The Duck Song Parts 1-3

Awesome T-Shirts & Hoodies: /> I took all the three original duck songs and put them all in one video. I did not make them, please support the original makers.

Die Lit
2019 anyone? Just revisiting my childhood :)
Aeowyne O'Farrell
2019 anyone? Just me? Ok.
Shakila Mushtaq
Cameron Simmons
I love how the facial expressions changed everytime the duck came back. 🤣
Mason Climax
Theory: The Duck is a severe narcissist Proof: He said he was kinda cute
legend has it that to this day he’s still asking for grapes...
Gary Nethen
Lol Duck on a warm day: *got any grapes??* Me: *GIMME THAT LEMONADE!*
I want coNtEnT
The duck song: *Still exists* Baby shark: *im about* to end this whole mans career The duck song: *reverse card*
A A RON 20
anyone watching this in 2019 leave a like if you are and got any grapes
Maxine Sugarman
"WE DON'T SELL ANY FRUIT!!!" "I'm kinda cute"
Sirens of New Jersey
Welcome to another episode of "why did this pop up on my recommendation list?"
Norbert Fischer
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein
QueenB x
I’m selling grapes 🍇 for only 1 like each!! It’s on sale!!
Anyone wacthing in 2019 😭
Tuananh Nguyen
The third one is like a remix
TheNOAH_ 101
legends say he still annoys vendors to this day
Cool Stakes
This deserves more views than Baby Shark
BoringTime 《》
And the duck said: "I'm kinda cute." xD
Princess Rainbow swirls aka beyeza fernandez
Legend says that he still can’t find grapes
sakri pacinos
Duck: *I'M KINDA CUTE* Woman: *NO*
Doctor: You have 10 minutes to live. Me:
rÿûüį :3
Some say he still waddles till this day
That duck would be annoying to me lol Legend says the duck still goes to the lemonade stand every day.
"I'll glue you to a tree and leave you there" *Top 10 Most painful gore in the history*
Wonderful. It has given my brain cells back. 🐥🔥
chewi lewi
Put it on my bill lol
B. Lonewolf
THEORY: Part 1 and Part 2 are actually taking place concurrently in time. When the duck leaves the lemonade stand, he immediately goes to the corner store. In fact, his entire purpose is to bring the man and woman together. By asking them both for grapes, he is creating something that the two of them can bond over. The duck was orchestrating everything from the very beginning, for he is actually Cupid, the god of love, merely assuming duck form!
Supernatural Fanatic
17 years old and still love this, I used to play this for my little cousin when he was a baby because he would not sleep for dear life and this was literally the only thing that got him to sleep.
im a sewer rat that stan's bts
when u see that same duck from yesterday approaching again. *Ah shit, here we go again.*
Salty Chippy
*sips lemonade while watching * * SLURP*
i cried when the video ended
Yeseo Lee
Do u think the store? Do you think the store-100times Edit: Duck tape.
congratulations you just got this song stuck in your head for the next 200 years
Ronnie Jennings
duck: do you think this.. store do you think this store.. me: ....JUST SAY IT ALREADY PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE
Me: watches a bunch of weather and tornado videos YouTube: the duck song # 1-3 Me : ;-;
Rabiya Siddika
this should be a meme like if u agree but if it is already a meme well that was useless of writting
AlphaSdrian AASN
Lemonade dude: I mean lemonade's all we ever sold, why not give it a go Duck: How about... no Me: OOHHH mans not hot
Hanoo Alghamdi
Duck: hey bum bum bum Lemonade man: that’s it if u don’t stop I’ll glow u to a tree so don’t get to close 😂
“we don’t sell fruit” says that while there is a whole basket of fruit in the corner
teri hunt
Duck:do u think this store do u think this store has any lemonade? Me:hurry up my battery is at 1 percent
lilsmokerx playz
Im like 10 and im still waching this! Lol!!🤣🤣
Ebony Cleopatra
Jeez, the duck just wanted some goddamn grapes.
Eyelash Says
2020? Any one? No just me....ok Opps wrong time line \: Edit 1:thanks for 5 likes Edit 2:thanks for 10 likes
Im Unique
legend says that the duck is asking for grapes to this day
Lil A
2019 anyone? I love my childhood
It's 3am What am I doing here
Rodney’s World
I think that the duck doesn’t have a life because he waddled all day there and back to the different stores. Also I think possibly you trying to insult them because at the end he was like no I’ll pass but does the store happen to sell lemonade. 🦆
Krysta Monique
Part 4: duck walks up to the chinese restaurant. The end.
abdul ghani
Doki Doki Yuri
He Protecc He Attacc But Mostly He Quac Quac
-*_what shampoo does rosé use_*-
idk why im back here after 10 years
Robert frett
I hate it when people ask what year their watching this in 2019 Anyone?
Asher Tathren
This duck is a match maker lol
Sebastian Martinez
this a obession for grapes
Victoria Inahuazo
He protecc He attacc But most importantly he quacc quacc
Blablanerthy2nd Roblox Meme
Duck: "I'm kinda cute" ME: "XD ur a cartoon LOL!"
Guilt Muffin
Duck:GoT aNy GRapEs Duck2:GOt aNY GrApES Duck3:GOt anY GrAPEs Duck4?:GoT AnY ThAnOeS
Shelbi Hogan
It’s 2019 and here we are again
Valerie Salgado
Doctor: Ok, you have 9 minutes and 28 seconds to live. What do you want to do? Me: Watch the Duck Song 1-3. Doctor: That 9 minutes and 28 seconds. What are you doing with the extra second? Me: Ask for grapes >:3
Anyone notice how there’s not next day 😔
David Molina
I was half expecting that duck to be shot at some point
Just a human
I’ll never understand why all these people just bought grapes
Crystal Porter
Duck:bump bump bump bump bump me:get to the story before I kill you
It’s Me TheRealGeoBoy
*_Nostalgia Has Joined The Chat_*
Tam do
Yay my favorite song since 2010
Stop aks if they say no
One: this is my childhood. Two: I'm crying Three: this is better than baby shark and johnny johnny. *change my mind*
Still better than Justin Bieber
Galaxywolf218 yt
me: duckduckduckduckduckduck my friend: ummmm are you ok? me: do you like ducks...... my friend: yes? me: ok A DUCK WALKED UP TO A LEMONADE STAN AND SAID TO THE MAN WHO WAS RUNNIN THE STAN (sings rest of song) my friend: uh i'll be
Bella Gaytan
This is my childhood I Used to watch it for ever (-.-) (~.~) 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖
Geraldine Taylor
This song gets in your head😫
Banana Goddess
Woman : TRIGGERED duck : got any grapes me : U JUST GOT PLAYED BY A DUCK
this is my childhood 😢😢😢😭😭
Ice Cat
2019 anybody
Alice Cherriez
Damn those are pretty cheap grapes only a PENNY wow :O XD
Unknown Unknown
9:20 Duck with headphones iis sooooooooooooo me! anybody else?
Eighty felixyo
The guy rage in the first song
Lps Wolfy Luna AJ
Man=Me Duck=Gina (my new friend) Narrator=Lara (my new friend's mom) "What a perfect family" When the man said "wut" is usually me
The first was the best
Kurt Travis Canico
Duck saying "hell no" buttons for sale,costs 1 like 1:25 1:25 1:25 1:25 Hehe
2019... Anyone??? I’m so lonely
Inam Khan
This came out when I was 2... same as da coconut song XD
Heya_itz_ Lillia
Ultimate troll: duck 😂
Kawaii Aza
*patiently waits for part 4* Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a part 4?!
funtime foxy
The third one is a remix I feel it
Blue Sheep
Felt bad for the duck I want more I am crying😭
Tyrah Knight
Actually I do have grapes....just saying
Carter Schaffer
every girl and boy in my house loves this song
Gacahagirl101 Gachavirl569703
Hey, got any grapes?🍇🍇🍇
Mi 555
No, I don't have any grapes
Mystical Umbreon
pastel bunny
Dog: Woof Woof Cat: Meow Meow Idiot: 2019? 2019?
Tom Holland’s Wife
2019 still waddling proudly 🍇 🍋
Millie PUG!!!!!!!
What's with his obsession with grapes? I love grapes tho ❤️
Gguyviugvi yfvyfyuugfvfyu
I’m expecting these songs to end up on YouTube 15
Blahdunty AJPW
Got any grapes? LOL 😂😂😂
Reem Stateyeh
ME :ARE YOU REAL MY MOM :do you wanna go some where Me :YEAH Mom : where Me: DUCK POND
Bacon Mannn
*_H E Y G O T A N Y G R A P E S?_*
Ton berry
this flipping duck is such a troll. XD