Ringbrothers 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Recoil - Jay Leno's Garage

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anyone think the gas cap was a sub woofer???
GM needs to hire these guys to run their design and performance division.
Jon Doe
This looks better than anything out today in my opinion.
I would take this car over any exotic.
My god Chevy used to make sexy cars....so what happened now?
Andrew Cuthbertson
We live in a time of pump gas, reliable 1,000 horsepower engines. Incredible.
Gray is such an underrated color. Done right, like in this case, it can make a car look so much better than just slapping candy apple red or whatever all over it to make it "pop". Beautiful car and as Jay said, so many details to behold.
Jay Leno's Garage
This week on the Garage, James and Mike from +Ringbrothers wowed SEMA with their 5,000-man-hour build on this 50-year-old classic that took Best in Show.
Maverick Grabber
These guys deserve lots of thumbs ups. Just an amazing muscle car.
1000 HP... 16 Gallon tank... Well it fast but only for about 20 minutes at a time.
Their automotive talent is great. What a beautiful car !! 
Jet City
This is what a dream car is.
tim moore
I think this might be the most fun I've seen him have in one of these tests.
i love that whiney sound of the supercharger and gearbox.
The attention to detail. Everything is beautiful. I even like the concept of the seats... I wonder how adjustable they are. The fabrication in this car. .. Goodness gracious.
Daniel Van Dusen
My god, those wheels are glorious. I don't understand how there could be any controversy at all over them.
First time I seen Jay so giddy and in awe of a car's power. It probably takes a lot to turn him on these days having driven everything under the sun. This car is BA!
Michael Zola
This is a mean piece of work.  From the craftsmanship of the motor to the highly defined custom parts, it is art, inside and out.  I also enjoy the fact that the body paint and accessories are not overcompensating for it's powerful features.  The car is not screaming "pay attention to me", but once one cares to look, they can become mesmerized by every detail on this amazing project.    Great car to feature on this episode +Jay Leno's Garage.  Congratulations to the team.  Nice to hear that they got the recognition that is deserved.  It's really saying a lot when the only qualm Jay had on his test drive, was it having a weak braking system to compensate it's performance.  
Mud Wiser
The front end of that car is amazing. WOW what a great job. That just might be the nicest Chevelle I've seen, and that's saying something.
Colin Genereux
In fact, I'm not sure what was funniest, watching Jay turn back into a teenager, or watch Mr.Ring nervously hold on for dear life!!!! You could see him thinking, "what have I got myself into". !!!! Bouhaha ha!!! LMAO, this was one of the best Jay Leno's Garage episodes I have seen!!! Keep 'em comin'. It is awesome to see all these top notch cars, seeing how they drive, getting Jay's very expert opinion on them, and, the occasional burn out!!!!!
jake smith
why do i love those wheels so much!?
Milli Mill
The quality of this car is absolutely ridiculous. I love modern cars exotics super cars and all that but this is hands down the nicest car I have seen in a long time. Maybe ever lol just beautiful
MuscleCar Connection
The best in the business, more than builders, they are automotive engineers and craftsmen and very humble guys. They are always available to talk to car nuts and fans and are just plain cool. There cars always draw a crowd and I have been fortunate enough to have interviewed Mike at several shows including the Grand National Roadster Show. I got a chance to do an in depth overview of Recoil on video. Can't wait for their next build!    
Roger J
Does anyone have the color code for this car? It's beautiful.
Lathan Starnes
This car is so well done. By far my favorite ring brothers creation. Outrageous, but somehow still tasteful.
Black Waterdogs
Jay really knows how to have fun ! This is the nicest Chevelle I`ve ever seen....
Jeff Kelly
I bet Jay is going to do a custom build with them after this video. 
Beautiful engine bay, so clean
Jason Schauer
I am a euro car guy. But love this! Go American Muscle.
The rear profile is dead nuts on the mark.... looks amazing.
Awesome! I have never seen a better restyling. Those guys are maestros, very talented and professionell. So much love to the details, like the side pipes, the same screws everywhere! There is so much too discover. The owner is a lucky dude.
rob roberts
Holy kamoly what a car
that comment about being soo rich that you dont want to reach down to the radio, had me rollin
The "R" emblem reminds me of  Datsun/Nissan  emblem
oh my god... that engine sound is ORGASMIC !
Keith Moffat
wow...just wow.
Bret Fisher
"Not Ringling Brothers, Ring brothers. These are the guys without the bear and the tricycle..." Jay's hilarious.
Always show nice cars!!!never see chavy Impala 72 convertible.
charles moore
Jay, you have the best job in the world!
Jay, you need to build a test track.
Ex-Law Enforcement
Man, This car hit a special place in my heart! I had a 66' SS Chevelle myself and sure wish I had it back, truly my favorite of all my car's. The Ring Brother sure ain't up there in the Midwest just "Shuck'in Corn" for sure. Their some of the Premier Car Builders in the country.  I love what these guy's do when they build a car. Very High Tech yet "Classy"-their not over the top yet they are if you get my drift. Thanks Jay, for all you do and show us poor 0ld people (ha-ha) these fabulous cars!
BB78 Mike 92
Seen this on their website along with the De Tomaso. Love their work. I always explode in my pants when I see their finished car.
who would question that color? its beautiful!
BIG Al 24
the first 20 seconds will change your life
By far my favorite car of all time! Amazing build guys and that sound!!!
like how they blended modern tech on a muscle car looks great and works great
Veglia Borletti
beautiful wonderful gorgeous
21 Gun Salute
a top 5 build of all time
Hey GM, listen up: Bring back this style Chevelle, we're ready! Dodge brought back their Challenger - huge success. Ford has been riding their Mustang forever - huge success. Bring this back! (w/optional big block, of course)
Mister j
Im not normally a big american car fan, but, take my money now!
freddie dejesus
I usually enjoy all original, but this is just amazing
you know, I had the same kind of fun in a 66 FJ40 with a fiberglass body, Toyota granny gear/overdrive 5 spd pickup trans, 400hp small block chevy and 4:11 gears in the stock toyota axles.. If you got into the secondaries it'd light up the 33x12.50 mud terrains for 100ft in every gear.. by the time you hit 4th you were doing 100-120 depending on when you had shifted.. That thing was completely unusable too but it could go offroad.. (it sucked on the highway and was stupid to go that fast in something with such a short wheelbase) and it cost a hell of a lot less.
this car is perfect
by far the hottest chevelle
Aaron Nicoli
That is actually stunning, the colour is perfect, it shows it for what it is... I hate flashy paint jobs. The detailing and quality look good from what you can see on camera... but, real-life shows all...
Amazing looking car and went through so much effort to put it together, bravo! But why not spend some extra time to design their own "R", why take it off of a Nissan Skyline???
I am trying to find something to criticize about this car but I keep pressing replay...
how much did these guys charge for this car? this car is absolutely amazing.
They have an artistic eye. Fantastic aesthetic. Those colors work for me, and I like the creative use of products already on the market. I also loved the sound of that supercharger.  Amazing car all around. Thanks for sharing.  I wish I had a car!
zZ zzZ zZZ zzzZZ
Just perfect!
Rennis Tora
the rings on the rims make me think of a wheelchair...
Awesome car, BUT paint it roman red, then !!!!!! fantastic.
Eduardo silva
that's a BEAST!!
Doug Bourdo
What a Brute. I had a '67 Chevelle. Such a sexy car. Only had a 283 cid V8 but looked fast all the time.
dwayne aguiar
Hay Jay I happen to have the prototype Z16 Chevelle built at the Baltimore plant. The one prototype and the 200 production units compries the often quoted 201 figure.One convertible was reportedly specially built for Chevy General Manager Semon "Bunkie" Knudsen, but is understood to have been destroyed.Its being completely restored.If your Interested in this one and only car. Contact me. Thank you.
Damn that ride is sweet!
Tinker Bruzer
Awesome Showcase Of The Ringbrothers 1966 Chevy Chevelle Recoil & I Just Love Hearing That Wine Of The Power-Plant:
Fantastic car & fantastic workmanship - well done!
Love protouring builds, and such high quality!
Jay Any Triumph TR6's in the offing? I love my 74. She's like a beautiful model that always wants something new!!
Q8 Fly
Very very nice..... Ringbrothers & roadster shop are my best 2 companies nowadays
Geoff Gyro
I want one. No. I need. Thanks again Jay
The inner door handles remind me of the inner door handles on MINI coopers.
N_ R
NIIIIIICE! Thanks for showing it to us Jay!!!!
Margo Newman
lost for words...just stunningly beautiful....
Is there a video about a "Волга ГАЗ-21" that was shown in the upper right corner during this video?
Miles Moore
This car deserves a few hard 1/4 miles passes. Let it stretch it's legs. Give it justice sometime.
I'm truly impressed by this car, its like a spaceship. Everything is perfect.
10:47...Weagner motor(?)...as in Carl Weagner?..from Wisconsin....The FATMAN?...AWESOME race motors..
Representing Wisconsin nicely :)
steve mills
Wow. The epitome of craftsmanship and detail.
Roberto Cortes
Great vid... really hope Jay does a review on the new Ford GT 2016/2017..... 
Boostedlife 88
Jay you should do more imports or 2jz's swaps.
This thing is incredible. Top work gentlemen.
Jay Leno bustin nuts over this one.
Anon Nymous
Best sounding Chevy EVER!
Daniel Moyano
He said that "Desert Storm" color super low pro..haha..amazing car
this car gave me the chills! AMAZING!
Best car build I've seen in a while, nice job Jay on the video showcasing the Ring Bros. What a great build
N Domitus
OMG that engine/ exhaust sounds so good, now I gotta do laundry.
Michael Dillon
that is Gorgeous
brian duffy
Wow!The attention to detail is amazing.
Parallel Burrito
If GM could come out with a 2015 Chevelle this would be it. Great looking car. 
Jason N
Newest video. Keep it up Jay Leno!
Mark Millard
Wow. Beautiful car. Love the whoop of the blower supercharger. And the colour is fantastic. Hi from London jay.😄
Ian Coates
very clean car, love the carbon details and sort of JDM-esque look
Ian Townsend
Thanks for the review Jay, what a noise, you could hear that car for miles
william ripke
Chris who's car ??? Amazing car!
Life In Frame
That car is exceptional. Love this one.
joe rivera
What a beauty of a machine.!