Erica And Godou [AMV] International Love - Pitbull ft. Chris Brown [Campione]

Anime: Campione Song: international Love by Pitbull ft. Chirs Brown Description: All scenes taken from the anime Campione about Erica and Godou. There are many of the kissing scenes as well as the intense one from Episode 12. Note: Please remember to Comment, Like, Subscribe, and Enjoy. Also check out my other AMVs and Videos.

Nina Gacha
omg that hot kiss at the beach XD I SHIP IT #GODOU X ERICA
Chris Ferguson
did that one kiss kill her or what
my fav. anime 👍
TwinTex CZ
I love this anime
Ale Alexandra
Is a couple happy and i LOVE anime
Jovan Dobrovic
High phrases for montage, good choice for song and anime !!!
i accidentally clicked on this... ...i’m happy i did
christkd osfp
the bedt anime i ever seen
Anime Tree
This is such an underrated anime I mean they mix different facts about different gods and on top of that they Supply the fan service to people who want that in a series
Vitorina Chong Nee
they are cool together
Reon costa
Awesome bro...
довольно быстро она сражаеися.
Ericka Seas Azofeifa
Como se llama este anime espero tu respuesta
Элина Судеева
Как комикс называется??
ღ D E P R E S S I O N ღ
Meh ships ;w;
iso mdy
8/5/2019 : I loved the song and the kiss.
blackSword 97
a seven nation army cant stop him😂
Alex Good
The anime would have been better with Erica as the mc.
john michael rollon
lot of kissing, im gonna watch it
Frans Sandi
thanks for wathing
Annie Mike
Que capituko es en el min 2:20 por fis
david greener
Campione great Anime needs more series and some bad ass gods and Demons for him and Erica to slay.
Sarah #AmoureuseDesMangas
I love Chris Brown & I love anime=Very Big Love
samet adam
The seven deadly sins
Como se llama este anime??????
La cagaron con esa canción :v
ตีลังกา ไปดาวเนปจูน
حسين محمد