Denis Cyplenkov VS Michael Todd Short Version

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Davide Rossi
Todd IS a fake armwresling 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Stahu Jons
Todd should be diqualified in armwrestling
Rick Manzuk
If he was a woman I would take her to dinner because I know I'll get some under the table action 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂
where are you going buddy ?
It should be the queens move..
Crypto Millionnaire
i really hate the move of that todd
Nathan Drake
Under the table fooking Todd; I really hate his style.
I can deal with the king's move, it is the constant elbow fouls that get me
Well Utopia
Wish this song would get removed RIGHT NOW.
Ruben Jimenez
Hgh vs under the table
Максим Dd
Если Цыпленков будет как Тод поступать, то он Тода вместе со столом опрокинит.
Lanze Manao
2:57 todd got arrogant. Next round he got smashed hahaha
Ублюдско-крысиный стиль у Тода, хотя нельзя не признать что он приносит свои плоды😏
totopunya toto
Cheating todd
Shubham Bhragu
Michael Todd is fraud
Yan Savard
Todd is a shame for this sport...under the table cheater!!!!
Matthew Brisbois
Trash music
barfy1 0
Denis is pure power. Amazing strength.
The hell keeper حارس الجحيم
Great work bro 👍
Fix Doctor
Exhausted denis still managed to hold
Play Tu
Как глиста виснет на руке у Дениса
0 0
Cheater todd. Denis Hulk!
Denis got crazy bicep/forearm pump
Todd was close to getting a draw.
Sergey Kogay
Со стороны Дена наверно видно только руку Тода и выглядывающие глаза
Сергей Анатолич
Денис делал шоу.
Asian Dragon
right now denis flash him easy,this was back in 2016.
Alexandr Rem
Под столом просидел козёл, не удивительно, что соперники умирают на его руке. Я бы этого Тодда к столу близко не подпускал, читер хуев.
Dmitry Denisov
4:45 back under table like a ...
elte slayer
4:26 foul by Micheal todd Shoulder Went Under The Table
The Banda Click
Todd is a disgrace to the sport
Темур Камалетдинов
Майкл Тод борется как шоюха, как девченка. Всем весом гаденыш тянет, из под тишка, как подонок а не спортсмен....
Donny wilson
Denis waiting for Todd to go into press position before he strikes
Owen Phillips
Todd u ll be remebered as the guy who hung off his opponents arm
Andrew Chan
The fact that the undertabler can make Cyplenkov elbow foul a few times. It is some achievement there 👍
When a huge earthquake wipes out the earth, Michael Todd will be the only survivor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And we all know why .
Kevin Reilly
Good match...Really thought Todd would get him in that last one but the ref finally got em for an elbow foul
Why u post match that happen in 2016 2016, please mention it!
Sergey Kogay
5:05 👍🤣🤣
Dun'ya ual ahira
Дерьмовый стиль у Тода аж бесит, кто его вообще подпустил к арму? А так Денис его разорвал как прогнившую тряпочку
Jaqen H'ghar
When Todd stands up he doesn't stand a chance🤣
sire Eclair
this is a new sport pull Todd by biceps
Noorin Barakzai
there's way more difference between standing up and laying down under the table😊
Paul Dean
Ok for the first 15 seconds until that crap rap started playing and watched the long version
Kool Burn
Good match, good Reffing.
"Close to the Edge, close to be perfect" Imo not the right song here ;DDD
Jules hakim trying to do random shiat
Denis is lucky he didnt get the referee that stood when lerret vs tod played. He doesnt see elbow fouls.
This is NOT armwrestling. In case you missed it, the important word in that term is "arm." Screw this.
Dainius Banionis
Its todd cocs s ucker move :D
Just ban that under-the-table cheat move! It's like a tug of war where one team is allowed to hang off a cliff and the other team has to first pull them up.
Aeterna Preliator
Brains over brawn'💪🏼💪🏼👍🏼
Michael Field
He was under the table when he was watching the movie over the top . Explains alot
Swen Dalagan
Any body can use MT's style and do the same to him LOL
andre hupp
He moves like a king
one day todds arm is going to break
Mas Sixta
why todd respect denis so much, Denis never complain same as devon larrat he (denis and devon) just fight and accepting whatever the result is. But right now, denis strength already beyond normal human im still waiting Upgraded Levan vs Denis
Just a Devil
after Devon Larratt's video I realised king's move is a deadly move wich takes time to master and if a person does it right (without elbow fouls and both shoulders undet the table) you can't rly complain about that. In my opinion "crazy George" is much better at king's move than Todd
4:28 wtf... this is ridiculous.
Asian Dragon
now levan vs todd
Better without the music.
Asian Dragon
denis should break his arm so that there is no king move anymore lol
Seth Ferguson
Wait .. When was this? Recent or old video?
Dammit Greg!
Denis is a powerhouse and a gentleman
Alwyn Gray
Stand up an fight Todd. flight like a man
Ben Add
When was this match?
Honestly M.Todd arm looks like fishing rod pulling up Denis arm like a giant fish with his kings move :D Iove waching this ha
Denis is a champion! and is a great ambassador to this sport. Awesome attitude! but damn that King' s move. How do you beat that? I hate that move.
Jaqen H'ghar
Todd was owned💪
I wonder if Todd is only under the table grabbing lose change. Like a wishing well, you know. 🤔🤔🤔
nick T
The elbow is now entire arm? Why is that ok?
Cradiak Drumz
Is this an old video? Or did it take place after Devon lost to Dennis?
Alexanber Ases
Майкл Только заебал со своим стилем борьбы, ложится под стол и ничего не делает... Самый слабый спортсмен как по мне
Garden Grove
That music though 🤮
Agoston guzoto
I really hated Todd because of his "style" , but! if u can beat Denis, well... that's respectable.
M. Hamza
Denis is much stronger than Todd. Todd played a bit smarter but he lacks the shear strength.
Justin Hung
Should've been a tie if Todd didn't foul out the last one
TheMamspoker mamp
They need to build some kind of box or bar that the contestants stand in to prevent what Todd is doing. That isn't arm wrestling - how could anybody be proud slumping under the table like that.
Frèd Théberge
does todd knows that he is supposed to be standing up not laying down?
Todd is strong but he cant stand with these guys.
W900L 14
The music blows.
Richard's World Traveler
I would normally want a fellow American to win, but I would like to see Dennis break Todd's arm. They should make some sort of rule where your head has to at least be higher than your hand.
Michael butter fingers todd
Brian Lynge Hagen
Todd is fighting soo dirty...
Diego Mr
this is old.......
rogue p4cket
Dennis should have just pushed his elbow off and foul him out. He'll remember that for next time and learn from experience.
Murad A
Why can't they make some partition wall under a table?
Андрей Ш
Когда уже запретят этот крысиный стиль
Denis is a fkin wall.
If you did that in a bar Todd you would get shot...
Floyd Harrison
when was this?
Todd actually thought he had a chance lol
Sebastian Beyer
Big luck for Todd, Dennis hasn't broke his arm during that king shiz
Ray Pratt
This isn't even arm wrestling!todds foot is on the other side of the table,rest of his body is under the table!!how can this dude even feel good when he wins,considering everybody considers him FAKE!!theres no way hes respected among the greats of the sport,hes a disgrace IMO!!
Nate B
Even cheaters cant beat that dude. Denis is a machine.
dbase340 dbase340
I feel like Denis wasn't trying his hardest here like he used to, do you think he was in pain (kidneys) here?
Ben Pappas
When are they going to start fouling cheating Tod for hiding under the table? He is a disgrace to the sport!
mike johnson
Without the kings move where u can just sit down and have your opponent have to carry all your weight.....Todd wouldnt even be in the league with Devon or dennis.
Olivier Tching
Under table