2017 Worlds Best BikiniFitness Girls from IFBB

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Andrew Schmidt
They all look like winners to me !
Scott Gallant
All so beautiful, all 10's to me!!
What a joke. 297 was clearly better. They just vote for the tallest woman.
F'n in WooW what a line up!! I couldn't choose just 1 because they are All Goddesses mmm mind blowing..................
jimmy Lincoln
All so beautiful, can’t pick a winner
Johnny Woo
Oh this is so difficult, could you please take your tops off to make this decision easier.
Jimmy piper
This inspired my right hand to get to work
El Bartova
I find them more attractive when they are in the bulking cycle. 😊
Paul Shearer
LOL just realised I went into some kind of trance while watching this???
Sonya Gritsanenko
262, как зовут девочку ? 😻
David Kavalcenti
The best magician assistants ever the way they wave the wand...
Rodolfo Gramaccini
0:56 BODY N. 325!!! 🔝💓
seriously? Both the blonds were more defined and symmetrical.
Rodolfo Gramaccini
1:18 SPECTACULAR n. 325💥💥💥💥💥
Rodolfo Gramaccini
FACE N. 262 😁
I have the impression that they were evaluating growth
Chris Oakes
The shorter blonde in red!!! Wow!!!
262 has a beautiful face, but 297 's body is far superior. 297 physique is 2 or 3 years ahead of 262.
Paul Mackertich
Where are their hips, no babies coming out of them All dudes
Daniel Fischer
Haha – their behaviour and movments on stage are soo unnatural and weird. Is this what the judges and the audience is asking for? Man ...
Jessica Gonzales Gavidia
Que buena cirugía de busto...
15 Seconds
Hello legs.
A very sad state of this particular art. They all gesture like drag queens. They (the women) all need (including the judges) a prosthetic to push up there rear ends what is known as high heels. They all look like they are starving. Not one great behind/ass amongst them. Their makeup hides their true (ugly?) selves. I bet without the make up, make up for their lack of, people would say to themselves, “I can’t believe they have the nerve to get on stage “
God's Cop
God's finest work.
S Lit
More CHICKS with DICKS.....Do you Guys still LOVE THEM NOW ??????
Nancy W
She deserved it!!!! It is so much harder to build muscle when you are that tall than when you are short!
She was the tallest with the longest legs. It’s hard to be objective when you got all the height classes mixed.