Adorable Five-Year-Old Wows with Sinatra Cover

"Little Big Shots" is back for a second season and Ellen welcomed one of the amazing kid contestants, 5-year-old Sophie Fatu, who performed a cover of Frank Sinatra's classic "Fly Me To The Moon".

That is *so* adorable! Especially her reaction when she got the LOL dolls 😂🤗
Her little breathes in between are the sweetest thing ever!!
George Margo
She belongs in the MOVIES....another Star is Born
Marlene dietrich nursery
She is so cute! I love that such a young girl loves Frank Sinatra. We need more young girls like this one!
Anai Castañeda
Simon Cowell wanted her to date his son
Ava Jean
I love her little breaths
She's so bubbly! She reminds me of Shirley Temple.
DIYs by Jennifer
She definitely is adorable and for a 5 year old she’s very good at holding notes. Her voice is more cute than strong (obviously bc she’s 5) but she makes up for that part with her outstanding stage presence. She has no fear when she’s on stage and acts like she’s in her bedroom. Great job Sophie
Adette Banzagales
Jenerose Calido
She's really cute and smart😍 god bless u baby girl😊
Bella Ventimiglia
21st century Shirley Temple!!! Soooo CUTE!!! 🤗
LA HealthProductsTours
Those eyes and curly hair such a adorable wish had a daughter like you 😘😘
Agustin Mbiliyora
Awww Sophie you're so cute, I'm your fans right now 😘😘
Colleen Fitz
She's cute, charming, darling, adorable, … Hopefully, she'll grow out of that lisp and enunciate.
Aemi Ferrer Rosewell Ps. I luv Barbie !
Simon's bottle of happiness 😍💕
Beebo’s Forehead
This is the most pure precious thing 💖
The Confused Girl ¿
You are so innocent and so beautiful
Lucinda Linares
Too too adorable!!! She reminds me of Shirley Temple!!!
Una Greenan
I think she is fantastic. She made my day. 💐😀😂👍❤️.
Karen Cadiao
What was her secret again? 😂😂😂
sadia sheikh
Oooo cuteeee. I wish i could have my daugter like her, sweer baby Doll ❤❤❤ From pakistan
Mushtaq Khan
She is so cute wow . beautiful eyes love it
Issac Elliot
I love you Sophie you are so So so cute❤❤
Lilieth Brown
She is amazing. Sending you love Ellen. You are such an amazing soul.
Surya Gunawan
please God....take good care of this earth angel, from Indonesia
hem hem
She is so beautiful and cute omg 🥰
Motorola Cell phone
I love Sophie so much.shes the sweetest beautiful girl.i support her 247 threw all life
Amber Sonye
Aww, she is such a doll!
Rebecca Hughes
Simon son they will b good togrther
Miss Wilkinson
Es una muñequita. Hermosa y me encanta como canta. Serás una gran estrella princesita!!! I also love Frank Sinatra. Hugs!!!
Aishwariya Debnath
She and her mother is crazily talented
Kadek Parwati
Let me say something, u are amazing😘😘😘😘
Adorable. ...
zyauna gass palmer
This reminds me of the girl in little rascals in a good way
Sunday Helen
So sweet i love you
Emily Moo
I love how she sways side to side as she sings its the cutest thing
Rosalia Wijaya
Shopie ...iwaching your perfoman never stop...😂😂 excelent talented...cute ...pretty you...Shopie .some day i want grand children like you ...your voice ..special your hair .😂😂😂😍😍😍😎😎😎🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪👂👂👂💘💘💘👍👍👍👌👌👌👏👏👏
Ellen is hilarious!
Lourdes Cruz
My day never complete if I'm not hear your voice Sophie you are so cute love you
Brooklyn Smith
She’s 5 and knows vibrato and can hit her notes pretty good for a kid
Lulu lulu eliza
She so nice . Good luck for her👍🏻
Nelly Cubangay
I love you baby im proud of you!
Kenneth Beaumont
Well I was having a bad day. Thanks for making my day.
Mimi Florentino
Haha so adorable! I'm a fan! ❤❤❤
judith grantham
A Song I Love!!!! You Go Baby Girl!!
Her little vibrato's kill me everytime. She is so adorable!
She is like a mini Sophie dossi
Raija Malkki
This video Sophie Fatu very fany thaks i 61 women Finland
Ms Lydia G.
💖 adorable 😍 overload. Even though I know it's impossible I wish she could stay small and sweet like she is a little longer.
Nalanda Amir J.
She reminds me of Matilda 😍❤️
Sumaya Cawed
You are so cute and beautiful 😍😍😍
Erica Bruggeman
Adorable! Cute and has such a beautiful way of presenting herself..way to go girl!
Rajesh Vispute
Sophie is so cute, so sweet ... Lot of love to her
Myles Lopez cute...Sofie😊
Slytherin Maddie Vlogs
Aww Simon Cowell's son would be perfect for her!! So brave!! Gryffindor child ❤❤
Attah Bregette
My beautiful girl l love you
Addalyn’s Daily Vlogs
Wow 😍!!!!
Madam Irma
So cute Sophie...😘😘😘
Nuzhat Tanzim Khan
Thank youuuu 😭❤
Claudia Maida
Amazing talent and so adorable
Her cuteness filled the bucket and it’s overflowing. Especially those little breaths she took in between each verse.....awwwwwww
Guru Sandirasegaram
For sure I love to hold your gorgeous hand
Chingri Mungrei
Davina Fernandes
Lots of love to Allen from India
She is adorable 😍
Kamini Dhunputh
🌷🌷My dear u like n angel God bless u ❤🌷👍
Shafinaz fifi
I love her style
Lukeswar Patgiri
I love you sophie 😍
Lil Seizure
2:19 You’re welcome
ฌรงค์ สาครพิทักษ์กุล
.. จข
Senge Syndysolidard
I love fatu, she is bold talented n beautiful
debra davies
I just threw a video a kiss 🤗
Billy Pate
God bless ellen works well with kids and others
Yanna Laza
She’s soo adobbb!😍
Farah Saleem
I love the way she says thanku......
Sara family 1 5
She is so cute ❤️
Crazy Potato Warrior
She sounds like Heavanly Joy from agt
Dapoer Ummi
Soo cute....God Bless you
catalina molina
Oh I want to have baby like that cute baby 😘 girl.
Tommy Garner
You are so adorable very very smart young lady keep it up your mother has raised an amazing little girl keep doing what you doing you got it A Star is Born love you to death I wish you nothing but greatness
Claude Hervee
Oh Ellen don't kill me please Because I want to meet you someday.
Anisa Alfikri
Iloveu Shopie❤
Naomi Xx
A 4yr old with good taste in music.
Hannah Aubrey
5:44 she did it so perfectly!
Aimal Khan
Gorgeous girl😙
Fatou Bah
I love this small girl
Kawaii KCassandra
So pretty doll..❤❤❤
Hannah Corrigan
She’s so so cute!!! I want my kid to be like that someday
Parizheh Naji
Is she one of the quartlet ?
OMG she's too cute!
Kate Whitmore
aww omggg
jagarnaut singer
Omg!! I couldnt stop crying when i saw her on america got talent!! I knew she would be on ellen stealing the show
Bezamariam Beza
i love you you so sweet
jazzlyn d
Shy is adorable
AmazedbyGod C.
Adorable and so natural!
The weird comments here are so Weird
Ines Gocha Movies
I living this
Yeth Berondo
Oh my god I love this young lady
david godfrey
Shhh people.....Frank Sinatra is a secret remember??!!
shrekok 1
wasen’t she on America’s got talent or brilliant got talent , simons son liked her