Slow-Cooker Veggie-Packed Curry

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Slytherin's heir
I guess this is an upgrade from their “potato salad”.
_cxlin_ 101
Im missing Andrew's oh yes at the end❤
They didn't dare to name it vegan/vegetarian because of all the salty ppl in the comments when the title has those words...
thirteen minus fifty goddamn forty seven
I knew I wasn't going to make this, but I watched it anyway.
Deanna McIntyre
There are vitamins and nutrients in the stems of broccoli. Especially in a recipe like this (slow cooking), you should include the stem, too!
This is what it’s like to be early No stupid comments No who watches these but never does them ITS ONLY PPL WHO CLAIM TO BE FIRST
Pro Player 1⃣
You know you're early when you're early
Veggie tales.
Thank you. I'll definitely make this in my dorm. Can you please make more videos for college students?
Horse Radish
I Stan all these vegetable recipes. Americans and everyone in general needs more VEGETABLES. we eat way too much meat and processed food, this is great and will be trying this recipe. Thanks
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh I really want David Seymour to try this, it would need a pleasant change from all the desserts!
Mrs Frizzle
Over cooked broccoli tastes gross :( please if you make this put the broccoli in within the last like 20 minutes on high
I really wish they had a written recipe
alyssa mi
early squad
Aka Tsuki
Midnight Souls
if only i wasn't lazy enough to not buy ingredients...
Cee Doo
This looks good but I'm definitely adding more spices to it.
Aniki Chung
That looks delicious😍😍
Pro Player 1⃣
I literally can taste it right now
JC Lane
THANK YOU!!! Tasty for making an easy recipe for the slow cooker!!!😊
Ella Pagh
Beat Justin.Y!!
Elizabete Kirilka
I was one of the first viewers
Kartoffel Pommes
This looks soooo good! Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely try it!
gigi Almondsbury
4/8hrs ?? Come on!😪
That looks good! Can you post a link to the recipe?
i'm assuming that's ONE 15 oz can of chickpeas, and not 115 oz. of chickpeas....
I'm crying right now wtf did I just watch
LOLCupcake9051 Cool
this make me hungry
Itz Richard
Rustom Cadet
Looks like sambar
Love Em Peeps
As soon as I saw “curry”, I had to click.
Flannel Guy DIY
I prefer to use a Dutch oven. It cooks from all sides including through the lid which is often self basting.
Vee W•
Making this, but I’ll be sure to add curry powder, or make the spice at least lol
snowsquishies 101
Nice job 👍🏼
Love seeing tasty VEGAN recipes like these! 😋
Adarsh Kulkarni
Awesome! The same can be done in a pressure cooker. Saves 3/4th of the time.... Throwing in a small stick of cinnamon, a star anise, a couple of cloves and a bay leaf with make this dish very earthy and robust.
Rough Mix
Slow cooked Broccoli not sure it's working well
Moxie Beast ASMR
sounds delicious!! might be the first meal i try to make in our slow cooker!
Seeing those quinoa added in made me think that you guys should do an herb infused rice recipe video, or various ways to cook grains with a slow-cooker video.
Katrina Jones
Maybe ill make it Tamari! Ha!
Anu Singhal
This is so helpful! Could we please have a slow-cooker series for vegans/vegetarians? Thanks!
I'm early!!!
Lori Watson
Yes!! 😍I am def gonna make this!!
alexandrias mp4
Natasha Armstrong
Hoop, claik, Noice... (michael rosen if anyone doesnt get it)
Maria Sobor
like it 🖒 🖒🖒
velvet crowe
Parang Ginataang Gulay lang na ah haha
blashd mnashed
Early squad anyone??
aidan 2
#notearlykindalate squad! Anyone else?
Nee Nee
Now I'm hungry 😢
Ronald Abrokwa
Megan Rivera
I've never had curry before, this looks yummy.
Boof Head
Made this yesterday and had it for dinner last night and it was amazing
You call that curry?🤨🤨
Gralkor Xero
sorry, no - you can call it a curry, but that's not going to cut it
“1 15 oz” of chickpeas?
J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen
Keep calm and Curry on! Awesome stuff guys! We did a coconut curry episode not too long ago ourselves! Keep these comin!!!
Alan C. O'Brien
A lot of videos say add the cocnut milk at the end, is it ok to cook it for 8hours?
Soggy Brick
I think tasty is now full vegan
115 oz of chickpeas? Lol
Tami Lewis
I tried this recipe.... didn't have any flavor. Very disappointed.
alina sharma
It looks good, but im not sure that this is actually curry
Doge Army
Do camping desserts!
I really don't like the taste of coconut milk in savoury foods it tastes like soap to me, does anyone know what I can you instead?
Eating curry mutton now #caribbeangyal
Bill Anderson
Vegetables have never looked so good 😫
Noah Tatley
What size crockpot did you use?
Cynthia King
Beautiful baby, going to make this!
The horse and dog lovers of heartland
I made this a couple of hours ago and it taste delicious!!!
Viathur Kitchen
Wish to see more of these :)
Frozen Yogert
What’s with all the vegetarian/vegan recently? Not complaining though.
Rita Aguilera Pozo
Por favor poner los ingrediente tanbien en español Gracias
Proud Muslim
Why 4 hours it's only vegi 😒.
fadi fattouh
How can I get the list of the ingredients
DanB Meyer
What? No "Ohhhh yesss"?
Dracula Tod
Why would you ever slow cook broccoli not to mention in a curry
Lauren Marshall
this looks amazing!!!
Tasty I love you But NO
Jamie Lee
Why would you cook it with quinoa and then serve it over rice
Sooo we're just gonna not wash that onion?
Tgu !
Soujanya Namburi
300th comment
skye river
Does the coconut milk add a coconut flavor to the veggies? If so, does it taste good? I just can't see coconut flavored broccoli being very good.
Bee Gamer
i have to cook now :D
Slow Cooker Ideas
very nice recipe and great thickness to the sauce
Ciara Ní Lúing
Miso Ramen
Needs more RIcE
Rachel Hildebrand
TASTY CHALLENGE - make a vegetarian chicken wing with the crispy crust
Καραταρακης Σπυρος
Oops hahahahaha so cool i love you😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😍
jed cannoli
Erika Cole Soul Kitchen
Tasty can find anything to make! I mean anything!
I can't wait to try it. Tfs
Midnight Cravings
Just had chicken curry last night lol
Nataline Gloriana
do you guys discard the stem of the broccoli? that is such a waste! it is edible and the taste is just as good as the floret!
i taste it...what
Queen Cookie cake
That looks great 👍
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
I'm hungry😣🍕
stephanie kinder
I'm still going to make this