PAGANINI Berlin By Night German TV 1985

German TV 1985 Swiss Hard Rock

Romano Rada
R.I.P Marc Paganini
I met Marco Paganini in Akasaka, Japan in a club called Byblos back in '85 just when Weapon of Love had been released. Nobody knew who the hell he was, lol. He was a cool dude. I got his album a few days later and really liked it.
I'm starting falling in love with this band...
Hans Franz
They let him "sing" single syllables in the studio. It wouldn`t have been a melody otherwise. But he was an excellent salesman of himself and his life perfomance was also pretty cool!
Era és Ati
Nagyon cool!
Bill mcvicker jr
Definitely influenced by T. Rex. Cool stuff though.
Christian Calonder
R.I.P. Marc Paganini :-(
Pete Potenza
R.I.P. Marc
Marco Liebsch
Einer der damaligen Berlin Songs......aber "Berlin bei Nacht" von Bel Ami war besser! Mal reinhören.
Alexandre Hebert
Felix Ritschard
ya ya ya , sorry das ist schwach metal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Felix Ritschard
sorry sorry sorry, schau mal gotthad die haben es geschaft,