Clean Bandits RATHER BE cover by Brian Justin Crum and Joanna Jones

Clean Bandits RATHER BE cover by Brian Justin Crum and Joanna Jones Hope you enjoy my cover of Rather Be with Joanna Jones! It will be available for download on my souncloud

Nathaly Gav
No offense but i dont like the girls voice
She sounds like Janice from Friends.
OMG... he dances too!!!!!... Oh man, this guy is going to be a great name around every household around the world!!! Man, this dude is just an awesome, all around guy!
Thomas Whiteowl
I guess your child-hood bullies can officially eat it.
Y'all should have listened To me
I would love to hear you sing hallelujah
I'm not the only one wildly attracted to him am I?
I'm sorry but... her voice is really annoying..😂😂 BUT Brian great singing keep it up!! ❤️❤️
Silver Warrior
I dont like the woman's voice, i dont think it suits his voice. Just saying
Nur Ain Yusri
I'm actually envious😵😣😗. That girl is so lucky. Don't worry, I know he's gay, but still, damn. 😤
Ryan Trujillo
When is Adam Lambert and Brian going to Collab???
He has a damn good voice. He needs to be supported and uplifted. Wish him well on AGT
David Mentzer
I was so overwhelmed with your performance tonight, Justin, on America's Got Talent. Your cover of Somebody To Love, one of my favorite songs, just melted me. I had some similar experiences growing up.. Your voice and how you've lived your life and how you've overcome your pain just got to me and I welled up. Thank you for that. And your voice is stunning!!! You really gave that Queen cover the honor it deserves, with your voice. You are amazing!!! And you should've gotten the Golden Buzzer, big time. Those guys messed up. And I can't wait to hear and watch you sing again.
Shyra Summers
I only like Brian singing this
joe d
Not digging the female tone. U def made the song Brian
Olga Vitti
forget agt. your gonna get a record deal for for. I cried listening to creep and I have it on repeat. just never forget where you came from. fame gets to ppl and they lose their soul. lots of love from toronto ontario Canada
Juanita Williams
Not crazy about her voice and style of singing, but Brian remains a major yum!~
Mateusz Urbaniak
Her voice is super annoying ... I love him tho. But the dance is a bit too much, they could have done it a bit different ... Comes across a bit tacky...
Pietro scorpions
She's sexy too 😘🌹🌹
Cat Lin
brian is so damn hot
Trinity Brown
Can you do a duet with a male and in the video the love interest be the guy your singing with? That would be so adorably awesome!
INCREDIBLE!!!!! And, all the best to Brian - hope you WIN!!
man widi
wow, i didnt know justin can dance, he is sooooooo talented!
Alessia Cena
I knew that I know him from somewhere. He's a broadway baby, I've seen his duets with Kyle Dean Massey. That's why he's so familiar from the AGT Auditions.
Pietro scorpions
I love her voice, Brian is very hot my God 🌹
deb the RN
damn guys that's one HOT video. beautiful vocals u 2. keep doing duet's your blend is amazing as is the power you both project. I'm a fan can u tell🎵🎹😘
Vinícius Augusto
Brian Brian Brian... man you make me go crazy
Dennis Yongde Dai
I am overwhelmed by both his voice and his sexy nipples.
Pietro scorpions
Brian great dancer !! And sexy too!! 😘😘😘😘🌹🌹🌹🌹
Ameth Josue
i just discovered this guy and WOWW his voice is amazinggggg why i dont hear of Brian Justin Crum before
alexis ceurter-neville
Casually stalked you and found you on every social media I have😍😍😍 absolutely amazing. I get goose bumps every time I listen to you❤️
Rosben Olivera
I love It, you guys are fantastic
Frenn Moreno
Brian is so lFreaking amazing! 😍🥰
Justin John
Back when he "was" straight lmao
william kershaw
who would love to see him sing i want it that way
He really rocks! but he needs to stop the "Cat walk" model strutting...
Matthew McDonnell
I saw you on America's got Talent... You are amazing. I am so sorry that you went through so many hard times as a kid, but I think it served to make you great in your music. Keep it up!
Liana Garcia
He is perfect I love him so much😭😭😭😭
Dude, don't skip leg day. BTW One of the best voices I have ever heard.
Aslam Marzalan
Can you make the version of only you Brian? I really hope that you can grant my wish :)
Josiah Bamberg
You did amazing last night!!!
Mark Miner
What a great combination of techno, r & b, and rock ballad!!!
Trash Panda
Oh man, Brian Justin Crum <3
Saffron-Scotch & Universal Oneness
Justin, in dance n life, keep reaching & stretch those hands to the outer limits. ✨
Lucas Santos
Muito lindo!! Come to Brasil!!
Sky C.
I discovered you thnx to pll star Janel Parrish AKA Mona and I'm glad I did
No to be offencive, but that girl's voice is mad cringey. Gosh I wish Brian had sumg that by himself.
He should sing with Calum Scott. That will be amazing and the best idea! They are the best singers ever.
Pat Alt
BJC wow amazing talent, magnificent perfomances, love your voice I think you can be the next Robbie Williams, you are so talented congratulations, from now on your fan forever, best wishes and tons of success and dreams fullfilled!! FELICIDADES!
That was Great you 2.....
Adam 474
Brian,you made my day.And thank you for that, really!!!
sil sabs
Congratulations, I loved !!!! Excellent, you two are extraordinary ...kisses
Amazingly talented!
@BrianJustinCrum Which city was this shot in..? Awesome.
Scott J
Brian dances ON the beat...a machine...luv it
lorenzo covington
Vocal slayage amazing .That is one of my favorite songs
Aryanna Godoy
Love this cover!-😄😍
He is great no doubt about it¡¡ He, He should've WON AGT not this little ukulele girl¡ ¡
David Antes
You are giving me EVERYTHING, Mr. Crum. Absolutely love this...
My Attt
Brian you deserve nothing but the best because you are THE BEST!
John Plank
May all your dreams come true! You Rock It! Cowboy Up!
Marcos Nazareth Souza
Complete! I await the originals ... Show!
He should do a cover of stone cold by Demi lovato!!
Alex R
These two couldn't be more amazing! They always leave me in awe with their work ♥
Gabriel Carvalho
Janel Queen Parrish bring me her hahahha
Michael Lee
Seems he can give different souls to different music. You are amazing, Brian.
Ronin Lord
just odd seeing vid dated from last year now he is on AGT
Danie Burger
Well meant advice from an avid fan Brian - for now, stay away from the dancing bit . . . BUT - luv ya, luv your co-singer luv the song. Lookin' forward to many more.
Carole Rayburg
Ugh I just found your channel and I know I'm late but I love this
please do more of these. i love you. you are an inspiration
stay on high notes man u r awsome. i hv been following u since your audition. dont switch to low low notes.
Captain Barnes
Brien,you look like how I feel when I listen to your music.Love you man.
L. K.A
woww what beautiful tones, love it. :o)
via rose
I watched before u auditioned for agt
Jonathan Alienfella
Omg Clorox bleach yes! You can do so much better songs. (Don't get me wrong love this track).
Roberto Ciabattini
Brian're amazing with a wonderful voice remind me of George Michael
Pietro scorpions
This version is awesome the original one! Love your guys!
Perfection! Very sexy at dancing you both
Joline Cosman
Brian JC I freakin LOVE you !!!!!!!! You are a winner in my eyes !!!!! You are going to the top !!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Suzanne Jones
I love him but her voice sounds so affected
Saffron-Scotch & Universal Oneness
Joanna Jones, love the pipes.
Lori Fine
Love this song. I'd love to hear it with ONLY Brian!
Thomas Hart
Wow... As I discover more of Brian's work, the more sexy he becomes!! Joanna Jones is off-the-charts pretty too. <3
Zo N
Come to NYC so I can ask you out on a date! <3
Lyndon Yamane
Love Love your another favorite.....keep it up and make more music....LOVE YOU
Esther Wanjiku
I love that woman's voice Brian is phenomenon
Jatin g
She sounds like Janice on friends lol annoying voice she has xD
he sounds so much like George Michael I like it
Pete Sercer
This is delightful, thank you!
Thomas Bilbo
I think I've watched this atleast 200 times. Great song and performance!
Alex Pie
I wasn't crazy about her voice in the beginning but then when Brian Justin Crum came on my heart was like "OH MY GOODNESS!!" I love you!
Flo Ferguson
OMGoodness!!!! Vote for him on AGT!
Molly Hoffman
tech avail LA?
Chris Howell
Absolutely love you, Brian!!!!! Nothing Compares 2 did I go Sinead O'Connor?.....Well anywho, Its the truth!!!! <3 XOXO
Pietro scorpions
This cover is amazing! I love her voice too!! Brian Justin crum you're hot too!
Popie Love
Brian Baby your awesome make sure when you fall in love with your man that he won't be jealous and love to with you constantly ❤❤❤👍❤❤👍
Cathy Tweedt-lrwin
OMG! look at those moves. He needs to compete on Dancing with the Stars!
Ellie Davison
Love the energy of this video. Sexy
He is so good. He should have won 1st on AGT.
Aleš Poláček
The beat is just too loud in comparisment with the singing.
Greivin Machado
ohhhh my dear Lord!!!!