Maldonado's Sublime Victory | 2012 Spanish Grand Prix

One of Formula 1's biggest surprises? Pastor Maldonado battled home hero Fernando Alonso in 2012 to claim a truly remarkable win, which nobody saw coming... For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram:

i have to admit, off all his crash, this one he deserved to win, from pole to victory... no drama no nothing... he can be proud of his only win for lifetime...
Most famous F1 game glitches...
He's still last Williams' winner...
Pastor Maldonado
Oh it's beautiful
*Maldonado wins race* *Paddock bursts into flames*
The halo was invented to protect the drivers against Maldonado but then he left
Ali Mahfooz
A win for Williams after 8 years... with a man that is mostly known for crashing and causing chaos. LOL
Verstappen following in Maldonado's footsteps. He took his first victory in Spain and both of them are known for crashing a lot. Come at me Max fanboys.
James Brickles
1:20 - I love moments like those on the podium
And then the Williams garage mysteriously caught fire 🔥 👀 twas a good race though 👍
I'm venezuelan and i cried when I saw this race, that is a special feeling, that feeling of happiness when someone who born in your country win a formula one race. Thats maybe a unique moment in life and im so proud of Pastor Maldonado even if his carreer as a pilot was awful. That was one of the best day on my life.
Adnan Karimjee
Maldonado honestly had sublime speed and some great drives that year. He was also really likeable and friendly off track i feel bad that he has this meme worthy reputation
And now we have Williams at the back...
Akshat Singh
Makes me feel even sorry for Hulkenberg not even getting a podium..
Maldonado of the day: Maldonado!!!
Sahil Mishra
Both verstappen and pastor had their first win in spain. Coincidence? I think not lmao
And then the racing gods showed there displeasure by burning down the Williams garage. :P
Sachin manjrekar
Pastor is faster than you 😎
Daniel O
All hail king Maldonado and his son Prince Verstappen of the Netherlands
V8 engines is that you?
Luke Gyllies
Williams: Yeah!, Maldonado winned his first race!!! **Williams Garage gets on fire...**
agent 1207
0:23 Look at how well Alonso and Hamilton get along on the podium even !
Our lord and savior...
This was the race where Pastor mistook the finishing line as a potential crash. He went at it with maximum attack.
Alan Ali 10
We need Maldonado back!
Please someone let me into the F1 vault, please... Just one night 😫
Atharva Dhekne
The original torpedo.
f d
Maldonado won his first race in Spain Verstappen won his first race in Spain Coincidence ? I dont think so
Legend has it Maldonado is still out there crashing road cars
They're not gonna talk about the garage fire afterwards? lol
Despite what people say Pastor made races so much more exciting to watch. You never knew who he gonna crash into changing dimensions of the championship.
Bruno Viana
Maldonado >>>>> Verstappen
Tall Man
One of F1's biggest mysteries
Max comments coming in in 3..2..1..
He did well to hold onto that win. Didn't put a wheel off or have a huge lock up, just really well driven. Shame neither he or Senna did much after that, that Williams was decent that year. Pastor was a quick driver too, just made some bizarre decisions on track sometimes...
j x
2012: 7 winners in 7 races 2018: 5 races 2 winners (teammates
He would have lost against Lastname
Jake Swan
That was the best year and shows how good fernado is as that car as a dog
What is our Maldonator actually doing at the moment?
the days when we had the stupid looking step nose cones
Christopher Michael
Spanish GP 2012, a.k.a. The event where Bruno Senna could have gotten a podium but gets torpedoed instead
Maldonado wasn't a bad driver on a good day. He just happened to end up in bad cars which meant he had to battle in the field were he made mistakes. If the car was good, he was actually quick.
Airbus Dumbledore
For me and also many experts one of the best drivers in formula 1 history
CrazyAboutCars 84
If Alonso had won this race then he would have been world champion. So many occasions where the championship has been so close yet so far
Pastor is faster than you
Joe Jones
Maldonado the legend!
Pietro Sartorio
7 different winners in the first 7 races Waoh!
Derby Racer
Back when Williams was capable of winning
For people here saying Ferrari had a decent car in 2012 they are mistaken. If that car was decent then both drivers would be fighting for the championship and not only Fernando. 2012 might have been Alonso's best year when it comes to driving performance. My favorite race is Valenica 2012. He completely outdrove the car that race and even lapped his teammate who was on the same car.
Michael leahciM
kimi smilling 1:21
Mattia Binotto
I dont wanna spoil who is driving for my team next season, but this video should give you a small hint ;)
Pastor Maldonado who won a GP Race, wtf?!😂😂😂😂😂
Still the greatest podium ever. Maldonado, Alonso, and Kimi.
Kapitän Swamp
Maldonado's first win: Spain Verstappen's first win: Spain Coincidence? I don't think so!
Desi Car Guy PK
Scrolling to comment section in this video is probably the best thing in the world.
Top 10 best William driver maldonado will on 8?
Game Reviews Com Gabriel
That’s not the Only time that Venezuela became famous... :/
On Sunday's podium, will we have the winner sitting on the shoulders of the second and third places? Rsrsrsrs
Kristian Kasmuller
Wait he didn't crash out of the race!? *oh the garage burnt down after the race* well now it makes sense
Jonathan King
dude doesnt get the respect he deserves he was a properly quick driver and he had that '12 williams hooked right up he just couldnt deliver consistently enough to sustain a f1 career
Mete 07
Ice Angel
Almost anyone in motorsports,especially at this level can take one win under certain circumstances, the ones that can do it again and again,these few are a different story!
Brandon Mosolygo
When the Williams garage gets set on fire... Ericsson's fault!
Jesper van Berkel
7 different winners in 7 different races.... We need that kind of stuff again, if possible 7 different teams taking the win
Default Skin
Heh....she probably took them all out xD
Make fun of Maldonado's career all you want, but most F1 drivers will never be able to say that they won a Grand Prix. You can never take that away from him. A sublime victory indeed.
Steven Samuel
Maldonado legit is a really strong driver. If he didn't crash into literally everything imaginable, he may have been a title contender
Max first win - Spain Maldonado first win - Spain A disciple can only follow his master
Random Brown Guy
Maldonado has scored the last ever gp win for williams.... What a lad! XD
Marius Ciumandru
Very emotional moments, thanks Liberty Media for remembering us again! I would like to see more often such great pieces of history in F1.
Dan Colombo
It was Obama fault = To much "Yes, we can!"
dear F1 officials, we need more winners and winning teams to make this race exciting again. the past 6 seasons have been ahhhhhhhhhhhhh BORING!!
2018 Lance Stroll's sublime victory
could you show text a little bit slower :)
Sad to see how people compare Verstappen as Maldonado. Max his last season was just shit so he just wants to show this season what kind of talent he has. Only he wants to much and can't wait for the perfect moment. (For overtaking for exsample) He will learn of his mistakes and probably become 1 of the biggest F1 drivers, believe me.😎 (I'm Dutch so sorry for the bad English)😅
Driver of the day: Max Verstappen I don’t care that it’s unoriginal
Top 5 best F1 seasons ever? Just behind 2010 in my opinion
You can say what you want about Maldonado and most of his reputation he completly deserves, but this win he completly deserves. I got the setup right, the team had a good strategy (and Ferrari failed at it) and he drove well. But what never made him become more showed in the next race: running around P14-15 he crashed. He was never able to replicate that performance as true champions of the sport do. But its still kinda weird calling him a "one hit wonder" xD
I was at that race. Alonso was up his behind all those laps and Maldonado didnt make one mistake. He deserved that win.
Last chapter: Pastor is faster than you Legendary Video
Francesco Petri
And this is where Alonso lost 2012 Championship
4k 4k 4k please.
Dawid Góźdź
Imagine Williams like this in 2019 :D
Ramir Duria
He can proudly say that he beat Alonso in a Grand Prix. Alonso's own GP as well. No matter what happened before and after. He can hold this moment and his head high.
This weekend alone shows, that he HAS the talent and the speed, he's just extremly inconsistent
David Hidalgo
Pastor You're in the heart of the people whom loves Venezuela, not matter what the envious a haters talk about you. God bless you and your family wherever you are.
Manuel Nardella
Star Fail
Williams, Ferrari, Lotus, Lotus, Sauber???, Williams.. in the first places on the grid, amazing :D
*Sigh* if this didn't happen Alonso would be have won the championship this year 😫
Miracle Hunter
2012 was the last best season imo... (leave me alone, I know what I'm saying)
Diego Ferreyra
Many, many of us would be so happy with only racing in F1 for one race... Despite all of his crashes, despite honestly Pastor seems like a not so good driver to me, despite he didn't seem to deserve to be in Formula 1, he won a Formula One race. I'm very proud of him
Jonathan Hall
Then the garage caught ablaze after the celebration. Who remembers that?!
Say what you want about Maldonado, he'll always be an F1 race winner!
BlueangelLFT Xn
The Legend..
FOM, please, make F1 TV Pro available even in countries, where you have contract with local TV channels. Honestly, why should I buy their subscription if all I want to watch is Formula 1, especially with Martin Brundle and David Croft as a commentary? A lot of people are waiting for you in Czech Republic!
NagatoO ‡
Maldonado have more podiums than Hulkenberg
Crus Nation
Lewis Hamilton is the real GOAT tho (hate incoming)
I StM I Graphics
Liberty Media we need to speak about that new intro... 🤮
David Pate
Classy that Alonso and Kimi lifted him up on the podium. Good stuff.