GRASSMEN - Donkey Contracts feat. Kirstie (Our First GRASSWOMAN!)

Available now on DVD at /> Facebook page: /> Order Donkey Contracts now to see this lady take the wheel, a GRASSMEN first, in her 'wee pet', the Massey 6616. Song is "Bob Bradley - You Got Me":

Seamus Brady
lol 30 tumbs down,we must have a few gays on board
zan 27
She"s so beautiful :'D
Klaus Wasser
In Deutschland die Schnecke das wär der Hammer!
Mark Araujo
you're sure love that riding job and fast too.
matt pointer
Tractors and a beautiful girl Does life get any better 😍😍
Chris Dwyer
Song is Bob Bradley - You Got Me! Like this comment so people can see!
Oliver Gomnæs
I would lose my consentration at work, if I worked with her
Ross_ Garratt
She is beautiful and this video shows a woman can drive a tractor just like a man no hate need 🚜🙍🏻
*beautiful girl. wonderful machine. Speed unconscious. An incredible achievement. dreams.*
James Phelan
She is beautiful and a fair good pilot too brilliant to see ladys driven
Scott Sweeney
Can you be my mother
Manuel Schuchter
cooles Video greetings from Austria 🇦🇹
Roman Weber
may i order Kirstie?
Rowena and John REEVES
XD SWEET Heavens Lord you have a girl in the fleet.
Sam Lawless
Perfect showcase of beautiful strong woman amazing and how the world should be
ganjaman 420
is everyone focusing on her looks and not her great driving
salman maan
Мишка Номадов
I love you Kirstie! 😘
Boss: Since you're new Kristie we'll buy you a nice new tractor, which would you like? Kirstie: I want a red one, I want a red one! Boss: That'll be one order for a Massey Ferguson then! lol
Surely time for another Kirstie video,with a mint tune like this one
kit jack
That's my type of girl
Vickash Singh
That's my type of girl
Beautiful ;)
i listen/see then back 2 back becouse it is like a video clip of this track :D
Khalil Bouzaher
I am from Algeria. I love farming and agriculture. I liked the video and the way you work. I hope to work with you and raise your level of expertise in agriculture.
nothing better than a smoken hot farm girl on a just makes my knees week !!!!
Kevin Freund
I love this Video pleace more You are so beautifull 😍😍
Blake Richardson
Good on her, nice camera work and editing looks good. Nice work guys
Paco LS
Ella dirá "trabajaré sí, pero siempre guapa" :)
TEJ Jensen
Damn. Can't decide. Would I choose the tractor or girl!
I Love's JOHN DEERE Tractor Drywing A Good Job..👌👌👌👌👌
Ari Kärkkäinen
Kirstie 👍😘from Finland to you
Fernando Moura
CRASSMEN 2,964,812 😊😗🎼 fernando
john neil Maclennan
you look good in that 6616
fataly cz
Will another video with GRASSWOMAN ?
this woman is my role model! 😂 bar the bag and makeup checks and massey 😂👌 but grass is a must 😍
organic farmer
super girl, super style , super beautiful, i`m so in love !! hi hi
Carol Larkin
Kirstie and donkey are my favourite
Thanks lads from over the Irish Sea. Kirsty is so cool and damn brave. Good gal from all of us in North Wales.I personally will be playing ur tune in town. Respect . Alwyn DJ.xxxx
bob johnson
ur not there to look like a beauty queen, so put ur damn maKE-UP AWAY.
Jani-Petri Korpela
She"s so beautiful ;) <3
Zoran zoran
Beautiful video,beautiful driver Kirstie
Living At Village
Buty driving Tractors buty full girl
Magda TractorMania
Dear Kirstie, you're great :D Femininity and strength in one. Need girls like you in my #tractormaniateam :)
marcuss reid
Donkey when is the fiat raffle being announced.I love that yoke.
So this is heaven for workers in agriculture? :-))
Are you in UK, Scotland grass Men?
Jorg Eeckhout
i'am van a you ligstoelen
Dziewucha daje radę!
James Pontey
Kirstie you r amazing x
Kirstie seems to be a really cool girl!
Ильфат Мурзабулатов
Ёпта, девушка молодец)))))
Crop Circle remix/mashup ?
I Love's Tractor Drywing A Good Job....
Jacob Wright
Donkey Contracts is the best like the MF 6616 and driver
I'm impressed with your skills
Kirstie would be enough to turn any guy on the straight and narrow.
james dawson
absalute love ur videos lads and that girl is just amazing on the tractors
Skarbie ożeń się ze mną !!!!!
Speedy GTR
Super girl driving + 100000000000000000000000000 LIKE
Lauren is beauty
there's plenty of them in Monaghan.(ME)and I'm only twelve years old🐑🐏
Nándor Herperger
Beautiful girl ;)
She's a hottie.
keuter Boer
Nice Tractor, sorry i'am a farmer :-)
Rebecca Stephens
Girl power! This lady shows up the men by doing the job as good as the men! I think there should be more women in grassmen! Go Kirsty!
Achmet Ek
she is very sweet and she is very beautiful
Winiak Team
Super movie. Like sub and flew wait for the rematch.
Jamie Robertson
Need more of the GRASSWOMAN
Greg Bailey
😳😳😳 just stunning lol
All you blokes are mad dog ugly, kirstie could sink ships with a smile. The music is top on for this video,
farmer jack
sexy Massey Ferguson as well as driver
Will Allen
Kirste is fit af
Davide Mossini
sono molto belli i vostri trattori
MaHia Borówek
Greetings from Poland💪💪💪🚜
Randy Bang
Kirstie you can come over and play with my tractor anytime. RB from Michigan GO BLUE
MarcoManny De Luca
beautiful girl!
timmy 7733
the mower shes using at around 1.40 we have a mower like that and pull it with a new holland 7810😂 90HP
I love farming best thing ever xx
Ove Stenmark
Wonderful stuff and nice equipment. Jealous! Weather not as predictable and yield not guaranteed where we come from.  Greetings from Finland! Good video. All the best to you guys.
Peggy Doherty
Your cool 😍😍😍😍😎👍👍👍👍✌✌🤘 best tractor massey ferris ion all the way😉😉😉😉😉
Freddy1444 Bk
Literally watched this video 15 in a week it is so good
Richard Southwell
fit gril but leave the tractor driveing to the men as we know how to fix the tractor if it brakes down
Szabolcs Vincze
She is Great well Done Cool video I hope 1 times I will going there Pick up some cows and have tea brake with a grass team 😀💪👌
polend mafia Solec :)
ValtraPowers Fotografie.
She's a good driver as well! Dubbel thumbs up!
Fair play to her being able to sit in one of them heaps of shit.......not many can stick them at road work
Danecek Hlavacek
super hlavně ta žena
Paul Brown
Kirstie is one classy looking lady
aleksis valantins
music by bob bradley you got me
Andy Martin
She's a good driver, tho the real test would be working on steep damp ground when things rarely go to plan, taking of backwards down a hill steering like fuck to keep a 18 ton Kane straight lol😃😂
Love Lund Arnell
Well...farmer stept up a level 😀
stefan maguire
you could work round the clock with her no problem lol
Killian Pichon
Je te kiff t trop belle
Mr Grassmen is that Your contract?
Anis Odobasic
You are a very pretty girl. work in nature is the most beautiful thing. You drive a tractor like a toy. 👌👍👏👏🎩❤
Benjamin Van Der Graaf
she is a beautiful girl on a good tractor
Annie Nagle
met you and donkey at the ploughing
Killian Pichon
you're too nice to you beautiful
Każda żona pasuje do Fergusona :)