Red Bull Air Race Qualifying New York

Credit: Red Bull Air Race © Red Bull Media House /> NEW YORK -- Austria's Hannes Arch qualified fastest for the first-ever Red Bull Air Race in New York on Saturday and collected one championship point that cut Paul Bonhomme's lead at the top to just one point before Sunday's race. Canada's Pete McLeod took a remarkable third place on the turn-filled track on the Hudson River, between the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyscrapers. Americans Kirby Chambliss and Michael Goulian were in strong position for Sunday in fourth and fifth place, respectively. In front of a Qualifying Day crowd of more than 40,000 spectators lining the shores of Liberty State Park in New Jersey and New York, Team Abu Dhabi's Arch clocked the 5.5-km track of 13 Air Gates in 1:08 .18, setting a track record on his first run. Despite a penalty-marred second run, Arch's time was still good enough to hold off Bonhomme's strong challenge. The defending champion from Britain was 0.80 behind Arch in Qualifying 1 and cut the gap to just 0.52 seconds with his faster second run later on when he hit speeds near 230 mph. Bonhomme leads the championship with 41 points while Arch has 40. "Paul's times are so close," Arch said, delighted to cut Bonhomme's lead with the Qualifying victory and eyeing a record four straight wins on Sunday. "I hope he gives me more room tomorrow so I won't be so stressed. You have to fly on the limit but clean. I think that's the key: just focus and stay calm tomorrow." Bonhomme was disappointed he could not win the one Qualifying point despite the massive effort on the increasingly windy track but he sounded confident he could win the big prize -- 12 points for first place. -- on Sunday. Bonhomme has a record-breaking 11 straight podiums going back to the 2008 season. "I think the positives we should take out of this is that we improved our run while Hannes got worse," said Bonhomme. "And that's a good thing. Clearly that's a point that we'd rather have." It was an exceptional day of high-speed, low-altitude racing for the two Americans -- Chambliss and Michael Goulian. They had struggled in the first Qualifying session but raised their game in the second session even though winds picked up. Both Chambliss and Goulain have said flying past the Statue of Liberty and the New York skyline has been a highlight of their careers. "It's great when a plan comes together," said Goulian, who is from Massachusetts and had a big fan following in New York. "That's not bad for Qualifying. But we will need some bigger guns for tomorrow." But Saturday was a day of disappointment for Britain's Nigel Lamb (7th), Germany's Matthias Dolderer (8th), Spain's Alejandro Maclean (10th) and France's Nicolas Ivanoff (11th). Lamb was a pre-race favorite with his MXS-R race plane that was thought to be ideally suited to the turn-filled New York track and finished first in the final training session on Friday. Ivanoff, clearly elated to be flying past the Statue of Liberty that was a gift from France, was a strong second on Friday before falling to 11th on Saturday. Click to subscribe! The most viewed aviation channel on YouTube. #AIRBOYD #AvGeek

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
1:39 vai brasil n e so futebol esse pais
Valeria Miranda
No Brasil tem piloto melhor
damn that thing rolls like a 190
Red Bull gives you wings
I came to qualifying, but sunday I lost....great show... br down thw water
Walter Williams
I freaking love it!
yuuji 雄二 さん。fukami 冨加見
this is origin.
these guys should had come in handy in ww2 with their flying skills
It's amazing how agile these planes are! The swiftness at which they handle rivals that of fighter jets lol!
Giorgio Tsoukalos
Excellent, excellent sightings of UFOs
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Dear santa ...
Actually is Austrian - but nice try anyway...
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Big respect!!...
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this planes are not real...
Since my new US socialist Gov wants to pass laws and regulate the size of my soft drinks I think that its time that we start pushing for safety regulations to. 1st of all I would push for banning this sport across the globe. Not because I have anything against it but because it doesn’t affect me personally. (that’s what people do these days).If it doesnt affect them then they will support BANNING it! If it doesn’t affect them then ITS OK FINE WITH ME! ← Thats how it works now! Fucked up huh?
high powered paintballs fired out of a fast plane would probably put huge dents and holes in them.
Bobby Everette
Trying to paint the airplanes, not blow holes through them
elena contreras
then you might as well shoot low velocity bullets
ahmed chraibi
Waaaaw fantastic !! i like it .
One of those pilots needs to design a plane that uses a Allison or a Rolls Royce/Packard Merlin. Nothing against Lycoming or Pratt & Whitney engines but I would pay to hear a Merlin or Allison engine in the Air Race series.
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el No supera a los Halcones de Altas Acrobacias de chile
yeah you're right loll :)
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i think its bcs jets dont turn as tight bcs of the speed :)
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Nagyon ugyesek. Ok a legjobbak.:)
could they do it with fighters jet...?lol
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man GOD BLESS Santos Dumont
Sweet, now we can use drones to kill and save the pilots and planes for entertainment. Future is fun. I love USA.
I wonder what types of people fly so much and so fast that they have to enter this sport for it to still be exiting. I wish I was one of them though.
My dream *.*
Imagine if we hadn't invented the airplane until 1950...
just imagine if these planes were built during WW2
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il n'y a pas le droit à l'erreur !!!!
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@ericpkedyou1 Sure, but your body won't find it that funny :P
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Soul Winner
2:08-2:12 === looks really fun!!!
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@TheMsdos25 but a strong sponsor!
the airport is Linden New Jersey - not sure what the code is....
I liked the video for that dude's accent.
red bull is a weak drink.
@thenerdfreddy extra 300 s i think
Whats that Airport (and airport code) at 0:11?
Wheeeeeee :D
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if only they can shoot high powered paintballs
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@Elios0000 thanks!
@thenerdfreddy mostly Edge 540's and a few MSX
Alfredo Gonzalez
what type of planes are these?
Holy shit that pull at 2:10 The amount of G's are insane! Props
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that would be nice if u had a boat and a cold beer that s the good life
kan a use this film in a other film a worke hvit
@flyboy92187 So you didn't need any kind of ticket? All you had to do was basically just visit Ellis Island? If they do this at the same location I'll have to remember this.
@flyboy92187 How were you able to be on Ellis Island for it?
@applesweeter who the hell is this person???
You're right. I've been bested by unassailable logic. At first I thought tasman9696 just double posted, and when I realized that his two posts each said something quite different, I must have forgotten to count to five correctly. Damn. Excellent use of MUHAHAHA & Kudos on being commenter #5.
@HeedMyComment I don't think it counts cause tasman9696 double posted XD. So technically I'm 5th commenter! MUHAHAHA >:D
Everybody knows fifth commenter is the one to be! Race was good. Live on Fox Sunday.
can you watch this stuff live on tv
can you watch this stuff live
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Seriously guys how old are you? nobody gives a shit who commented or viewed first!
Nice man! - First comment! You guys should start paying the first commenter! :D Like 10 bucks a time! LOL
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shalagadá bluli gugum dego dego.
planes can fly like that!?
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A esquadrilha brasileira e foda
C'est d'la bombe!!!!....^^
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Race Red Bull...T.X ...T.V Oct 17
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WW3's gonna suck for whoever's fighting these guys
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what is this name of planes?
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