Spartacus Gods of the Arena - Gannicus Vs 2 Gladiators

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a clip from episode 6 of spartacus gods of the arena. gannicus fights against 2 gladiators at the new arena

For everyone saying this is evil/the reason Rome fell...keep in mind these were going on at the height or Roman power. Its true apex. Far greater than it ever was under Christianity.
Κώστας Αργύρης
Gannicus isn't killing,he is farming.That's just how overpowered he is :)
Christian H
0:22 shameless rip-off of the emperor's reaction in Gladiator
Adonay Rocha
Gannicus! Gannicus! Gannicus!
Brent Fisher
0:13 is yummy tasty red blood.
So glad creepface got speared in the chest in Spartacus Vengeance. Although the plan was to have him get speared right through the mouth (as a play on his fascination with abusive sex) but they didn't have the budget.
nico olsen
my god. STILL on my top 10 favorite tvshow list. This show is badass constantly. I love this show. Just before you go down to the gym, listen to the soundtracks of this show or some fight-scenes from it. They get me pumped & ready to go down there & beat the iron:)
pff.... nothing can beat Achilles vs. Hector
Well said
Imperial Commander Yue Fei 岳飛
And they grow up thinking it's okay and should be the norm. Then we get a society as decadent as that of the Romans and thus we continue the cycle of civilizations falling from within.
Elder Scrolls Fanboy
too bad there was only a 5% chance of dying in the arena, Flamma would beat the shit out of these capua gladiators so you know, 4 chances to leave the arena and be a free man. Spartacus didnt even get 1...he had to escape..
Nikola Andonovski
Finally a person which has proper mind !
now there's a fuckin gladiator! tha best
22? Look closely, he had them at 8 seconds.
hahha watch batititus face when he freaks!
Nikola Andonovski
There is no big picture there is nothing wrong with this sir im sorry but i just cant agree you keep your opinion me mine and me done with bye now...
You're not looking at the big picture. You're planting seeds. One tiny insignificant corrupted seed. I dont even know why I'm still responding to this, you're obviously lost in your own fantasy world of make believe where wrong is right and morals are an inconvenience. Time to wake up and have a reality check.
Nikola Andonovski
very small number which is not even important to the number of people which exist
If everyone followed your unorthodox methods of raising kids, then yes, We can expect a rapid increase in disturbing behavior to those exposed. In fairness, such things wont be the sole contributor to psychological dysfunctions in children. Some people are just born messed up.
Nikola Andonovski
looooook now sex is 100% fine the violence is maybe a little bit too much but sir please will they just go and start killing if they see this i really dont think so ... if things were like that then half of the people will be murderers as you said...
Sir, you are in favor of exposing children to sex and violence, which makes me think maybe you're somewhere from that neck of the woods so that cant be helped. Further more, mental patients and prison inmates are treated like children in a similar fashion. They arent allowed to watch any program with sexual themes and glorified violence. The idea is to rehabilitate their already destructive behavior by conditioning their thoughts with stress free images. You... wish to reverse this process.
Nikola Andonovski
rebuttle i have no words that does not even make sense what you said
No rebuttle? Cased closed then.
Nikola Andonovski
riiiiiiiiiiightttttt... o.O
It may not be obvious to you cause most of them just join the army. Best secret identity of a mass murderer.
Nikola Andonovski
if they were half then you would not be alive now...
it's case to case. One half grows up just fine, calm, level headed, not a violent tendency in their bones. The other half butchers their parents, shoots up a school, builds a bomb in their basement...
Nikola Andonovski
kids watched that then why not now ?
Nikola Andonovski
well duh ...
Yes planting nightmarish images in their young minds will make them grow into lovely well adjusted people. Whats next, hardcore porn for sex ed?
Shqipet e Pergjakta
shum i pordhet osht ky filmi
Cameron Snow
could you send me the link?
Nikola Andonovski
better than after school fight video
0:23 twarz psychopaty lol xd i :D w chuj i w kutaski! lol xd
Strahil Zahariev
and sex
Nikola Andonovski
And by little kids in the first place i meant about 12 to 15 years old ... i surely think they are old enough ...
Nikola Andonovski
A friend of mine has a child of 8 years he allows him to watch this and the kid does not show any interest in killing someone for real at all ... ! At least i think so ...
You don't watch enough news then. But if you have a kid, you can try what happen if you show the Spartacus to him early. Just don't blame me after it.
Nikola Andonovski
i hardly believe that is possible sir...sorry but im with myself on that one...
Ty for the cool video.. i keep searching spartacus vs krasus or spartacus vs gannicus but they are all with shitty music.. thumbs up for original video..
I'm not sure I understand that. Even a five year old can beat dead another five year old with a stick. That doesn't need any mental development.
Nikola Andonovski
how old are we talking here are they capable of such a thing and wont they be more mentally developed when they are ? comone sir in till they are able to do such stuff they would mentally grow up ... would they / ?
Well, sir, you don't know much about children do you? They're learning as they kids, not many of them have reason to see what they'll cause if they imitating that. Kids learning from their parents, their enviroment, or from the TV.
Nikola Andonovski
i understand you they will play and stuff but i still don't think they will just start choking and stabbing each other ... if they will do that they will do it without even watching this because there was a reason... if you get my point sir...
less because of the slow motion's ahaha
You know, kids aren't as rational as adults, they barely understand the plot and didn't say "Oh, it's just a movie, everything is fake". Kids see fighting and stuff, and they say "Cool, let's try it."
Nikola Andonovski
nope doesn't matter! like someone will just watch this get a gladius sword and start stabbing people ! if they will do a massacre they will do it even without watching this ... if they made a decision im gona kill someone it doesn't matter they are gona do it anyway not like i watched people kill each other in the arena now im gona kill someone too...!
Yeah, then you'll see in the news what massacre they did under the influence of the show.
Lloyd G
he is a beast!!! fav character
Nikola Andonovski
in my opinion little kids should watch things like this so they dont be squimmish and delicate when they grow up
batiatus is so happy in this one =))
only 22 sec. and gannicus kill 2 GLADIATORS. :)
that was short
thanks, gonna watch it when i can :D
actually i watched it with my mom, it was kinda embressenig first time but eh... got over it. i sent the links. have fun :)
or parents... yeah you can send me the link, i never find a good link to watch it directly.
xD if you like it i can send you a link to watch all 3 seasons in skype, but there is alot of sex scenes and gore, so not suggesting to watch it when there are kids around....
blood, death and combat FTW