Amy Lee vs Tarja Turunen: Live Vocal Battle

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I know there's already a lot of Amy vs Tarja vids up but there doesn't seem to be one that fairly or accurately assesses their vocal ability, so I decided to try and make a video that did just that. It will compare all their different registers instead of just focusing on high notes. I tried to be as objective as possible and fairly represent both women. I know that fans/stans of each will probably flood this video with arguments but please TRY to be objective. I hope everyone who watches this enjoys it.

Danilo Angelo
Conclusion: Amy is Amy and Tarja is Tarja.
I'm sorry, but these two ladies can't be compared. They are incredible in their own ways.
Faah Dias
Please, it's stupid this battle... Amy Lee is a good singer, strong voice... Tarja is phenomenal... she is triple as Amy is... It's my opinion, nobody have to agree if don't like :)
Sapphire September
I've seen Evanescence live once and they were perfect, I saw Tarja doing her solo stuff once and thought she was excellent. However I think Amy puts a hell of a lot more emotion in her singing because a lot of it is personal to her. She writes about her life and I think that's why I find certain Ev songs can bring me to tears, it's because I can relate. But I have met Tarja and she was just the sweetest thing. I love them both but I cannot compare them.
Miren Lejardii
U can´t seriously COMPARE pop and metal , can U ... ?? Tarja is unique , though Amy´s got a nice sweet  voice
Arley Miranda Cerón
Obviamente no cabe comparación, pero aquí les dejo. Tarja Turunen tiene un tipo de voz que engloba el rango de Soprano Lírica Spinto, posee un matiz con mayor cuerpo que el de una soprano y un timbre más oscuro. Notas más bajas Fa3 en «The Archive of Lost Dreams» Sol3 en «Crimson Deep» Sol3# en «I Walk Alone» La3 en «Boy and the Ghost» La3 en «Forever Yours» La3 en  «Oasis» Si3 en «Damned and Divine» Notas más altas Mi5 en «The Regin» Mi5 en «Oasis» Fa5 en «I Walk Alone» Fa5 en «Sing for me» Sol5 en «Ocean Soul» Sol5 en «Wishmaster» Sol5 en«Paradise, What about us?» La5 en Passion and The Opera» Do6 en «Crimson Deep» Do6# en «The Phantom of the Opera live» Mi6 en «The Phantom of the Opera Live » A5-B5-C#6 en «Supremacy Live» (Muse Cover) Amy Lee tiene un tipo de voz que engloba en el rango de mezzosoprano lírica. Su voz se ha identificado por su potencia, constatada en canciones como «Lithium», «Weight of The World» y «Going Under». Notas más altas Re♯5 en «Bleed (I Must Be Dreaming)» Mi♯5 en «Tourniquet», «Farther Away», «Taking Over Me» y «Forgive Me» Fa♯5 en las versiones en directo de «Bring Me to Life» y «Weight of The World» Sol♯5 en «Lacrymosa» La♯5 en «Whisper» Si♯5 en «Hello» Si5 en «Cloud Nine» Do♯6 en «Weight of The World» Re♯6 en versiones en directo de «Weight of The World» Re♯6 en «Whisper» Re♯6 sobreagudo en «Your Star» Notas más bajas Re♯2 en «Snow White Queen» Sol♯2 en «Good enough» La♯2 en «Hello» Si2 en «Away From Me» Do3 en «Even in Death» Mi♯3 en «Going Under, armonías bajas de «Haunted» y «Give Into Me»
I love Evanescence, but this is just an embarrassing comparison. Amy's tone is just terrible live. Her voice in the studio and her live voice are two different voices entirely. Tarja's tone is very pure and consistent. Amy has some really good days live, others are just sad. With Tarja, you know you're going to get at least a good performance. Amy is a great studio singer, but that's it. Tarja definitely wins this one.
Amy Lee obviously... She's THE freaking rock goddess!!!
I prefer Amy... even if she's not better than tarja. I love her voice.
I've been a huge fan of both Evanescence and Nightwish since 2002, I still happily listen to both artists today and both bands hold very special places in my heart. Who is the better singer? Well, on a technical level, I think Tarja has more control of her voice and can probably be considered the better singer. However, the energy, passion and emotion Amy puts into her singing, her lyrics and her performance make her, to me, far more entertaining to watch. She does, however, hit a lot of bum notes and her voice can sound quite strained at times. So it depends on what you want out of a live performance, I've been lucky to see both bands live and I cannot fault Tarja for her on point singing nor can I fault Amy for her on stage performance. Basically, these women kick ass and we should celebrate them both for their talents :)
Amore Mio90
tarja forever
Tarja of course, I love Evanescence, but most of their fanbase is so extremely annoying and very close-minded. They think Evanescence is the most powerful band fronted by a female. Well, have you heard of symphonic metal??
Ricardo Soto
Debo reconocer que me gusta Evanescence, pero comparar a Ammy Lee con Tarja es casi de ocioso, Tarja es su majestad el canto, Ammy debe ponerse de pie y aplaudir.
Giorgi Chichinadze
maybe tarja could reach higher notes and might have a bigger range but it doesn't change the fact that Amy Lee has more beautiful voice than her. Amy's Voice is for a real Rock Artist as powerful as much as deep .... Tarja - Just Strong vocals, Amy - Just Amazing Vocals 
Bike Helmet Freak
Amy puts more power and emotion behind her voice. I cry at night listening to her. Her Voice is absolutely beautiful.
I personally like the natural sound of Amy's voice more but I can tell that Tarja has a better technique. Now, If AMY worked on her technique, she'd be one of the most solid vocalists out there.
El Rincón de Darck Lp
Amy Lee Wins !! FATALITY ¡¡
Lεoπ Scøtt Kεππεδɣ - Dεαπ Ꮤιπchεsτεr
One cant just simply compare these icons. They are both in different types of genres of rock. Both are simply amazing. Its impossible to say they're both horrible singers cause they're not. The only difference is that Tarja has been in the game longer than Amy, but who cares. I love em both. Anyone who has commented negative shit about these two wonderful Singer simply has no taste, no talent nor any brain cells.
I dont care about her voice, Evanescence music is better bc Amy is a better songwriter
Yeah...never really understood why this comparison is a thing either. Like some others have said they are completely different singers, despite some similarities. From a purely technical standpoint, Tarja is easily superior, having that training. Amy doesn't always have the most polished on-stage vocal performance, given all the running and headbanging she does like there's no tomorrow (of course, she sounds breathtaking when just sitting at a piano, in a low-key environment). But Amy makes up for that by the fact you can both hear and see that she is always feeling the music resonating within every fiber of her body, singing her heart out. Almost literally. She doesn't always care how she sounds and is more concerned about being absorbed in the music. Tarja is generally standing in place or at least not moving around too much so she can give very clean vocals. Amy is very physical with her singing and her performance, allowing for very strong energy on stage, but usually meaning less for the singing. Two very different singers, and equally different stage presences. Not one better than the other necessarily. But really at the end of the day none of the this really matters; the music each of their bands produce is too different, and it's largely preference. Of course, these "vs" videos will always be the spawn of fanboy/fangirl mudslinging contests; no need for any overly critical hate, folks. People can like what they like. So play nice now...
Tarja avtomatic vocals... Amy emtons vocals! Amy U R the best in the WORLD
Obviamente Tarja es mejor por su registro vocal.
ola ke ase
Amy Lee all the way, plus she's a great performer.
David Sullivan
OK my opinion. Leaving aside fan preference and being objective. Tarja has a more technical ability. This is because she spent many years being classically trained whereas Amy didn't have the same training. So although both women can reach the notes in the ranges, Tarja can hold and sustain high notes with far less effort. That being said, Tarja does not belt notes at all, using a different technique, so Amy has more power and focus on the lower ranges. If you ever watch Tarja doing a power rock number, this is more apparent, her notes are too "precise" for the song so it doesn't have the same "punch". So.... Amy expresses better in lower ranges, Tarja in upper ranges. As to who started this genre or that... what a pointless thing to say, both are unique artists with their own style. Anyway if you were going to give a prize out to who started female fronted metal, I would give it to Doro Pesch who was rocking when both these women were in primary school.
I don't really feel it's fair to compare them. They got two different types of voices and singing styles. Tarja is an rock-opera and opera singer while Amy ain't. (Not sure what her singing type is called)
Maximillianrex Carpediem
They both sound great and anyone who thinks Amy is terrible is probably a moronic hipster who's only hating on her because Evanescence was a mainstream band.
Laura Hdez
Tarja no tiene punto de comparacion con nadie, no la insultes comparandola con esa chacha
First I have to say that Evanescence is more creative and emotional. But its stupid to put them in some kind of competition
Even Marco sings better than Amy haha. Poor Amy she can't be compared to Tarja, compare her to someone like Haley Williams
Agnes Björk
Amy Lee es muy buena,pero definitivamente me quedo con La Musa de Musas,Tarja.
ShadowCry Sheva
Read a few comments and I'd quite disagree with a few. Amy has better music. She sounds good when she's sat in front of the piano because she's not struggling for breath. She can range high and low as for the other she sounds the same. She does sound better then Amy live by Amy sounds far better studio but Amy can sing live just as good! Some of these are bad examples. Metal & Opera just don't mix for me. I find opera too boring so that is probably why I don't like that band. Live? She won Everything else? Amy. Everything meaning: lyrics, range, style. Heck, she's better looking too. But that's my opinion. the truth. But whatever
Amy can sing, she moves round rules and is a bit nasally at times however she can obviously sing and has a characteristic voice. Tarja wins from a classical standpoint but, her newer music has no soul to it. After Tarja's first solo album her music has sucked. :[
nain rachith
ovbiamente tarja canta mas lirico !! pero sin embargo la voz de amy me encanta mas ya que ella a cada momento que se le antoje puede subir y bajar de tono!
Michu Michus
Hella Fella
Tarja in my opinion has a more opera-esque voice, and Amy Lee has a more define vocals you would hear in various bands. They're both amazing, but if we're talking voices, Amy Lee has her.
Amy Lee can't even compare to Tarja. In fact, compared to other female metal singers she is just average: Floor Jansen of Nightwish and Simone Simmons of Epica are way better than her. The only one who can compare to Tarja is ex Tristania's singer Vibeke Stene. Tarja is the ultimate queen while Amy is just a princess.
Look up Evanescence - Lost in Paradise (Live in Germany) She rocks at singing live she's had her less shining moments true but she is only human ):
Geritass Garza Garza
mezzosoprano vs soprano
Grant Stoutenburg
2:36 That would have to be one of my personal favorites when it comes to Tuomas's stage outfits.
Andrea H. C.
Escuchar a tarja en un concierto es como escuchar su disco y eso es gratificante. I love Tarja For Ever. Vuelve a Chile necesito volver a escuchar esa voz en vivo <3
Leo Tiger
Horrible Horrible!!! Tarja es mucho pero mucho mejor !!! Amy Lee cantas pésimo en vivo :(   No hay comparación!!! Tarja es una cantante de Música Clásica & Symphonic Heavy Metal !! y Amy solo es una cantante de rock/screem/emo Tarja definitely wins this one.
Amy Lee Rules the vocalist world
Shriya Sridhara Maiya
frankly, I have always liked Amy better .__.  She might be sloppy and off in some of her pitches (before) but music is not all about perfection, it's about enjoying what you sing and making others enjoy what you sing, bringing them into your dimension. On that note, I don't see Tarja making an impact on me like Amy does.  So if you include people like me, no matter how good Tarja is, if it doesn't inspire/affect the listener in any way, it's no good (although it could be 'coz I don't really like Tarja's voice or the opera-ish singing style that she has)  Sure, I do like some of Tarja's songs, but I like a lot of Amy's songs and that's the difference :a  All in all, it comes down to individual tastes :o so comparison is good, not the rating or the bs about who's better because we're always bound to divide into two groups. 
Amy is Better, and She is an Angel of Gods Choir!! Just you wait, and See! Amen!
Uri Di
It's different genres!Symphonic metal vs Alternative
Martin Stojanovski
All of this bands were just influenced by Evanescence.Although their music is different, the lifestyle of the modern Goth,the path,the clothes,all that belong to Amy. I listen everything,form Evanescence,to Arch Enemy to Tristania but the emotions and passion that Amy can place in everything, are off limits for other people. Evanescence is not belonging to any genre,Evanescence is an genre. Geniuses are rare.You can only have one.
They're both great singers, it comes down to individual preference and if I liked or wanted to listen to opera I'd do so, but I don't care for opera personally. I like Amy Lee and her unique style of music. She has an amazing soulful voice and it makes me feel something that Tarja's voice does not, it all comes down to individual preference. And as far as the high note comparison...WTF? Who cares who's voice goes higher? It's about whether the music and voice together make a person feel something. Amy Lee's music resonates in my soul and her amazingly beautiful emotional voice makes me feel what she conveys through her songs. Besides Amy Lee has sold over 25 million records and won 2 Grammy's with Evanescence. Tarja who??? Never heard of her until I started seeing comparison's made by people on here trying to drag Amy Lee down. But the facts of her legacy speak for themselves. Enough said.
I love both singers however I'd like to point out, that Amy does not sing all opera so she's switching to her head voice from normal singing whereas tarja usually sustains her opera throughout her songs. Also, when Amy sings on concerts she moves around the scene really fast compared to Tarja which makes the singing a little more bit difficult. In the end, they're both Angels! <3
...if i Want to listen a female rock singer. I listen Amy lee...if i Want to listen a liric singer i listen Maria callas.....tarja is in the Middle of the way...
Bill Frazier
Why can't you all stop arguing and just enjoy both of these top female artists as each have their own strengths? lol
Antes de ver el video pensé que era una comparación injusta hacia AMY LEE..  Pero estoy impresionado cuan buena vocalista es ... Grande AMY LEE...... De Tarja no necesito decir nada
Ligeia Noire
No need to compare the two. Like water and wine. Amy Lee has good low notes but apart from that she is very weak live, one of those singers that only sound good on record.
Julián Hernández Contreras
What is the song at 07:45 0_0 Amy is just amazing :Q____
Came here expecting to see both Amy and Tarja on the same stage. Was greatly disappointed....
Zoe Jasline
Tarja Turunen sin duda la mejor
I'm biased towards preferring Amy Lee, but that's because her style is more modern and what I'm used to (she chest-belts her high-notes rather than singing them in head or mixed voice like Tarja). Both are awesome. Tarja's the more trained singer but I'd rather listen to Amy.
john shaw
Its stuff like this that causes ppl to either hate evanence or nightwish. I appreciate BOTH. There is no need for competition. Listen and enjoy :)
Alez Buraga
Amy Lee <3
Ellyn Ever Sweet
Stop comparing. Both Amy and Tarja are unique, beautiful, they both sing like angels.  I see Tarja likes wearing fantasy witch-like tunics. Amy'd rather corsets and more Victorian-like dresses. Tarja's appareance and voice is...Idk how to say this, but Tarja's appareance and voice is rough and sharp, ya know her jaw is harder and her high cheekbones, while Amy's sweet and soft. Tarja has more control of her vocals, when Amy is singing live she tends to sing out of tune a bit. Evanescence is more alternative/rock and Nightwish and Tarja is more metal.
Carlos Gonzalez
amy is way better she will always be in my hearta beautiful professional hardcore singer with melody you cannot find anywhere else
Uri Di
are different styles, but each is the best in its genre
Julián Hernández Contreras
Oye esto es tremenda idiotez... You're so stupid! Como comparas una Mezzosoprano Lírica Con Una Actualmente Soprano Lírica Spinto (Antes Soprano Dramática)? Es OBVIO que tarja supera a Amy. Soy EvFan y amo mucho a Ęvanescence.. Pero es mas que obvio que el rango de Tarja supera fuertemente a Amy! How You Can Compare A Lyric Mezzo With A Currently Lyric Spinto Soprano (before Dramatic soprano)? It's Obviously that Tarja is So Much Better than Amy... I'm EvFan & I Love So Much Ęvanescence.. But Is So Obviously That Vocal Range Of Tarja Reach Strongly To The Amy! This Is So Stupid! :v
Cathy Greene
Amy Lee all the way ....Too much difference in singing styles to really compare.
I liked Evanescences studio albums, so I went to see them live in 2007. I don't know if Amy Lee had a bad day or something, but the vocals were nearly unbearable. Really poor in each and every aspect, the songs were barely recognisable. Crossed her off of my "must-see-again" list of live acts....
This is just a bad comparison & was foolish in an attempt to do so. l love both of their vocals as a CONTRAST, so as not to be compared. Further, to hear their voices in a duet while maybe entertaining, could quite possibly clash for that very reason.
Amy Lee hands down.....nough said.
Shania Stanford
These clips didn't do Tarja much justice...the ones with Amy Lee were much longer. In my opinion, Tarja's voice is so much more powerful and moving than Amy Lee's will ever be.
Ornessar Hithfaeron
Amy of course
Isa Araújo
Tarja Turunen > ALL female voices do Metal. :*
Alejandro Rodriguez
como van a comparar lo que hace tarja con amy lee??? aparte comparar musica con chicos pseudos goticos y/o oscuritos. por favor
though I love Amy Lee's voice I must say sometime in live version she sing the high notes weakly, sounds like a trembling cat :\ that why I usually just listen to her studio versions :p Im a fan of Tarja sooo guess I don't need to give opinion about her :p  But seriously, you may don't like thoses 2 ladies's voices, but you can't deny they both can sing.
Vanity Monroe
That's Hardly A Fair Vocal Comparison...Tarja Is A Rock Opera Singer...And Amy Is A Harmonic Rock Singer...Obviously Tarja Is Gonna Win If Its About Who Has The Better Range...But I Love Amy...And I Like A Few Older Nightwish Songs...
Andrei Marasoiu
two words  : AMY LEE
Tsuki Palacios
Un 👎por la ridicula comparacion de Tarja con la que pega chillidos!
Violet Adams
I've seen Evanescence live, and Amy's voice was AMAZING. I think that maybe in the beginning of her career, she wasn't as good live (it's hard to sing live night after night, running around and singing with your worn out voice). But I think over time in her career, she got better, because I saw Evanescence twice when they realeased their self titled album, and Amy's voice was amazing. :) Tara is great too. 
Gavin Phillips
i have to say Amy... 
Roxy VonSkellington
They are both great singers in different ways. No comparison...
Eirini Nik
Amy!!! LOVE HER!!!😍😍
Elliot Geist
Amy's is more distinct and more emotional :)
Henrique Abreu Prado
nada vê um vocal com a outra!!! as duas cantam bem , mais são estilos completamente diferente
Joyce Souza Legendas
Amy WINS! <3
Freehand art Lestat
I love Evanescence but Amy is the princess of rock and Tarja is the queen  im fan of both bands no-1 Evanescence, no-2 Nightwish
evancris lee
las dos son grandes artistas ;3 las amo
Tarja es muy buena como soprano/tenor i tiene una gran tecnica , la voz de Emy es mas viva, mas expresiva i sentimental... son dos grandes cantantes que poco tienen que ver... A mi Tarja me deja bastante frio, Amy Lee m'encanta aun que se equivoque, grite, no llegue bien a una nota o no respire bien es una cantante con alma y personalidad que transmite mucho mas que Tarja.
Alex the Daeva
okay maybe tarja can sings higher notes but amy, in my opinion have one of the most beautiful voice from the world
Jose Ayoub Hajjar
amy lee rock goddess <3
Rachel Pannell
Tarja is much more operatic naturally, Amy is more of a belter, they have different voice types.
Sveta Black
Tarja Turunen!!!
Sienna Ambrose
It's quite hard to compete against such strong voices as one (Amy) did not get singing lessons! Both amazing tho :)
Scarleth Sepúlveda
I wish I could sing like Amy
Sonya xp
Obviously whoever put together this video is bias, definitely not a fan of Amy. Every video posted on here from Amy I've seen (and many more) whoever put this together only took some of Amys not so great performances and towards the end starts using videos where Amy is just messing around and not even actually singing at a live performance, I'm guessing that's why they stopped showing the video and just said "Evanescence" because I've seen the actual videos and it's just her messing around on her tour bus with friends. So this is totally bias, and overall when you take into account MANY things, Amy is the better vocalist overall, though many people are right in saying you can't really compare them.
BTS_Kpop Obsessed
Amy is an amazing singer and so is Tarja Turunen. It's a close call but I'm going to say that Amy wins.
virous rapping
Amys better
Israel De Leon
Amy is better
2112mary U2
I personally prefer Amy.
Emiliano Martinez
Amy no tendrá la técnica de una buena cantante en el escenario, pero su presencia, sus canciones, su piano, su timbre de voz y la emoción con la que canta te llegan al alma.
Kitty Kazz
They're singers from different sub-genres, so their voices are going to differ. I'm more of a fan of Tarja because of the fact her voice is so beautiful, she was in one of my favourite bands and I prefer symphonic metal to gothic rock. (she's also my idol) I rarely listen to Evanescence anymore however, Amy's voice is amazing and perfect for that specific genre and for the songs that she performs/composes.  They're both wonderful singers.
Roberto Miguel
no se por que perdieron el tiempo en hacer esta comparación, sabemos que Tarja tiene una voz que difilmente va a ser igualada y talvez nunca la superen... simplemente no se comparan
Both Tarja and Amy are awesome, if you like one, both, neither, awesome for you - just enjoy their music.  Simple as that :)
Patri Gonzalez
Amy lee, i love Evanescence, is the best.