Tamiya TT-01 5.5T 6000kv Brushless Balloon

My Tamiya TT-01 with: EZRun 5.5T 6000KV Brushless Motor 60A ESC Turnigy 5.0mAh 11.1V LiPo battery Yeah Racing full conversion kit 3Racing 540 motor heatsink + fan Yeah Racing tornado ESC Fan Yeah Racing adjustable suspension Video show with iPhone 4 All assembled by Abdulla Ja'afari in Amman, Jordan.

John Samanka
well that's a good way to destroy your diff
ronnie tjikoeri
what do i have to do to keep the wheels as straight as yours, mine just bounce up and down under the speed of the stock silver can
buruk obumu
why does that runnes your diff?that what its supposed to do I cant get it +what a ball diff?
Diff needed replacement anyways.. changed to ball bearing diff afterwards
jorge García Pérez
You are crazy crash the diferencial!!!!! Tonto del culo. Pfff
Elsass Rider
Punaise, sa depote severe !
fantasy land'83
Karim Isam
can u gave me a link form ebay or what ever for the lipos batteries plz plz plz need it
that looks cool i have a hpi sprint 2 sport with the flux update pack motiv / warp combo im hoping i can get it upto around 60mph with upgrades any ideas how i should go about upgrading ive heard i only need to upgrade either the esc or motor to get 3s compatability but which should i change. ive read i have a rebranded castle sidewinder v1
It's kind of hard to drift this car properly because of the weight that has been added to the car.. This was my first RC, I learned so much about these cars now and I know about the mistakes I've done, but yeah as you said there are some parts that need to be changed in order for the car to keep on going. You need to get both front and rear aftermarket diffs, also stronger spur gears, for Tires I recently purchased a set of HPI belted tires which prevent ballooning (Must have)
Well your obviously not doing drifting with this car like most of the other people who own it, which is the same with me, i just converted mine to full graphite from 3racing and HPI 31mm drag slicks with the rear ended widened using TG01 axles and extended hubs. Have you had any issues with other parts of the car breaking due to the sheer speed increase? My tires ballooned on a 3000kv 380sized leopard motor but not nearly as bad, I just installed a tacon 5000kv...waiting on a esc.
Tarek Ge
what is that ? :D
@GenetiX881 depends on your speed controller. mine is 60A so it takes up to 11.1V lipo batteries if you got a brushless motor, you must get yourself lipos
@GenetiX881 well first reason it's because the tire is going too fast, and it's just rubber. So it's more of physics caused by speed. I just got new set of "Belted" Tires that don't balloon (will be posting a video soon)
@GenetiX881 Battery is Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 20C And the fan on my motor is by 3Racing ;) my tire just blew up a few minutes ago and got myself belted tires
tape your tires