Media MELTDOWN: A BlazeTV Live Special Event!

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The mainstream media is melting down because we can go around them using the internet to find the facts and make our voices heard. The REAL fight is on the internet against the even more dangerous media: The Social Media. We can NOT allow the Silicon Valley Establishment to take the internet from us. I hate to say it but Alex Jones was patient zero, they collectively purged him from all his platforms. This must not be permitted to stand.
Jessie Hamby
MAGA. What if it means " Make America GODLY again? Debate is ready for conversation.
Jessie Hamby
It's not fake news, it's propaganda against the American Citizens.
Jessie Hamby
Am I the only one that cares about the treason & the destruction going on in our government & the blatantly treasonous media that keeps trashing our way of life? Then I will do what I can to save our Nation & our way of life to the best of my ability.
Troy Vincent
Your right about losing the Lines. It’s exactly what Einstein said The difference between Genius and stupidity is that Genius knows it’s limits.
Speaking strictly for myself. At this point I just assume that "the media" is lying to me if there is any political element to any story. And "the media" makes sure that there is a political element to just about everything they report on.
Jessie Hamby
Truth is the only thing that matters when it comes to the media & the government. Otherwise we are not a Nation, A Country or even a human being.
Rik Steele
Mainstream Media Mob has is playing out the scenes in the Twilight Zone Episode 16 - The Monsters in Maple Street. This was a warning! It was aired on March 4, 1960. There are very few that have learned from this warning. Really though, they have taken this as an example of how they can stir up the public with propaganda to destroy people's lives, families and careers. Watch the full Twilight Zone Episode. Replace the end "puppeteers " so to speak, with the key people controlling the mainstream media.
spliceon charlie
Liberals cannot accept reality so they will always lie about facts to try and push their agenda.
Joe Kolakowski
Time to OnDemand watch the "Get be Rodger Stone" documentary again. Still don't know why the Feds just didn't call the man or his lawyer to come down to turn himself in. What a tragedy if someone in his family were killed during the unnecessary raid.
Troy Vincent
20 seconds in no sound
Senior Fact Checker
defend the constitution...restore power to the people...let freedom ring!
joe men
"crucify him, crucify him" I think I heard this 2000 years ago -
Jessie Hamby
I don't do Twitter, I don't do Facebook. I comment when I can I don't own a smart phone. My voice doesn't get out like most people do. I do have an opinion. It's up to you weather you hear me.
There are SOOOO many media sources available via internet, I rarely get my information from any of the big network news teams. I might have to try a little harder to find clear objective news, or to decipher truth from fiction but I'm NOT a snowflake and I was raised to think for myself and I consider it great fun and exercise for my brain. I don't even watch Fox anymore because they are just as biased to the right, drama mongering and pushing their agendas and staging arguments between leftist morons and their own contributors. Current traditional news outlets I like: Epoch Times - epic ;) and CBN, plus misc. small YouTube channels and websites with varying pov. MSM is a dead man walking. Anyone with integrity should have jumped ship a helluva long time ago. Jim and April both should have been asked not to return to the press corp the second they breached decorum. No other job would tolerate such rude and unprofessional behavior. The opportunity to open an honestly unbiased news outlet is ablaze! The opportunity for an honest unbiased social media platform is blinding! Its NOT that hard- do exactly what fb did before they sold their souls, then let it go I'm ready for a flip phone and a newspaper!
Michelle P
Ok...unless Eric is going for that rock a billy look, someone needs to hold him down and get rid of those mutton chops!
Oh trust me we in the middle are watching and listening. As far as Gillette and it's parent company P & G, boycott sounds good to me.
joe men
the left will destroy the family and society and in turn America
Jessie Hamby
If anything happens to the Covington students, it will be because of the media's lies. They should be held accountable.
Journalists have become the sculptors of public opinion. We have a generation whose minds are so easily molded that these people in Media get high on their creations. To the point of addiction so the lies get bigger and more often
Carl Smith
Bill Nailed it--The 6 Conglomerates are now in control-Journalism Is DEAD!
Jessie Hamby
I have a hat that says " US Border Patrol." I have had people come up to me & thank me for my service. I have never served in the government in any way but I always feel good when it happens.
good program but Bollen? talks over people frequently.
Phil Shen
Needs more roaming millennial
Joseph Aubuchon
I'm a Blaze TV subscriber though I watched this program on YouTube. Great content!
The supreme court is RULING on cases and there's no "proof of life" from Ginsburg!!!
winston ledford
you tube wont send to public.
Jennifer Lemieux
I liked that. That was awesome. I think I’ll be getting a subscription soon 👍🏻
Justin Price
China Russia USA should never fight each other but we need fix D.C. gitmo popcorn
Jessie Hamby
Anytime the government is involved, it is bad for the people of this Nation.
Rafael The world ia mine
Amazing program you need to make more i goin to make this video various
Elaine Fontaine
love glenn beck..great job
Robert Christian
The show starts at 6:10 :)
Conservatives convicted people in jail , as adults, who are under 17?
Troy Vincent
Strange I tried to find the show from 6:00 until 9:30. Love how we aren’t censored. 🤬
Joseph Killeen
Glenn hasn't had a McDonald's French fry for a while now. They've sucked since...the Trans-fat outrage? 10 years?
Troy Vincent
Actually that’s just a matter of taste Beck! I like Wendy’s fries better than McDonalds. That doesn’t make me a liar it means I like Wendy’s fries better.
The Democrats could make history in 2020. It could be the first primary that has more candidates than it has members of the media to cover them.
MJB For Trump
CNN and MSNBC are NOT REAL journalist organizations, but instead they have devolved into PROPAGANDA MACHINES working against OUR DULY ELECTED President!!
Jordan Pryor
Christians being condemned sounds a lot like the end times! Maybe Revelations is closer than we think!
Shirley Owens
Audio not there. Wanted to watch, but no sound...
steve korte
Think i'm being blocked! see vidio, but no sound!
Justin Price
Lol every single nation's being played like a game who is all the criminals I'm dc
I'm here for Jon Miller, he's my fav :-) But yeah, it's important to look at various sources online as well rather than just solely taking one mainstream media source as gospel truth.
Bowling is a media schilling
Melanie Stewart
Who else is ready to go full Vulcan, here? "Feelings over facts" is destroying our country.
I think Glenn Beck means well most of the time but I think he comes across as very pious. I hope his new media venture works out well for him but it needs to switch to a horse that's lower to the ground.
Justin Price
I know the enemy
Justin Price
Guys they world the citizens of the world know the enemy Vatican
Why does Eric Bollen look like an older wolverine cosplay character? Is it just me?
The MSM is full of posers. As you can clearly see it’s a setup of talking heads planning their next group of lies.
Joseph Darlington
Why aren't any of the conservative outlets interviewing this kid?
ADVERTISING ~ Aren't predatory no conscience CORPORATIONS the problem = YES
Troy Vincent
Wrath of God in Cuomo’s future.
Troy Vincent
Well Mr. Beck if God himself came and told you that The Clinton’s did in fact kill more than 150 people would you believe it? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I find it really hard to believe that anyone could have more than 60 friends who committed suicide and all questionable!
Mark For Christ
Glen Beck was soooo wrong about President Trump. I’m still upset about how he acted and talked about our President. I used to like him when he was on Fox.
Snow Flake
Re: point at 31:25, the people cannot respond to fake news in lieu of the government if it is the government that is generating the fake news. 114th Congress S2943 - Global Engagement Center provides legality.
6 minutes in?
Kenneth Desmond Mosley
Well. They are wrong. There were Tons of comments on YouTube that said David Hogg should be harmed.
Brad Roy
The reason we have all this fake newsis there are no consequences
nota newbie
Was Rush invited?
Believe In Jesus
deep fakes, create false information to harm innocent people. empowering themselves to disillusionment of a person's true values. Negativity, also to divide families and children. Rumors, invasion of privacy, etc.
Kid Vegas
RT news is the best news.
rwheeler Wheeler
The news media for most is propaganda, like MSNBC and CNN. They think by repeatedly lying to us we will believe it. It's called brain-washing.
At which point do people say "ENOUGH" and start hanging journos from street lamps? Where is the breaking point?
I don't buy that the people want anger. In fact I think that is why the MSM is failing. No one wants additional stress in their life. The anger is driven by the media.. Divide and conquer. Nothing more.
Lisa Burden
Eric, I agree that it’s not nice but honestly, we’re in a war for our country, for our civilization. Good men MUST take them on and do it on their own terms. If it’s a war we must battle. You can’t just be nice and let them win every time beating us up
No wonder the blaze is going bankrupt! Learn the craft!
Big wake up call to the GOP... They are not trusted anymore either, especially since betrayer (take their guns, ignore due process) Trump. 👎 The GOP (Republican party) has too many pretender progressive left RINO's (Republicans in name only) who are voting AGAINST the Constitution, including Trump ... Here are just two : > Against 1st Amendment, [The passing of Israels 🤐 gag order on the American people ] > Against 2nd & 4th Amendment, the Federal and State [Red Flag 🚩 gun confiscation laws] ~ What I remember about Glen Beck after his show on Fox ended... He went down to the Obama Open 🔓 Border, not with losing sovereignty complaints, but welcoming the illegals with stuffed teddy 🐻 s ... 👎
Justin Price
Lol you # mine
Troy Vincent
I think you all are right mostly. But how do you say you don’t know the distinctions? You have to know right from wrong or we are all lost!
Carl Smith
The KEY is MAN MADE Climate Change? Special kind of Stupid to believe MAN can CONTROL IT. Man can certainly pollute but these are two different animals.
eric wrong!
Alessandro LinuxBSD
We want the true, no fake news, no propaganda, no opinions of the so called expert, no the incontinence of emotional people. No exclusivity regarding speech. It's illiberal that a category, as are the journalist, think to have the exclusivity on speech and news. Something liked from the government for control people.
William Mills
No sound!
Yahoo Seriously
It is 1984
Justin Price
It's constitutionalist
steve korte
hummmmm ok now
Erwayne Brewer
I'm good now.
Carl Smith
Academia DIED in 1900, Journalism DIED in 2016. Walter Lippman told us " Self Importance has Ruined more Journalist than Bad Liquor". He was right but now it's passed the point of No Return. When 95% of the so called media has become MORE than the Propaganda arm of the D Party. With their pure Hatred of Trump they no longer deserve Protections of the 1st A. and that HURTS me to even utter but their platform as NEWS organizations is OVER!
Sam Ellis
Is that a polar bear in the back?
Erwayne Brewer
I have no sound.
Brad Lamb
How come you don't call out Faux News too? They all have agendas just like you
Michelle Fields
As a student of history for 50+ years, I'm going out on a limb here. Brace yourselve. Everytime women take control of politics chaos happen. June Cleaver is my hero. If your younger than 30 , google it.
I haven't searched enough, but we have no news we only have media-splaning. We can't find news because everyone wants to explain and not relay what the facts of the case are. We have scumbag lawyers, activist council or protesters just shouting we don't have judges looking at all the evidence, even the judges are activists. The only activists that need to be are truth seeking activists. It's no longer just, "Give me Liberty or give me death!" It's also "Give me Truth or give me death!"
Paula P.
The differnce between Hogg and Sandman is Hogg threw himself into the spotlight, he cussed and told anyone who is for guns are stupid mf ers, he attacked the right, and he was smug. Sandman saud nothing, was just at the right place at the wrong time, did not come back and call names, he even apologized. Unfortunately the right is too busy coming out and apologizing when we believe in something instead of standing our ground! We are fighting each other instead of uniting.
Troy Vincent
Again most of the time when someone is arguing with a progressive they seem to have conservative opinions, but usually the only time that they are really wrong is when they aren’t Conservative at all. Like when a skin head or true racist is arguing with a leftist. That’s a very rare thing. I almost never see that circumstance.
Stephan Bruno
Why does the Blaze hire sexual deviants?
Terry Moore
No one watch these news shows that's why they say Any old thing...gone..gone boom !
David Boyd
Bring back Gavin
so the right decides to finally stand up to get feeding tubes and life support back to a brain dead vegetable lol great job guys woot woot
Troy Vincent
Sadly I too have a channel. Solely to tell the Truth about what happened to me, yet it’s a truth no one wants to hear. God forgive you all!
Learn how to edit
great show.
Elaine Fontaine
why has it become "taboo" to ask about rbg? we are paying for a non working judge..just be honest n tell us where she her dr bill, but cut off her pay one or the other and tell us..we have a right to know
Senior Fact Checker
Jeramiah Cox
Fact: climate change is a real thing. Fact: the climate has changed many times in the last 10000 years, even before the industrial revolution increased population and pollution many fold. Fact: the climate will change with or without us and we cannot stop it. Position: while we may have some effect on climate, we would have to trade half the global economic power to even slow it down in our lifetime. Opinion: We cannot kill the planet, the planet will kill us first.
Justin Price
Elo Talks
The stone fiasco was all a big show cause they had tipped CNN. Muller is a crook. Gingsburg tik tok. She will go. Popular platforms ban us shadow ban conservatives, sensor conservatives, so what is next lawsuits? Regarding his positive policies are never broadcasted in CNN do how is the left gonna educate themselves. They don’t care about the truth. You say ocasio was for free markets til she went to college but dont know what happened? Really you dont?? Well do you not know the 97% of socialist hypocrites teaching college these dats that are indoctrinating millennials? Regarding icasio she is so unintelligent she was easily indoctrinated. She cannot even explain how she will fork up the money for her over the rainbow policies.