#03 - Sexual Problems - Tokio Hotel TV 2015 Official

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"Bill always comes way too early!" 😁 How the hell do you know that Tom?!
Kaya Roed
I remember when Tom and Bill looked so different. Now they look so much a like!
Ah wow my teenage crush on Tom is back :))))) He's just gorgeous and funny aaahhhhhh
Asalee Nocturne
Tom is actually starting to look like the hotter twin. Just saying. Bill fans don't kill me
Lidieth Soto
I'm in love again with this twins
I actually don't understand why Tom doesn't like photoshoots... If I look like him ,I will take photo of myself every second in my life .. O_o he's perfect !!!
Ivy Gomez56
2:01 "you always look beautiful". Maybe gustav is secretly in love with bill lol
Fernanda BA
Tom is just too much to handle, i'm in love.
Tom is just too much... he is so gorgeous!!!! I love to see him with natural hair and the beard, makes him look even more handsome <3  
marya stewart
*falls in love once again*
Moonchild Joon
I WAS IN TOKIO HOTEL TV OMG ....!!!!!!! for like 2 seconds but still I was there in the Kroq studios and waited outside to see the boys so worth it I'm so happy LOVED IT YOU GUYS YAY!!!!!
Ludivine Moonkind
They haven't changed a bit omfg xD
videofan77 -Louise
Tom is still getting hotter! How is this possible!? ;) Pumba is so cute <3
the title of this episode should've been "it's horrible" :') Great video as usual, but are you planning to upload some episodes about the european promo tour in october ? :)
Ellen Silva
You know, I'm loving the new phase of Tokio Hotel, and you know why? Because they are being sincere with us and to himself! This is what makes me love more the band since I met them! They grew up, became mature & are living their lives! Thanks for everything, Tokio Hotel! Good job, guy! I'm proud of you!
Sabrina Richter
Tom is so hot.
Amakai Caelum
Gustav complimenting Bill like that makes my fucking day. Bill always sounds like he gets so utterly embarrassed and it's so freaking adorable xD
Hayden Foxx
He looks so different now. I miss the big hair
Ariah Vangio
i have a major crush on bill, miss the long black hair he had.
Tom is sooooooo fit <3 <3 <3
Manilva Garrido
2:00 I'm Gustav 24/7 tbh
Such a great episode. Pumba playing with the bear is adorable. Bill's unique charisma, is the most perfect thing on earth. Gustav giving compliments to Bill is wonderful. He does that every single time. I gotta love him (and Bill). Tom with messy hair is just meh, don't like it at all, he seems weird, better with the bun. Thank you for sharing another episode of THTV. :-)
Evanthia Lotus
o m g Tom 2016 version WHAT A COOL GUY SO HOT
Roxy Hurricane
Я люблю вас, ребят!
Bill has a GDragon T-shirt... cool...
I just want to say, that it is very cool, that you always put english subtitels in the videos, because it's very helpful, if someones english is not perfect. And I would enjoy when the guys would do a *german* song, cause I like german music very much ^-^.
shawn santos
Tom and bill are so.cute and funny without even putting an effort trying 😍
Katsumi Yamaguchi-Pedroza
The chemistry between these boys is so amazing it makes me tear up :') They tease each other just the same as way back when!
I'm with Tom on this one... without Georg and Gustav, it's horrible! 
Anna Nimirova
I deal with my depression thanks to these guys
I love how every episode has Pumba as the main role and the guys as supporting roles :P
Xiomi Caycho
"You're always looking so beautiful" Oh my god Gustav is just adorable <3
tragic ang
'Main Role: Pumba'
Poor Georg and Gustav! Don't be mean to them lol
I just love them so much! They're so amazing.
Alien TH
Tom, you made me laugh so hard hahaha 😂😂 Beautiful episode!! Love you guys ❤ The G's too :))
Xtreme IX
I'm happy for them even though I haven't listened to them since like 2010. Awesome to see them still very very successful.
"main role: pumba" seems legit 😂
Bill , du hast einen total coolen style ,ich finde eure musik wirklich toll ,sie ist sehr inspirierend .I love you bill :D
I love your personality Bill. Tom's cute af.
pcy baby
Min 2:00 G: You're always looking so beautiful B: Thank youI G: Unbelievable I LOVE THIS PART! <3
Nina V
Ich liebe es immer noch euch zu sehen. Das hört wohl nie auf.😍😃
"First time we play with other musicians since we know Georg and Gustav [since they got the band]" that's true band love <3333
Isabel MacAdams
-This is so hot, I can't do this. -What? Hahahaha Bill's face <3 <3
when will the US tour dates be announced?!
Linde D.L.C.
I wanna see more of Tom with his dishevelled hair ! :)))
ahmad alayyan
Pls Bill i love you so much but i like u with Your previous long hair <3, doesnt matter but tokio hotel rules for ever  
Fátima Benavides
Gotta love the fact Bill mentioned House of Cards at the end! Gaaaah they are so adorable!
Ioanna Kotronaki
Tom: Watch some Sons of Anarchy! Bill: House of Cards! Me: NO! GAME OF THRONES!
Tom Kaulitz
will we ever see the photos from 1:42?
I would follow Tom... If I only had his insta account -,-
Anna Stylinson
omg Pumba and the teddy bear :DDDDD
Irithil Móreadhiel
I'm still getting used to the G's not being around. :( Can you imagine having such a busy day? I can't. My life here in NC is stagnant. Thankfully, Tokio Hotel is around to make it so much brighter!!! :D I love all the guys!!! Muah :-*
('・д・)」Waaahhhh, so gorgeous! So much love for Tokio Hotel.  ugh...such busy lives; rest up and stay healthy guys. ʕ•̫͡•ʔ❤ʕ•̫͡•ʔ 
Lison Kawaii
OMG bill you're so beautiful !!!
Felix Barnes
Best I have taken so far. Good quality, fast shipping with DHL. Prolargent 5x5 Extreme provides a good energy boost.
Ana Andrade
7:56 "MAIN ROLE: Pumba" ahaha
Pumba is so cute 😍😍😍
Bill, there can be only one Nik in the band :P
Mai Træholt
Bill and Tom.. You should really come to Europe too, like Gustav and Georg!! And Tom, you keep getting hotter and hotter, stop it! :O Can't take all the hotness :D
Hevair Gonçalves
Tokio hotel😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
audrey lacroix
I gotta say last time I saw a Tokio Hotel video Bill had that crazy "peacock" hairstyle and Tom had his dreads hahaha
just love you so much guys. liebe grüße aus deutschland :*
Whose is the love who loves you back remix at the start?
Michelle D
Omg, they are so freaking cute I love them so much <33
Killin Game
Hey,guys, come in Russia !♥
The way Bill holds the cigarette...
Veronica Maks
Bill is gayer and gayer :D I'm happy he’s being himself. Tom is so cute, I wanna squeeze him :D
omg the remix sounds amazing !!
I still love these guys so much <3 They are perfect!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! SO perfect I LOVED this, I love you I CANT EVEN! THE FEELS!!!! Loved every second :D <3
All those LWLYB remixes.
c'est pas bien de fumer Bill 😂😂😂😂
Elena Zimmer
OMG,so cute,i love u! Russia miss you♥
Who is more cute, Tom or Pumba? I can't decide !
Paulina Roov
"Tom and the band" lol i need more TORG♥
Sofia Cardachi
Diyana De
Wo krieg ich so ein T-shirt her wie Bill es bei 5:33 trägt.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Niloofar Arab
Your makeup is hot, Bill.
Timothy Flannery
anyone who knows where i can find bill's clothes from 5:30 and 5:52 or quite similar ones? they look so awesome ^-^ lel *--*
Henrietta Sánduly
this was awesome. We want more episodes like this :D
I cannot even begin to say how much I've missed THTV. So glad it's back!!!!
ioana mogos
Pumba found a new toy.
HAve seen 2 shows in the USA and ahve autographs from like 2007 and 2008!
Eleusis Freya
Lore pardini
I loved the video are the best I love them
Niloofar Arab
I really love this EP. Thanks for everyone.
Niloofar Arab
I wants those photoshoots ;(((
Real Salica
It was such a good video , thank you guys ^_^
Bardo Combate
2:00 Gustav so sweet :)
Yoali Stoff
kikoula love
Bill I have a sexual problems too help me *-*
Farah Liyana Teng
i love youuu <33
Polina Eye
Oh,My God!You're so cool!!!
I say this all the time but Bill is sooo cute!!!
Obviously Bill hates bears haha , I try to dodge them at clubs myself!!
LaFille DeLespace
Ahah i'am dead xDDD <333