Heavy Metal Soundtrack (1981) [Full Album] Various Artists + Original Score by Elmer Bernstein

Check mate King Two This is White Rook over
Stern, He's nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging's too good for him. Burning's too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!
jim jam
this movie is in my top 10 movies of all time!! reminds me of being 13-14yrs of age going to see it at the local movie theatre, the people that owned it, a ma and pa place, were cool, they didnt care if teens hangin out would pay to see the r rated movies, so they let us in, great times, hangin out with girlfriends, making out in the r rated movies, playing pinball, space invaders, galaga, pacman,,,,,,, i wish i could go back to that time, best time in my life.
Robert Hahn
I'm afraid I'll come home one day and find you screwing the toaster!
Muffin Man
Perpetual Youth
Fifteen and this was the Most profound thing ever, still enjoy the music and movie to this day.
Alpha Draconis
15:23 "Sternnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!"
Terminal Passage
Don Felder is the only one to have more then 1 track in the movie, becouse both songs are so great. They fit the movie perfectly.
This is on netflix. I have always shown this movie to my friends, to see what they thought and how they liked it. Seems since my drug abusing days fell behind me, so did my peers' appreciation for this movie and its music. Maybe theres a connection? OR MAYBE THE PEOPLE I HANG OUT WITH NOW ARE ALL LAME AF.
Chris Perrin
single greatest soundtrack of all time
Virgil Templeton
Back in the days of cassette tapes, you couldn't just hit "next" to skip a song. You had to fast forward, which ate time. Precious time that would otherwise be spent rocking out while driving around aimlessly. Therefore, the Heavy Metal Soundtrack cassette had one terrible flaw: the second track, side B, Open Arms by Journey. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Journey, but that's not the right song for an otherwise rocking compilation (true, Blue Lamp was similarly lame, however, as that was the last song on the cassette, it was easier to just hit eject and move on than bother with fast forward). My friend and I had a solution; it wasn't perfect, but it got us through. Whenever Open Arms came on, we goofed the lyrics. Goofed them most pornographically, singing as loud as possible to drown out the erstwhile Steve Perry. Obviously we referred to the song as Open Legs and by the end we wouldn't even bother with rhyme or structure, we'd just spew enough filth to make Andrew Dice Clay run for church. I confess, I still do that when I hear Open Arms. But only in my head. My poor, sick head. https://murderofgracula.blogspot.com/2017/07/gone-songs-track-eight-heavy-metal.html
Julie B
Who else is here because of the South Park episode "Major Boobage?"
Dylan O'Hara
Hey, is there any of that Plutonian nyborg left?...., nah, go for broke!
william tilghman
This was the life in '81. just graduated high school, a group of us went to see this opening weekend and about every other week to just enjoy the music, laugh at the movie and then go out and party. or sometimes party and then went to see the movie, either way, it was classic. I really am glad the next generation has seen this, especially after the crap of release rights that held it up for 15 years while we waited for VHS, and now DVD. This is the music of my soul, thanks for memories.
Dio in the mob rules fantastic song
From truth and other lies
Oh wow, i own the soundtrack...but it was always the original score what i wanted. Thank you man for that great upload <3
E Loesch
this movie gave me my first concussion from head banging! hahaha!
Charles Snyder
i’m here because of the Falcon Heavy launch. thanks Elon Musk.
Alex Rees
This is one of the albums I used to blast all the time in my last year of high school, as well as Yes: "Yessongs", Cheap Trick: "Live At Budokan", Pink Floyd: "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn", Nirvana: "Live At Reading" and Frank Zappa "Joe's Garage"
This is one of my fav soundtracks still!
The BEST movie EVER....RIP JC hopefully you are Den...
Arathorn Dezeus
it's your one way ticket to midnight
Stevie Nicks' song is the best in my opinion. Priceless gem.
Skullator aka Arthur Mansolf
Loved this movie I'll have to get a DVD or something...😎
Loved the movie and soundtrack forever now but always one gripe: the Devo song is incredibly un-heavy metal in every conceivable way.
Neil Henry
Thank you for this post!! My original cassette tape melted in the hot sun and good luck finding this on itunes! Cheers!!!
AT Productions
A soundtrack with Black Sabbath and Elmer Bernstein. What more do ya need?
James Houston
+perpetual youth I'm right there with you! This home made cassette never left my Walkman! Were you in the movie theater shouting, "Turn it up!" too? If it hadn't been for this album I would've been a different person! Thanks for posting!
my dad introduced me to this back in 1994. I was 7. lol
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Omg this film had these bands make songs for this wow
Awesome album.
They used to play the film at The Midnight Movies in Sacramento Ca. You could also watch Rocky Horror Show Or Pink Floyd or LED Zeppelin for a freakin dollar!!! We’d party then go see this then go back to partying lol. Man I miss the early to mid 80’s!! Best time of my life lol. Zero responsibility and nothin but great times and even better chicks lol
Carlos Espinoza
Muchas gracias! que gran aporte, de verdad lo agradezco mucho...
I played this while Falcon Heavy took it historic Journey into Space!!!!
Don Felder Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride) 18:55 BEST TRACK!
Shawn Reed
Bad ass soundtrack
Frank Landry
good old metal tunes
life soundtrack
The locknar sees all!!! The green orb. They should make a Den movie.
Teddles Peddles
South Park in nippleopolis 😁😁😁😁😁
P Sergiu
2018 and still rocking
Winston Smith
Well, today's kids got......... cgi comic book heroes............. hurm.......... errr, I mean, they got brand new sjw star wars movies! ...... ehhhhhhh.... guardians of the galaxy woohoo!!!!! eck...
David Koch
Thanks for the memories! They just do not make them like this anymore. This was some of the best of it's time, maybe all time!
Brent Wilson
Wish they would make a new heavy metal movie. This was awsome.
retro yazzz
Sammy is the best lml
It’s all about old school metal. When the music was still listenable, with harmony and melody. The problem with metal music now is there’s too many death metal bands that try way too hard, it’s comical. There’s not enough bands like Black Sabbath.
Robert Munch
Geezuz, I haven't heard this in 30 years
Around 2010, my dad introduced me to this movie. I was ten years old and didn't really care for it. I wasn't really into sci-fi, fantasy or sword and sorcery. I really wasn't interested in heavy metal. Over the years I got into heavy music (metallica, venom, motorhead) and then started playing ad&d. Now at the age of 18, I've completely changed. Sci-fi and fantasy are two of my favorite genres and heavy metal is my jam. I can only say I wish I took an interest in this sort of stuff before. And this movie is fucking radical. Truly a classic. Jesus I've wrote a lot, I guess I have trouble cutting these comments down...
Samuel Goodman
Psychic wars by BOC is my favorite cut from this album
Hendricks Briggs
I. was 18 Sammy. rocks
Wes Reynolds
Good music and tities what more can u ask for
gracias por compilarlo
Sebastian Sänger
BEST american R-rated animated movie EVER.
Kwstas gusgr
everytime im in the car listening to this album and mob rules is on then you know we drivin fast.
Krystal Anderson
EVERY SINgle WOrd......i was ELEVENTEEN!!!!!!!! what a mad cracker
Jose Serrano Bayon
Thanks! Gracias!🤘👍
Bruno BRF3
Fullmetal night all listened Detected !!!!!!
tricia lamo
It's the best old-school tunes..
John S one
Trust-prefab...never heard before, they rock, my fav on the soundtrack.
Bruce A Beckley Sr
I remembered while growing up
Robert Lee
LOVE IT! Doing my 70's shuffle à la Billy Idol. Dancin' with myself.
Mark McNary
Strange animated movie, but great soundtrack even with the orchestral score, which i liked, along with the rock music part of the soundtrack.
" Es de La Pelicula Heavy Metal del año 1981 "
Sigh Phi Guy
loved the soundtrack but i think if it were all BOC it would have been better.
Recently come across this movie (asking myself why i havent seen it earlier!) and now got the soundtrack, love it all!
Vicius Mezcalina
David Hansen
Do wish rock could rise again
Sad Gabriel
you saved me, thanks alot!
marilyn gaona
Good bands, good compilation, I like Sammy hagar, black Sabbath, and nazareth performances.
Jeremy Feit
This is awesome. But still, I took it one step further when I recorded both the rock and orchestra lps, and replaced the version here of Black Sabbath's The Mob Rules with the one from their album The Mob Rules (which exactly matches the movie, which the HM score doesn't), including the instrumental piece leading up to it. Also I recorded Through Being Cool off of Devo's LP, which isn't on the rock score either.
Hector Medina
Damn telsa space launch! Came across this video and loving the soundtrack!
I was a Blue Oyster Cult fan so when they ended up on the soundtrack, I was ecstatic! Then BOC goes all Micheal Morecock and Elric and Stormbringer Black Blade and Veteran of the Psychic Wars; It was so awesome.
Matheus Morais
Veteran of psycho Wars and the mob rules are the best!
Jeremy Feit
This orchestral album differs from what I have on LP.. disappointing... nevermind last comment
chris miller
Hilarious is my Queen-Bee
Joe Fielding
need iron maiden and judas priest on this!!!,,,,, Journey and stevie nicks really?
Hondo Barr
Wow I be tripping man.hale Satan
Awesome movie, one of my fave animated movies and sci-fi and fantasy films and comic book movies for 25 years! i was 11 years old when i saw this on Cinemax thanks to looking at an albuquerque TV guide showing week of movies in the paper and watched it with Hey Good Looking, American Pop and Vampire Hunter D and became faves. I even bought this soundtrack on CD when i was 14 with the movie on VHS and bought the DVD after my 2000 graduation and have it on blu-ray. I also love the score by Bernstein. This movie is very influential with the comic magazine and inspired things like Fifth Element and without HM and other adult animation there be no Simpsons, Spawn TAS, Bojack Horseman and more. I even had a crush on Taarna when i was a kid and a teen and one of my top 20 animated babes. For anyone who liked the movie, check out American Pop, Fire and Ice, Hey Good Looking, Wizards, Fritz the Cat, Watership Down, Dark Knight Returns, Batman Under the Red Hood, South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut, Akira, Ninja Scroll, Waltz with Bashir, Fantastic Planet, Gandahar aka Lightyears, Wicked CIty, Rock and Rule, Cowboy Bebop the movie, I married a Strange Person, Golgo 13 The Professional, Futurama movies, Felidae, Princess Mononoke etc. which are other neat adult animated movies.
Bill Gillen
I was 20 years old when this came out and I seen it the first night and went back 10 times to watch it. I bought the album when it came it and wore it out. I make it a point to watch it every year. I have owned the DVD when it was released. It always makes me smile.
1:02:20 green orb majestic 1:15:00 - heroic gallop 1:26:15 love theme 1:37:25 tarna theme/ flight 1:41:06 tarna prepares 1:44:10 tarna 1:50:30 tarna sacrifice 1:55:20 tarna memories 1:58:50 into battle 2:01:00 final confrontation 2:04:22 green orb majestic 2 2:05:30 heroic gallop reprise 2:06:45 gallop final
So I'm at work in the office and a guy out in the hall was listening to music and a song came on that was familiar. I can't recall the name of it but I thought it was deon Heavy Metal, but I can't find it. I wish I could remember where I heard that song.
Scooter McFearsone
I was 13 in Early Texas, Walking across a trailer park going to Allsups convenience store with a fried that had a boom box. He played this and I was an instant metalhead. Will remember that forever.
Wanya wanechkin
Я непойму за что люди ставят "клас" . Тут больше половины фуфло какоето играет . СЛУШАЙТЕ СНАЧАЛА , ПОТОМ ОЦЕНИВАЙТЕ .
Bob Anders
Awesome! Thank you!
Hugh Larious
anybody else? Saturday Night or Music on the Job? ...For the record I am a brain surgeon specializing in tumor removal & I play this before i have the patient 'put under'... It really freaks them out for some reason, well... That and the smell of Jack Daniel's on my breath - but i cant cut unless I am in my GROOVE!
OK Artwork
Thx Frank, it is sad that the song from Devo - Through being cool was not on the Soundtrack...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frp4AtPshRo ...however I saw Heavy Metal 1981 in the cinema and I love this movie and the music....Harry Canyon part and open arms with Journey is my favourite...
There was a midnight showing of this last night at the Coolidge Corner Cinema in Boston/Brookline MA. It was on original 35 mm film and you can see the grains and worn spots in some of the cells of the film. It was literally pulled out of the vault. I haven't seen this movie on the big cinema screen since it was originally released in 1981 when I was about to turn 9. Now I am 44 and still love this film
Dan Dugan
Some friends and I are taking old school muscle to the Woodward dream cruise in August. Think I just found my driving music. Takes me back to the Chrysler I drove in high school. It had a " HEAVY METAL" plate on the front..loud large and fast.
Mike Woodward
Colin Farren
Its a v good film. And to have Don Felder from the Eagles is sick!
Sir Dehumanized
South Park brought me here.
Michael Brown
First time I saw this, I was stationed Ft. Gordon. The movie didn't start to midnight so a bunch of us headed to the bar to kill some time. Three hours later I had to leave the movie to throw up about 5 strawberry daquiri's in the men's room. Tasted terrible, but looked much worse. Anyway, Great soundtrack, awesome cover art.
the stooge
1:15:34 Hanover snaps
Zero Proyect
Name? 18:59
Colin Farren
lol the bit when they hovvering up there drugs
Lilli M.
anyone here because of south park? :D
Levi Belch
Here because of fire of unknown origin
Julien Chaudey
il y a du métal hurlant dans l aire
Leeanna Relethford
Tracklist me time signaturEe sign me up
alguien me puede decir de que trata la peli y si se recomienda
Beriadan Eethrehneeon
Heavy Metal
Kevin Larson