Lil Uzi Vert - Heavy Metal feat. Lil Gotit & Lil Keed (Official Audio)

Skezys YT
Selling replay buttons 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 It costs 1 like :)
Metro Boomin
Uzi 🔥🔥🔥 2nd dude 🤦🏻‍♂️. 3rd dude 🤘🏼💀🤘🏼
One for None
Uzi bodied 🔥🔥
Richard Nesta Grey
If you think uzi is a goat for getting these guys clout , like this 🙃
renanya alev anais
am venit de la abi :)
Nathaniel Perez
Only here for uzi
james terry
uzi went hard then idk some terrible shit happened afterwards
Rachel Dufie
Am I the only one that loves the way uzi says brick?
Tyler Borg
This song is way better without the features
Gavin Bamber
Uzi carried this song.
Skezys YT
Prezenta celor de la Abi? 😈
Uzi and gotit go hard but keed be rapping in cursive smh
Rebecca Rebecca
Cn e aici de la abi?
Lil Keed wtf is this eerie screeching I hear lil uzi went in😐
Wop Wop
Need a remix of this wit Gunna & Young Thug
Jahzarraa F
It would be better if uzi was just alone or if it was with carti😭
Andrey Lucescu
Cineva care a mai venit de la Abi🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴?
Uzi destroyed me worse than my uncle
Logic Raps
Uzi bodied then keed bruh came in and ruined it but gotit went hard
King Bby
Cine e de la abi👑❤️?
Uzi straight fire
This song hard asf but gone get slept on
Hatche Alieva
Take the second guy out
Hopeless Romantic
Uzi change of appearance from 2016 to 2018 is crazy
maxiiimult X
A mai venit cineva de la abi? :)))
Mocanu Sebastian
Cine a venit de la abi sa dea like😂
Cine e de la abi?
Andreea cristina
Mai mult de 10% sunt aici citind comentariile unde apare Abi;)
I love Bere
Who comes from Abi?!! Cine e de la ABI?!!
lilyeet 3
No ones gonna talk about the beat
Neji Hyuga
Uzi the goat
Mario X
Luv uzi and gotit but keed was just trash
1:40 - end is tuff
Tj Coles
🔥omg uzi wit ah banger
The 3 guy was actually pretty goid
Here because abi💔💞 Edit:128 likes not bad
Santiago Milla
Please put this on Spotify
JayxKilla ii
Rip heavy metal (uzi only)
lil Bowlz
they done deleted the other one
Nick_da_kid25 Savage
Gotit straight ruined the vibe. I was in it then heard his voice. Smh, smh.
FGH - Best
Am venit de la abi si app Jur pe mama ca dau like Ai jurat Fa o acum 👇
Marian calin
Cineva de la abi? 👑🤤
Gonedestroyer 01
2nd dude was trash but hilarious 😂
Ashaundre Bennett
This so bad we need a shortened version instead of extended.
Liutza hdjsgwjgjqdg
lyrics: Abi fiu de imparat , de gucci sunt obsedat , Ochi negri sunt posedat , Vad un roacker si il bat , Mi ai vazut gropita , te ai udat , Zdreanto hai la mn n pat , Sa moara familia mea , Amuly e vtm , KING BABY ABI REGELE Ti am furat si zdrentele Sar pe mn fetele nu te compari cu mn Papuci Givenchy , Hai sa facem doi copii sa i cheme Chanel si Dihor, Bby abi te ador
Just like fortnite uzi carried them to a dub 😂
aggrissve take
uzi is fire ディアスジェレミー
Jesus Baby
Slick sound like ah dyin turkey😂
Cawzii/ Luke
Why are some lil randumbs in here with uzi tf 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
Low key high key garb
Alright this is better then I thought it was going to be
Action Entertainment Now
I’m the only one that liked the way Lil Keed sounded 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Víctor g Rodríguez
ALL Lil Keed songs are actually fire idc what you mean lol
Edy Cash speedy pepega
edi talent sa moara fam mea😘😫🥇😫🤣😍🤪🤩😍🤪🤪😂🤪
75% romainian 25% english coments1 WHAT??
we need this song on spotify
adei Evans
Heavy Meat lilGotit ft Lil Uzi and lil Keed is 🌊🌊 and too 🔥🔥🔥🔥 💯
Isaac Lwate
1:10-1:11 How Uzi be crying when he get whoppins
Clarissa Alexia
Came for Uzi, stayed for Uzi 🔥
Farida Marquez de la Plata
Only here for Uzi but he be using too much auto tune for some parts of it UZI GANG😋😎😘
Drink Bleach
Lil uzi and the 3rd guy we’re good, but the second was trash. Lol. Lil Uzi really carried the song tho
Diego Buruiana
Cine e de la Abi sa dea aci 👇
lukas og
Im selling replay buttons 01:08 01:08 01:08 It cost a like and a sub
Kylee XO
Here here from the challenge videos😂😭
Black sabbath invented heavy metal in their song "Black Sabbath" back in the 1970s
Samara Brooks
Who else listen to uzi part and then leaves ¿?
Graftro Studio
abi taleeent <3
Michael J.F.
Bro so imagine this: We remove Keed and Gotit and we throw in Carti. BOOM Song immediately saved
Yu Shiine
Uzi got that rock star seduction galaxy swagg.
Y.W.NDJalways100 GÂÑG_______
O:43 is the hardest to 1:27
abi Gabriel
Cine e #ZDRANTA mea si abi talent 🔝🔝💦💦👑
Anthony Weiss
this is kinda an extension of uzi part on .223
JR__ 409
This is the wrong heavy metal I was looking for
y’all folks really be sleeping on keed & gotit 🤦🏻‍♂️
A -Kay
Keeds voice almost made me have a seizure
[THE] Lukeyourbro
Lil Gotit, please reply to this comment. I wanna work together
I predict a clout civil war , lil uzi with keed and gotit vs yungthugga, gunna & lil baby 😂😂😂 Who winning?
Loo Lee
Here for erbody cuz ik 99 percent of yall haters couldnt do no better
Juan Acuña
Uzi is so🔥
windows start screen
Isnt the fact that in the music photo cover they all have a different kind of black skin interesting??
Desja Bonner
2nd dude needs to be slapped
Anonima.aia. cu.musică.
Cine vine de la Abi,replay aici: 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 1:07 💭💔💋
One Challenge brought me here (like if same for you)
Anthony Steele El
Uzi a dragon 🐉🔥
Came for Lil uzi... left after lil uzi
Chole Maddison
Lil Uzi, Lil Gotti,Lil Keed TF It's So Many Lil
Xen Yung
De la abi? Dau din umăr ca uzi 🤧😈
Skylar B
This needa get on Spotify💯
Why they draw them like crack heads tho
Young Zerka
Careva de la Abi Talent-Regele României?
Lil O
Slime 🐍 From Thailand 🇹🇭🔥
Andrew Gaitan
We need Lil Baby, thugger, and Gunna on this. Like, now.
Is sad they removed vlone troops Uzi only version 😂
Wolfpack Gamer
Uzi mouth bout moist af in da beggining😂 he carried tho 🔥
Hbk SJ
The reason why this song I 🔥 Is because uzi
Victoria Suarez
This is my favorite dance song
Nariyah Ministre
You light as a feather heavy as a brick
Tay Loc 44
Shoutout to Thug spreading his seed everywhere