments: Ross and Rachel from Friends 1% comments: original comments
Jackson Ferreira
Who's here after watching Friends? The one where Ross and Rachael take a break. (2019)
Mix Channel
2019? ♥️
Mott theHoople
My dad loved this song he died a month ago...and I miss him greatly
''Uh, we've just gotten a call from Rachel, and she told us what Ross did. It's pretty appalling, and Ross, if you're listening, I don't wanna play your song anymore."
Life and Gaming
The Americans finale.... such a perfect finale.
Akali K/DA
So upset😞 its too hard when you love someone you shouldn't love him
Lightning Runner
I will never be able to hear this song again without thinking of the train scene in The Americans. Perfect use of this song in that perfect series finale.
You know when there's that one song that really gets to you, and you have no idea why? Well, this is that song for me...it's that feeling of heart ache, and I have no idea why, and it always nearly reduces me to tears. Anyone understand what I mean?
Nicolò Perini
So long Philip and Elizabeth :(
Dee Dee
Why am I crying over bunch of fictional characters...god!
This great song was the perfect choice to play in The Americans Series Finale.
April Michelle Rose
This song is perfection, I think we’ve all been in this situation before which makes many people relate to it! U2 is one of my favorite bands of all time! 🎼🎶💯❤️💜
Alyssa Savoia
Ross and Rachel.. anyone? <3
How many of you are willing to listen to this song during the 2020 and beyond? I can’t live without it!
Jonathan Elorde
Song is perfect to describe my life at the moment. Being in love with someone that is unavailable due to life circumstances and the fact she still not over her ex. She keeps me on a bed of nails and tries to give me what she can, but I want more. While she continues to give herself away to her ex. Sucky circumstances, but beautiful song.
Sexual Fruitfly
Whoever disliked this song is an utter ball bag
2018 anyone ?
Suzanna C.
I loved this song _long before_ "Friends"... it's my favorite U2 song.
I am experiencing a sense of loss with the end of The Americans 😢 I keep listening to this song and reliving the final scenes.
Cassandra Ramirez
My hands are tied My body is bruised. He got me with nothing to win. Nothing to loose
Zachary Henry
Can anybody explain what happened to the original video from U2vevo? Why they deleted that 300+ millions viewed video?
CharIie H
This song will always remind me of Ross and Rachel. :')
Kaelyn Bird
This song makes me feel so many things... I'm just so glad it exists.
"... I can live... with or without you!"
Jj Stewart
The god I believe in ain't short of cash mr!
haha haha
"The Americans" brought me back to this song.
One of the best songs ever made.
Interpretation could also be a Love/Hate relationship. Those suck.
Delane Krause
Always loved this song, Always will one of my first 'rock' albums. #nevernopain #strongerthenpain #animalangel
Sarah G. Andrade
Beautiful... Makes my heart feel warm and calm during the "with or without you!!!" ❤❤❤
Lukas Geisberger
Sturm der Liebe😂
thanos mixoulis
ross and rach
Japs Baguio
Curtis Lowe
This reminds me of that bologna sandwich that i never got to finish...life's too hard.
Knowledge Quest 기타
From 16 October 2008 to 16 October 2018, still sounds awesome!
October 2018?
Keith Barrett
not many people now that u2 was started by Larry Mullen Jr the drummer  and what a great band he started
Muhammad Adil Siddiqi
So unfortunate that kids of this generation would never know what true music is...music which shakes your soul
Ruvik Kaneki
I love you 3000.........
Calixto Leiva
with or without you song= perfection poem + beautiful riffs + amazing vocals + deeping feelins
helps me get through the middle of February effectively. dont judge me. lol 
lady love
Whose here after watching The Americans series finale? God this song gets me all the time
The Americans season finale brought me here....😭
Ewa GM
Still and still and still just lovely U2 forever🎧😍💪
Joshua Burgett
Yes I love you Sóley! What can I do...? Languish.... welcome to Joshua Tree... duh!............. Welcome to Tacoma! Hello? oxox!
This is one of the most beautiful songs in the history of music.
Marwan Alamro
Just a massive feelings.. Hearing this art..
Valentim Barbosa
Amo essa música ❤🇧🇷 curtindo em 2018 alguém mais??
Sabiha Rahman makfi
I love you arnob :) 26-12-2018 2:48 AM
Misty Celt
LOVE THIS. MISTYCELT singer song writer XXX
Kayla Eliza
my dad played this song on guitar, and my mum videoed it. Will miss my dad forever, stupid cancer RIP <3
Thank you The Americans... This tune will now be forever be ingrained in my brain. A few years down the line, i am sure this song will come on the radio and I will have a nostalgic flashback to May 30, 2018.
Marlene Sullivan
Christiano Giovanni Rinaldi
I Live in Joshua Tree California, & just a.few years ago sang this song with The Greatest FRIEND & WOMAN EVER- MY MOM! Funny how Life Turns So DAMN FAST, THROWING YOU TO THE FLOOR , Having A Thousand Joshua Trees Hitting You From Every Direction! It's All Over Now My Angel.....RIP! I'LL WAIT FOR YOU! LOVE YOUR BABY BOY!
Jonathan King
It still makes me happy to know that Justin Bieber, Nikki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and Iggy Izalea will never write anything within miles of how meaningful songs like these are.
death boy
Linkin park shadow of the day// Hollywood honor, brought me here. So good the song
Napoleon Bactong
love u, my queen josephine. ill alwayss. be ur king... hope uwi kana ..
Jacksons Inflatable Channel
when i hear the beggening tempo, i start to cry.
nayeem ahmed
here after watching friends and became my fav song love from dhaka,Bangladesh
Nuffs Enuff
My friend, Joe, loved U-2. Especially this tune. Lost him to a sudden onset of colon cancer 10 years ago. I tear up every time I hear this tune. We were two peas in a pod...Miss you brother...
Cha Dc
i love this song 😊😊😊😊 i remember when im 6 years old my dad always play this song.... i miss my dad 😭😭😭😭
Sugar Cat
*I miss my ex boyfriend tbh I need him when I say I dont 😭*
Mop & Bucket
Paige Jennings😩
I miss Chester Bennington 😭😭😭
Love being irish
Nick vr-
Ross and Rachel ❤
Praveen Kumar
This song has a whole new meaning in my life after I am married for 6 years...it resonates with my feelings so very much
Scorpio dreamz
Middle school vibes. I played this tape over and over until it broke lol.
John `
Absolutely a top ten song from the 80s. Love the innovative instrumentals, especially the ending. Vocals great too....perfect ROCK song!!!
Kathryn Wilcox
LacyJayeCakes Morek
Y’all think of you’re lovers I think of my Mother we used to sing this at the top of our lungs
syed ghouse ullah
Simply masterpiece. been listening to this since decades now. It never gets old. A great example of outstanding music ..
Diane Signorelli
My husband just passed away and this is one of the songs I will be playing at his funeral....I don't know if I can live you without you my darling
Jude F
Always make me feel good when I'm listening this!!
Note of the chord
"Ross, I've just had a call from Rachel who told me what you did and I don't think I want to play your song anymore!"
Marc Ashton
Remembering my lost love Jennifer a from abbeywood. Mxxx
Jiří Kareš
I just realized that I had never heard this song ...well .. when i was sober Damned fairs! *blushing*
Chris Juratovac
This started off like shadow of the day by linkin park kind of
Lucas Matos
Jovem nerd feelings
First heard this after a break up. I remember going into my car in the pouring rain and turning up the radio only to find this, it's like it was meant to be.
dark lun
Where's the original vid gone?
Linda Cassidy
Carson Kelly
I just finished watching the whole show in order, like, a week ago
Phillip Wells
I give myself 2U
iwa smith
Friends brought me here. Sad episode.
Paul Michael Camilleri
You can be without someone but be with him or her. You can be with someone but be without him or her. Understood guys and dolls!!!
Keld Marstrand Wang
This song reminds me of my husband, he works abroard and we rarely see each other in real life. He will return next year though
This is my family's song. It helps me when I'm sad. And it motivates me
Tori-Lee Bailie
Amazing song will never get old x
Alice Mandarn
Damn, this song brings the depression out of people.
William Breen
With the edges guitar and Larry Mullen Jr is drums Adam Clayton Bass and me posing is Bono on my own terms and the bottle of Jameson we can finally get this Sasquatch 2 become our friend and our lover and we can all be one LMAO
Adnan Bulbul
This song reminds me of my old place..Where I used to live.. I Lived there for 20 years... When my first love of my life left me i can't live there..There was so much memories of her... This song reminds me of my love My childhood place And so much memories with her :) ☺️
HelalisTe LZ
From Rachel and Ross Break 🤣