State Of The Union Fails | The News & Why It Matters Ep. 218

On this episode of The News & Why It Matters Stu Burguiere, Jason Buttrill, Jeff Fisher, and Andrew Heaton discuss Congress' "System" for applause, a fact-check fail, and Elizabeth Warren's identity crisis." Get your BlazeTV FREE trial NOW:

Lana l'tzion
So sorry about Doc , I loved listening to him what a shame !!!!what a shame ! I'm sorry for your loss
I love the blaze. Your sound still sucks
It's amazing how the Virginia Governor's college yearbook pictures surfaced in the same week that the man so nonchalantly advocated for the legalization for Baby Murder. Suddenly everyone is talking about a meaningless party prank he pulled as a kid 40 years ago while the issue that is extremely important gets swept under the rug. Does no one else see that this is a perfect example of Glenn's "magician's trick" of making us watch the left hand while the right hand does the dirty work out of sight.
Wow. The video needs some work. It's fragmented all over the place. I am in broadcast and whatever your stream boxes are, you need to upgrade. People stream live from their phone at 1080p and it looks better than this. Also, Dan Dugan automix....invest. It's extremely inexpensive (comparative to the video equipment) and it will make your broadcasts sooooo much better.
Gabe Loftus
I love how people who aren't on the bordering states don't think that illegal immigration is a crisis , when they have no jobs available , their schools are over ran ,the grocery store shelves are bare , and criminal run the streets day and night ,then maybe and only then will they see the full pitcher ,
Lyle Smith
So sad about doc. Miss him on the radio
Max the Madvertiser
Jeffy is the best. 😁
Patrick Fennell
Chick Todd is to news as to what LEGO blocks are to Vacuum cleaners.
Will 2-B
Get well soon Sara.
Ronald Mason
I was waiting with baited breathe for an envelope to fall out of Nancy’s papers that she was fiddling with at the SOTU.
Mama Trama
I enjoyed that the president was as direct as he was.
OUR Republic- Never Give In
TRUMP 2020!!!! Best speech ever.
Charles Badger
Democrats in white, always makes me raise my eye brows in wonder. This time it looked a little oddly familiar to those burning crosses and robes from way back when the KKK was taken seriously.
nota newbie
Hey Jeffy, so great that you are doing OK. Take care of yourself friend.
THANK YOU STU for finally commenting on Sarah is entirely too harsh on herself on that old picture!
My Alaska Dream
25:21 if you seen her eat frybread than it’s legit😂
Cynthia Barrow
They are gobbling 🙄
Eugene Sant
20 million illegals living among us right A crisis.
How about editing out the commercial break?
rick inwashington
I think Trump hit one out of the park with his State of Union. Trump haters are so blinded they will never see anything balanced. Perhaps this reflects more on their deficiencies than the deficiencies they see in Trump.
Fixeus 2017
1 more time lol
caden fall
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Where's the Sheila she looks much better than you blokes?
Heaven Morgan
Why did the sotua get cut??
Nicolas Walsh
Get this chump Andrew off the air, he’s such a phony I can’t stand it.
The State of the Union address was Inspiring and Trumps speech was one of Unification! You bunch of negative Socialists are freaking fools! We have an Amazing President and the best part was when the Whole House was cheering USA together!!! You freaking Fags need to stop Bashing of Great President!
David Wishengrad
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Flat Earth Preacher
all news is 100% fake