Mostly Printed CNC - 4 Head Printer

/> /> Sorry My phone video camera isn't cooperating, super blurry. The Mullaly monster was inspired by Jeff the Genius, he would not let me dismiss the idea and helped me work through the tough spots. Apart from the standard MPCNC I added another ramps set, one more stepper for the Z-axis, and more printed parts. The only new part was a bar clamp I made. 1 Ramps drove the whole machine, 2 steppers on each axis, 4 on the single extruder driver (drv8825)! Print fans were all run off the same board. The extruder temps are individually controlled with repatier-host. Each ramps board was flashed with a dual head marlin and set the 3 other extruders to match the print temp. When all 4 are at temp, Press start!

Marry me.
Andrea Campanella
Jose Bittar
Qapla'! You are a true warrior and have earned your place in Sto-vor-kor!
This is absolutely ridiculous I hope you know that, god i want this haha, keep up the good work man seriously your cnc project is so inspiring the creativity behind it is unreal
Tanner Jenkins
oh my shit, maintaining one is enough, haha. nice job.
phil pilkington
Awseome crazy!
David Lynch
Bloody nutter m8
Evan M. Jones
Wow. Just wow. This thing is awesome.
How many 3d printers can a 3d printer print?
Ulrich Kliegis
Impressive. How did you make sure alle the Z-levels are equal (important for the first layer)? I guess autobed leveling is no option, or?
Daniel Miranda
wow! such sexy machine D:
David Serrano
do you still print all the parts you sell? have you looked into have an injection mold made so you can make a ton of them in one day?
moving all that mass, can it print 4 parts faster than a standard reprap printer?
utut kaa
nice.. how bout adding another 4 head.. total 8 add another mk7 on the other side
Bravo Golf
Impressive AF!
James Smallwood
is there only one ramps board?
make is silly like 30 print heads XD
Gerhard Wilkens
really cool and slow XD
RobotDigg Shanghai
Only same thing for all the 4 heads?
Arash Mahboubi
How is the print quality?
Mohammed Harris Ashraff
Awesome stuff. is this open source? if it is open source can you share the schematics?
so, the all motors for one axis are running together off of a single stepper driver? what axis driver has the most motors connected, and how many? and how hot does the driver get?
calibration nightmare. kudos 2 you
Gary Hoffmann
You have obviously put a lot of work into this however it is so slow, one decent 3D printer would make more of those parts in the same time. What would be really impressive is 4 print heads making one part simultaneously.
Worker Drone
Well good to hear you are busy printing out parts, means a little money and lots of people making their own cnc machines. 4 Headed monster, well if 2 heads are better than 1, what about 4 heads...
This is genius!
So is this what you use to print parts on your page for people who wish to buy the printed parts? if so that's pretty awesome.
IMPRESSIVE!!!! <--- Said with a very deep low voice.
Timothy Armstrong
Hey Ryan, do you plan on releasing the plans for this by chance? Not sure if this would be an 'Add-on' or 'Add-on-on-Steroids' Looks like a super fun project.
Electronoob: Geeking Out
wow !
Mike McRoberts
Oh dear god look at the quality of the prints. Absolutely atrocious.
very cool, did you want to give me this for around 1$ ?