Lil Uzi Vert - Heavy Metal feat. Lil Gotit & Lil Keed (Official Audio)

Richard Nesta Grey
If you think uzi is a goat for getting these guys clout , like this 🙃
Skezys YT
Selling replay buttons 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 It costs 1 like :)
james terry
uzi went hard then idk some terrible shit happened afterwards
renanya alev anais
am venit de la abi :)
Skezys YT
Prezenta celor de la Abi? 😈
Nathaniel Perez
Only here for uzi
Gavin Bamber
Uzi carried this song.
R.I.P Tentacion
Cn e aici de la abi?
Andrey Lucescu
Cineva care a mai venit de la Abi🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴?
Jahzarraa F
It would be better if uzi was just alone or if it was with carti😭
King Bby
Cine e de la abi👑❤️?
Uzi and gotit go hard but keed be rapping in cursive smh
Rachel Dufie
Am I the only one that loves the way uzi says brick?
maxiiimult X
A mai venit cineva de la abi? :)))
Mocanu Sebastian
Cine a venit de la abi sa dea like😂
Uzi destroyed me worse than my uncle
Need a remix of this wit Gunna & Young Thug
Cine e de la abi?
Logic Raps
Uzi bodied then keed bruh came in and ruined it but gotit went hard
Metro Boomin
Uzi 🔥🔥🔥 2nd dude 🤦🏻‍♂️. 3rd dude 🤘🏼💀🤘🏼
This song hard asf but gone get slept on
issa_mf hoe
lyrics: Abi fiu de imparat , de gucci sunt obsedat , Ochi negri sunt posedat , Vad un roacker si il bat , Mi ai vazut gropita , te ai udat , Zdreanto hai la mn n pat , Sa moara familia mea , Amuly e vtm , KING BABY ABI REGELE Ti am furat si zdrentele Sar pe mn fetele nu te compari cu mn Papuci Givenchy , Hai sa facem doi copii sa i cheme Chanel si Dihor, Bby abi te ador
But the second guy was aids
Here because abi💔💞
Nick_da_kid25 Savage
Gotit straight ruined the vibe. I was in it then heard his voice. Smh, smh.
One for None
Uzi bodied 🔥🔥
Hopeless Romantic
Uzi change of appearance from 2016 to 2018 is crazy
lilyeet 3
No ones gonna talk about the beat
Sync Boy
Im selling replay buttons 01:08 01:08 01:08 It cost a like and a sub
iGalaxyKing- Mitosis The Game
Sunt aici de la abi zdrentelor
Abi talent e forta
Action Entertainment Now
I’m the only one that liked the way Lil Keed sounded 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Gonedestroyer 01
2nd dude was trash but hilarious 😂
Tyler Borg
This song is way better without the features
Santiago Milla
Please put this on Spotify
Lil Keed wtf is this eerie screeching I hear lil uzi went in😐
Mario Musat
Luv uzi and gotit but keed was just trash
Uzi straight fire
Hatche Alieva
Take the second guy out
am venit de la abi :)) 1:07
Cawzii/ Luke
Why are some lil randumbs in here with uzi tf 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
Neji Hyuga
Uzi the goat
1:40 - end is tuff
Andreea cristina
Mai mult de 10% sunt aici citind comentariile unde apare Abi;)
Tj Coles
🔥omg uzi wit ah banger
JayxKilla ii
Rip heavy metal (uzi only)
Madalina Bughiu
Cine e de la abi?:)
The 3 guy was actually pretty goid
lil Bowlz
they done deleted the other one
Just like fortnite uzi carried them to a dub 😂
uzi bodied this
Jesus Baby
Slick sound like ah dyin turkey😂
Here because Abi Dumnezeu 💕💔VTM
Marian calin
Cineva de la abi? 👑🤤
I love Bere
Who comes from Abi?!! Cine e de la ABI?!!
Desja Bonner
2nd dude needs to be slapped
Arnulfo Parra
Why isn’t this on Spotify
Living Life
Who ever made this beat killed it
FGH - Best
Am venit de la abi si app Jur pe mama ca dau like Ai jurat Fa o acum 👇
Catalina Ioana
aici da la abi vtm
Ashaundre Bennett
This so bad we need a shortened version instead of extended.
King Kyle
People actually find this shit good?
True Player
deadass look like muchdank did this art
A Chavez
Low key high key garb
bloody Lingo
Y’all sayin uzi killed it just cause u don’t know lil keed and gotit 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mekhi god
Auto tune aint work out
NPC #1
Im no longer listening to uzi He keep on playing games
The b*tch
Romanii mei unde sunt?
Uzi carried the song
2% milk
subscribe to pewdiepie
Isnt the fact that in the music photo cover they all have a different kind of black skin interesting??
Alright this is better then I thought it was going to be
Lil O
Slime 🐍 From Thailand 🇹🇭🔥
Kylee XO
Here here from the challenge videos😂😭
Who tf is Lil Keed & Lil Gotit?? 🤦🏾‍♂️
[THE] Lukeyourbro
Lil Gotit, please reply to this comment. I wanna work together
i kill ppl
Uzi sound like carti on this
Ministerul Afacerilor De Interne
Is sad they removed vlone troops Uzi only version 😂
IHNS Gaming
majoritatea au venit de la abi ...
woke man
this disrespects metal on a whole nother level. cant believe people actually like this
Juan Acuña
Uzi is so🔥
Anthony Steele El
Uzi a dragon 🐉🔥
parkour j
lil uzis part makes the whole song
Aaron Weaver
Was expected some heavy metal shit. I just got click baited.
ey yesterday
Y.W.NDJalways100 GÂÑG_______
O:43 is the hardest to 1:27
Black sabbath invented heavy metal in their song "Black Sabbath" back in the 1970s
Isaac Lwate
1:10-1:11 How Uzi be crying when he get whoppins
Graftro Studio
abi taleeent <3
Ender 2.0
De la abi 200k in plus ;))
y’all folks really be sleeping on keed & gotit 🤦🏻‍♂️
El Jeffe Beatz
Man who's the second verse ? 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Meglee Robert
Cine e de la abi like aici <3
Robert Nicolae
Cine a venit de la Abi să dea like
Deceanu Claudiu
Ce frumos dansează abi pe asta
Selena Unicata
*_abi m-a adus aici_* ❤😍
Why does lil keed look like chief keef knockoff