Ralph Lauren | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Ralph Lauren | Spring Summer 2019 by Ralph Lauren | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - New York Fashion Week) #Seenowbuynow

Footage of me & my friends entering the Cafe looking for our table #RalphLauren
Davide C
Happy models walking slowly and delicately!? Thanks for that rare occasion!
Riley Jean
Is this the most creative show? No. Could I imagine myself in most of the looks that walked down the runway? Yes. There’s something to be said for artistic elegance
Natalia River
Ralph Lauren as always in his style!!!
Michelle Hill
I loved it all: The clothes The models The set Bravo Ralph Lauren👏👏
This is one of the BEST runways I have EVER seen. Firstly, the clothes. PERFECT. So wearable, elegant, classic. I want them ALL. Secondly, the venue was so elegant, yet relaxed. The best part were the models! They were not 'running' like all the others do, they looked relaxed and EVEN SMILED!!! Oh my GoSH...please, 'Every Designer', let you models slow down and smile!!!! I am still in awe!!!
Anthony Lowe
I don't think this is boring at all. It's classic and really tasteful. Not everything is going to be maximal or even innovative for that matter. Some things just are. And that's what beautiful about this collection in particular.
If you want to be elegant in this world, you have two options: hire a competent image consultant or fill your wardrobe with Ralph Lauren.
Sydney Chandler
I have loved Ralph Lauren since I was a teen. Elegant, classy and understated. You can NEVER go wrong with Ralph Lauren. I know some people call it boring, but you can wear Ralph Lauren year after year after year, whereas some other designer's clothing looks ridiculous coming down the runway, and it most certainly wouldn't be wearable in a few months, yet alone a few years.
Nomad for life
Beautiful clothes, beautiful non-robotic models, these clothes are what I would wear.
Sasha and anja 2 runway icons 😍😍 still going strong almost 15 years later
0:20 the brunette sitting on the chair always with her jealous face on the models 😂😂
0:31 Carolyn Murphy 0:54 Adut Akech 1:10 Olga Sherer 1:52 Luna Bjil 1:55 Grace Elizabeth 4:51 Sasha Pivovarova 6:13 Joan Smalls 8:03 Candice Swanepoel 8:50 Rebecca Leigh Longendyke 8:56 Bella Hadid 9:17 Edita Vilkeviciute 11:11 Anja Rubik
Wayne Artmann
Love the setting. Love that most of the models are smiling causing ppl to smile back. (couldnt help but smiling myself ) Very human touch. Clothes, meh, they were pretty. Well done team!
George Golden
Effortless elegance is always the best.Beautiful collection.
OG Anja closing is just perfect 😍 also see Sasha and Olga... true icons.
Rich old white lady cloths, still beautiful though
Eduardo Garcia Fuentes
0:09 Taylor Hill 0:31 Carolyn Murphy 1:53 Luna Bijl 2:04 Adut Akech 2:31 Olga Sherer 3:09 Grace Elizabeth 4:19 Maria Miguel 4:57 Sasha Pivovarova  5:28 He Cong  7:30 Joan Smalls 7:51 Ming Xi  8:03 Candice Swanepoel 8:50 Rebecca Leigh Longendyke  9:17 Edita Vilkeviciute 9:27 Lineisy Montero 10:08 Bella Hadid 10:20 Emm Arruda 10:58 Ine Neefs 11:09 Anja Rubik
Can someone write names of songs used at this runway
Funny how Karlie Kloss is in the audience watching the show
Инна М
Bravo! I like this perfect collection very much!
Mark Angel Basilio
Beautiful collection... i love it!!
Margarethe Ikss
Bella hadid body doesn’t look high fashion
Bonnie Wagner
Stunning.  Reminds me of the old fashion shows with the glam and the ladies each moving individually.  Mr. Lauren, you're the best!
Ольга Булатова
Это чудо, что такое! Кажется, все уже придумано давно. Но как это свежо, современно, элегантно! Как хрупок каждый женский образ!
Elaine BB
Absolutely FANTASTIC!! So classy... so elegant..so tasteful, so real!!! The setting, the music and especially the clothing!! Bravo Ralph Lauren!!!
malta kano
beautiful, but also boring and uncreative...
Luis Mejia
Thats so chanel cosmopolite2016/2017 metiers d art
Nicole Knox
Love everything about this show. How traditional and slow the models walk around and show each room with a turn. So natural and lovely. Could get several great views of the clothes as the models went around the restaurant. Just lovely!
My Life is My Style
I think that was the best show of the decade! First of all music and coffee shop with European charm ( surprisingly existing in USA) and second of all the form of the show with models walking between the tables and guests ... JUST AMAZING LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!
Наташа Рогалова
It is beautiful collection and a beautiful variety dress up for a party. I love this style and I love the colors of your style. It looks beautiful and elegant.
Harith Abdul Rahim
The ambience, lighting and setting in the cafe was very inviting and luscious. Loved how many of the models took the time to walk and spin to showcase the details of the clothes to potential buyers. The models smiling shows how they aren’t just cold emotionless Stepford robots and can become silent actresses. Cant say the same really for the clothes. Some pieces were exquisite for evening wear though nothing super-innovative. A lot of gold is just too much for me. But this is RL. Pretty sure he has his faithful clients. Though one thing that annoyed me was how dare they put Taylor Hill in the opening slot AND before Carolyn Murphy and Olga Sherer!😱😒😆 Carolyn is like the epitome of American models with that classic look. Taylor isn’t even a proper high fashion model, she’s only walked like a handful of high end designers in the 4 major fashion cities. Errr.😛 Anyway Olga’s recent comeback to high fashion is such a fresh of breath air as she looks so regal and stunning but people sometimes do miss her fiery red hair from before.
Philip Meers
Beautiful clothes. Beautiful models. Beautiful smiles. Classic design. Elegance, elegance, elegance! One of the most watchable shows.
Angela Bender
I like it: the epitome of beauty
Something about Derek Blasberg makes me want to punch him in the face.
Sarah Leach
So far he beats the rest with this new collection.
Eddie M
Ralph Lauren not only has the best looking clothes, but also some of the world’s most gorgeous models
Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster
o my goodness, this is high- class, glamorous, very elegance, I love this, the clothes and the all of the music is divine, and the show is high-class style. I should have been in this show amen.
Sandra Holmes
Ralph Lauren! Loved him in the beginning and love him even more now. Moved to tears! He remains elegant, classic and oh so COOL! Loved his show with the diversity of models, the relevance of lifestyles, and the feel-good essence. That is how exquisite fashion is done. Ralph Lauren continues!
Valeria Delgado
•Candice and Anja 😍
fritz de
wow this so amazing, very warm runway show, guess are comfortable and models just simply walking with grace and ease.bravo never seen a show that models are smiling warmly
Luísa Leite Bastos
Desfile LINDO! Como antigamente:1)cenário chic,platéia muito bem acomodada.2)Modelos desfilando, "deslizando suavemente "e sorrindo de vez em quando,totalmente diferente destas últimas décadas (Modelos trotando como mulas carrancudas..e contraditoriamente "correndo" da passarela sem dar tempo da gente apreciar a roupa!🙄)3)Roupas femininas, sexy sem ser vulgar (coladas ao corpo sem vulgaridade nenhuma!Muito brilho- que mulher ama ! Bijoux enormes e lindas, bolsas grandes como nós mulheres amamos-carregamos TUDO dentro!)4)trilha sonora suave(sem arrebentar nossos tímpanos! Clássicas, lindas!)...enfim...Ralph faz roupa e desfile para mulheres normais! Nada de mulher embrulhada num papelão duro e amassado e sujo de tinta ou coisa parecida...o street style ficou mesmo nas "streets" obrigada! Muita marmota nestes streets!🙄...muitas pessoas entendidas em moda vão achar comum(entretanto já deu esses vestidos transparentes/kardashisanos e afins, mas que todos fingem não reprovar pois multimilionário e estrelinhas de Hollywood lacram sempre né? Ontem no AmFar de NY, justamente Kim e Kourtney estavam de Versace- que eu amo- mas assim que bati o olho me lembrei da Mortícia Adams e sua irmã mais velha!Afff...PORÉM esta é só minha modesta e não profissional opinião!🌹
Blueberry 60
Soon you have to pay people to come and imitate the guests.
Erica Zielinski
A timeless and classy show. So beautifully crafted and thoughtful 💛
Songbird For Jesus
Not crazy about the gold and just black and white for Spring. Elegant silhouettes
the very best American fashion!
Costa Lush
Old fashioned. Boring AF
I want that gold cape.
petar petrov
Best in 2019 !
Valeria Delgado
Derek was the protagonist in this show
4:51 Sasha Pivovarova
skinny gurl
Why people are laughing?
franz grabe
lovely collection...wearable and fairly pretty....except for the awful ranking on the shoulders.....just doesn't work, not in theory, not in practice.
why were they laughing at her @0:20?So inappropriate.
Octavio Salas hernandez
Sublime, exquisito, femenino, elegante; escenario perfecto y música perfecto, excelso bravo..
Loom Geek
I love that wearable typicality and class of Ralph's brand
Sarahi Gomez
Preciosoooooooooooooooo! 😚😚😚😚😚
What’s the music called?
Сали Абидинова
Элегантный стиль,просто шик,вот это мой стиль,но к сожалению мне это не по бюджету , можно конечно шить похожее,но и шить тоже совсем другая история.
Millana P
Tere cambuston
wow its the best.. place music black gold white this its me.. elegance
Angela Arroyave
Para mi este es el significado de la perfección 😍😍😍😍😍.
Clothes which are classy and elegant don't make you look like a fashion victim
Susanna Martin
che spettacolo !
Оксана Гамеева
Божественно,притягивает взгляд.Пивоварова незаметно хороша,ну и т.д.
The American fantasy world of royals. 😀 keep dreaming, what can I say. But it’s no t bad at all, with no inspiration of newness and no trace of vivid imagination, but it’s still classiness, which isn’t much around. I liked the minimalistic approach and accent on silhouette. Giving a credit - the pieces are timeless classic, can’t be doubt about it.
Chu Việt Hà
I don’t know but im waiting for Versace show :)) this is too boring
Linda Shaw
I've been transported to another place watching this-I'm no longer in a semi in the UK but in heaven!!! Amazing-well beyond my budget but an absolute joy to watch-thank-you Mr Lauren
Steev Gonzalèz Noel
Finally some nice and fancy fashion style 💯
Svetlana M
Its such a lovely show, lucky people to be able to enjoy all that simbioze of art, fashion, music, lovely natural models... poor perfection
Wonderful music!! And love the military jackets! But no woman would carry such a huge purse!!
bring it on
Olga Sherer and Mayowa Nicholas are gifts of feminity touched by grace. Pure fascinations of finesse and evelation.
Soraya Silvestri
😍😍👏👏👏💕💖💞 Absolutely stunning 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏💕💕💖💞
I like how the models are SMILING and slightly acknowledging the camera. I only wish the company would update their Polo brand to be as sophisticated as this collection. Polo seems to be the unloved stepchild of the entire RL brand.
nothing....compare the creativity of Fendi, Chanel and Co. How long does he need for that...
Blueberry 60
Monika Weitzel
Amazing including explicit music, too. Bravo!
Soline Wang
the best of this season! I love the makeup! I wonder which foundation they've used.
Darla Osvald
I loved every single second of the show! Every piece, the ambiance, the music, I feel like the entire collection could be going a 100% to my wardrobe! Fantastic collection and really nice job from the whole team on putting together this edgy but almost casual fancy coffee-fantasy. Really really feeling it! Congratulations!
Kenny Chapo
The original music is a lot better then this one
Svetlana M
Was it the designer Toni Matichevski from Melbourne seating next to the stairs in red top???
Louvinia Hayes
I hate to be that person, but Yasmeen G, Naomi, Linda, Christy, Kate, Karen M, Carla and 'em would have slayed these theme. They would have put on a beautiful show. Some of these models did not know how to pose.
Beverly Jordan
To bad almost none of the models had any shape to them so you have no idea what this clothing would look like on with an actual figure 🙅‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Татьяна Заривная
Michael Gaffney
Same ole uniform obsessesive. Dont get it...gold reminds me of fiorucci 70s
jay bertz
Not much of innovations but as always such a beautiful, elegant and timeless collection. Love the atmosphere and setting.
Nikki J
Refreshing. Makes me want to drink some water. Simply beautiful.
Richy Moreno
It's Magnific Ralph Lauren with a touch of class.
Hanayommi -Enyak Enyak Enyak-
Black, white, gold. Perfect 👏
Bridget Yorke
AWFULL he needs some revamping, yuk
Ewa Gaber
Jila Mirmo
Absolutely brilliant . ❤️👌❤️
Angel Project
That dude near the staircase is thirsty!!! 😂😂
Ebony White
This was luscious!
vsboy 25
This label is so pretentious
terry_ann Brown
I love it
e Born in Providence
Sandy Santigo