[Halloween] Cut/Gash Special Effect Makeup Tutorial

Follow me on instagram: @nomnomwonthanh ( /> Check out my makeup & photography page on facebook: /> Hey guys! It's that season again! Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I decided to do a Cut/Gash Special Effects Makeup look. I love doing horror makeup and making wounds. It is also just really good practice to make different kinds of cuts bruises and scars. Hope you guys liked it and I hope it's useful for all your Halloween needs. Thanks for watching and don't forget to like and subscribe! **Copyright Disclaimer** Controlled Chaos by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Next year I'm going to school like this on the day I enter a lip synch contest for "Carl Poppa" lol
Woew that looks soooo real .. :-)
Radhakanta Das
It is to discusting to watch
Thaaaaanks :D :D :D
Awwwww. That's super sweet! Thanks!!! You sound like an awesome person to be friends with ^_^
julee pearl valmorida
I love it....... and it's soooo Scary... I want to be your Friend.....
Melinda Kalászi
woww..it's soooo scaryy!! :o
Thank you so much! I was planning to get the giant half gallon bottle because I was afraid I'd use a lot. You saved me a lot of money lol! Thanks again!
I actually didn't use that much at all. A little goes a realllllly long way. If you get a small tube of latex from party city or a theatrical makeup store it should be plenty to last you for multiple applications. Hope that helps!
Just out of curiosity, how much liquid latex did this take? Thanks for this tutorial! It's just what I wanted for my costume.
Thaaaanks! :)
Ydha Marie Laroza
Can glue be an alternative for tha latex?
Emily DeLeon
Do you think it'd be possible to substitute a type of glue for latex??? ^~^ they have somewhat the same consistency... Plus I don't currently have latex but I'd love to try this. ^_^
Kevin Kimberly
wow! great job. that looks awesome.
Patrick Canter
Excellent job ! I've seen a smaller wound that looked just like that. You did a very realistic ound. Thanks for sharing your video.
Nice! Thanks.....
Nice video :) this look turned out great :D I would love to try out a look like this on my channel soon too :)