Paul George vs LeBron James Full Duel 2013 ECF Game 2 - 58 Pts Combined, NASTY Battle!

LeBron with 36 Pts, PG with 22 Pts and 6 Assists and the Filthy Dunk on Birdman. Got a Request? Wonder what i'm uploading next? Follow me on Twitter - />Download EVERY Game in HD Quality 10 minutes after the game ends: />Got a request? Drop a comment here - />Like me on Facebook - />Boxscore - /> __

that pacers team was underrated
Baller Doge
This pacers team was really nice. their chemistry was just spot on.. it felt like their starting 5 just clicked unfortunately it was also Lebron's prime
Andrew Spong (Lordzhuge)
that dunk on birdman is just filth
Sako Khatchikian
That pass by Lebron at 2:45 is flat out ridiculous. It had to take so much strength to get that pass to Mike Miller considering he was in mid air thinking he was going to shoot it and then having to use one hand to pass the ball
The way George and LeBron slapped hands after LeBron hit that buzzer beater. Pretty cool that they were able to give each other props in the middle of a playoff series... especially after a buzzer beater was the reason the Pacers were down 1-0 heading into this one.
Cavs 2016 champs......if healthy
Jerry Flores
pg and kawhi are the only 2 players i have ever seen to challenge lebron straight up, got to respect those 2 .
Best Eastern Conference Finals I've seen. I guess Miami vs Boston was good too but I loved this series. This was the rise of a very good defensive Pacer team vs #1 offensive Miami team. This series was literally back and fourth. I wish the Pacers were still this good. They were so entertaining to watch
Young Dommy
This is one of the greatest Eastern Conference Finals!!!
Percy Jackson
6:02 rip lebron ankles
Алексей Бриль
This is one of the closest series I've ever seen
Hunter Nixon
This matchup and this rivalry was fire 🔥
Ballers Life
5:08 - Just absolutely filthy. Just watch Birdman's landing on slow-mo. LOORD!
Baller Baby
LeBron simply the 2nd best Playoff performer of all time. MJ padded his stats for 3 straight years usually getting swept out of the first round *IN 3 GAMES*. That's why his ppg/agp etc. are massively inflated at 33 ppg in the p/o to LBJ's 28 ppg. LBJ's never been bounced out in the 1st round. MJ's numbers are so inflated (he got swept by the Celtics on 43 ppg) but he still has 6 rings 6 fmvp. If LBJ wins another ring & fmvp, he is officially ahead of MJ as a basketball player imo. Didn't retire, 6 straight Finals, just won a Finals w/ 0 HoF team and rookie coach. 7 Finals by the age of 31 and 4 rings on top of that? LBJ's stats have never been inflated, it's that simple.
The 2013 playoffs were the best in the last 5 years man. This series with GS AND SA along with the finals were legendary
Khal Drogo23
Pacers had a better overall team over miami but miami did have more star power
Shoto Todorki ೀ。
Lebron James is incredible, if he gets his jumper back and his team is healthy and consistent the Warriors are losing, but I don't think that's realistic...
Aaron Hoover
That series witih PG and LeBron was just fun to watch. LeBron is the best player on this planet, I'm a Pacers fan, but the respect shown by LeBron just, I think, proves how good PG is. Fun to watch I'm a little salty, obviusly lol, that we lost but man those were intense playoff series. I wish we had this years PG on that team
Stuntin always
When brons shot is going he's unguardable
Thomas O'Brien
2:43 what a great pass
Chris Webber4
birdman this is your kodak moment! lol i was screaming when PG was getting hype xD
No lie this Miami team could beat golden state
joshua bryant
that dunk by George was just nasty
Rayjor Ivey
Pg doesn't play the same as far as athleticism after his broken leg less dunks😿😿😿
Lol Chalmers flop at 3:23 was hilarious 😂
Strange Dangerr
The amount of intensity during this series was incredible. This was a legendary series
6Godzingis & Godme7o - Dynamic Duo
sighs.... I didn't want to see a Snap Crackle and Flopper highlight video Dawk
3:25 wade was like nope
Dream Chasers
2018! Anybody ?
can't wait for this duel on saturday
Warren Jay
I'm not a pacers fan, but you would've thought i had been for years if you saw me during this series! Haha
best flopping team ever
kaede rukawa
7:11 twoooo minutes, DOPE
Brace Brooks
I believe this was the best eastern conference finals since the 2009 Magic vs Cavs ECF matchup Thanks 4 uploading this Paul George is my 3rd favorite nba star
Keiichi K
Still fne of my all time favorite series
Stefan Jin
24 > 13
Joel Diaz
6:52 that's a foul? lmao if you call that on street ball you ain't never gonna get picked up this the NBA cmon now
Tyreek Foster
#PacerNation !
Lebron needs this jumper back, after his diet from last year his jump shot looks different and not as fluid
I remember watchin this series live and I was remember everybody was like PG is gonna be the best 2 way player in the world one day. Watchin this series he really was goin up against PRIME Lebron and he at some moments looked like he was right there with him in terms of talent and just a year before this he was the startin SG for this team and he wasnt even the best player on the team , shit was crazy. That injury he had in 2014 was gruesome and even tho he recovered really well from it and is back to a Allstar I personally think him missin a whole year of playin really set him back cause he should be in the MVP conversation and the best player on a championship team. Oh yea he was only in his 3rd season
Eric Willan
kobe vs lebron
Eric Willan
kobe vs lebron
Jmoney 35
lebron got crossed up 6:00
Malik ahmed
easily could beat The warriors
That dunk on Birdman was literally lethal. His career hasn’t been the same since
Muhammed Al Boo Boo
Paul George went to Fresno St I live in fresno
Awad Ahmed
Favourite player in the nba
Tada Khamvongsa
People saying Lebron is a great jump shooter but actually shoots poorly from mid range. The reason why he has a high fg% was driving to the basket and transition dunks or lay ups.
Who else is watching this from Indy?
J Gildarts
Damn I forgot how horribly this entire team flopped
Rian Eagan
This series got me into basketball lol
Matthew W
this whole series was fire
Jacob Kozak
6:04 Lebron's ankles are still there
Who's here because of rematch on saturday? Hope it's going to be a great matchup. In my opionion, at least 5-6 games :)
226 assists
That nba 2k dunk animation on birdman😂
Lebron did no defense.. Except that block
2013 pg was so underrated
Eric Lu
back when george is damn strong
What happened to Paul George smh
katoni waller
RayGunz 101
When D Rose got injured it was a dark time in the east and Paul George was the only hope left vs Lebron
the pass at 2:54 is crazy. he used one hand! in mid-air! with his momentum drifting down already! Wow!
Sam Frank
I still remember that PG24 dunk. Best dunk of the year
If only pacers added another piece like if they had a Lou Williams they would have won
who else here in 2018
My favorite dunk of all time.... you know which one I’m talking about
Gerald Corsino
idol Paul
Yung Chocolate
This was soooooooo ENTERTAINING!!!!
Percy Jackson
back in the day when everyone was a "heat fan".
The first shot by Lebron shows why he should never be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan. Jordan would've DUNKED the ball on Hibbert's head just to make a statement. Lebron gets scared and throws a floater and ducks out of the way. Says it all.
Ryan Kelley
I can't see why people think LeBron is top ten of all time. All he really is is a mid range shooter like DeMar Derozan.
Alibek Asanbaev
Lol PG24 broke LBJ ankles in 6:04
eh yo
Yall hating on Lebron, but watch all his games, and buy his If you hate him, stop obsessing over him..stop watching and commenting on everything he does..stop stalking him
The pass at 2:45 by Lebron is ridiculous. I can’t think of anyone else in the history of the game that can make that pass.