Bikini Fitness competition finals -168cm Finland/Ben Weider Legacy Cup 2016

Bikini Fitness competition -168cm Finland/Ben Weider Legacy Cup , Nordic Fitness Expo 2016

david payet
Better than Victoria secrets show haha
Wim M
Dedication at its best. Awesome thanks for posting
Stout Krout
I think they look great.  Lean without striations.  Firm and toned muscular development without bulk.  No double biceps, no most muscular, no clenched fists.  Feminine and beautiful.  For those of you who think that these women are over developed, that's only because you have not seen them with their clothes on.
Jeannie Guenther
It drives me nuts now they're always sticking their butts out
it would be really nice if these girls would learn not to pose in all these unnatural poses. twirked and twisted. Learn to move slowly and pose and walk normally. And quit with all the arm movement like their trying to fly or whatever.
elephant man
blonde in purple should have won more defined. better abs obliques arms.
the one in the suit was my favorite
No tattoos! finally the fad is dieing!
the blonde judge girl is the prettier one
My wife caught me watching this, she now wants to file for divorce
Sean Tran
66 and 74 👌🏼
andy red
All of them are great
Tony Lohi
Greetings from Helsinki Finland!
Νικόλαος Σεργεβίδης
66 the most aesthetic
Arlene Sanders
The problem with female fitness or bodybuilding comps is they sorta force you to be ultra feminine by wearing a ton of make up and high heels.
Briarton Shepard
😍😍😍😍thank you god 🙏
Danna Basualdo
the name of the winner and the girl of the second place?
very beautiful girls
Yohan Brunel
vous aite tros belle je meut bremllllllllllllllle tout les soirs sur voe cu
Александр Яничке
Валентина Зорина, привет тебе!
Peter. Hatch
you have to have a lot mote tjsn most of usto get that
Sid Hayes
Is this permissible under sharia law?
Sean Tran
66 and 74 👍🏼
Awesome with the sound off.
I must have been pretty rotten in a previous life because I could never get anything that beautifull in this one
Robert Jensen
They all look incredible.
Thought the guy in the baseball cap was hilarious.
Nike How
There are some real beauties here, nicely toned, but still with nice cleavage, and lovely legs. love the shoes they wear
Love those long elevens
what's the title of the music?
Jeff Steberg
Can they have bikini contests in usa anymore?
wtf did I just watch?
Daniel Burks
I'm sorry, but the results made no sense. At all. The woman with THE best physique and conditioning didn't even get a medal. I'm genuinely confused.
Lotte Hartjes
I think that I’m gona do that to
Mimon Barakacka
1:24 ...blonde on right sight ...fingers her nose ! 😂😂😂
How do they choose?
Number 66 well damn
Marlie Fox
T-shirt Tube
Hopefully, one day these women can be cloned.
Sylvia Tremblay
Great video!
Cay James these women have names?
Uff butts
Amazing routine 3:03
Dawid Gliński
72,70, 58👌
Anyone know the name of the woman at 1:21?
Roman Zděnek
fap fap :P
These girlz spent more time getting plastic surgery than working out
Ugh when women try to look like men. Why cant women be ladies these days....
Gábor Szántó
Like horses
Lamb Daniel David
These cruel rascals are these women (or whatever) I do not understand that I like this to anyone, I do not think a bloody 200 kg woman is nice but a beautiful full-length girl is that nice !!!!!!!!!!
they make the flight attendant looking lady not attractive on purpose
Murphy Chapman
Does anyone know what's the blonde woman in the black skirt name,she had them all beat.